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Summer Demons (Seasons of Change, #1) I just read this in one sitting today I couldn t put it down, I needed to know how Jenna s story developed, and it was very satisfying It s such a short read but quite intense and captivating I didn t expect to enjoy it this much since I don t usually love stories told in the third person, but this one is well written and everything is as clear as it would be with a first person narrator, which was a very pleasant surprise I can t wait to readof this author s books Hope there isI already like this author s style This seems like it will make for an interesting series of books It was a quick read but seems to lead intoto come. Jenna Shaw Ran Away To Escape Her Past In Fact, She Jumped On A Plane And Flew To Portugal To Try And Forget It However, It Turns Out Leaving Everything Behind Isn T As Easy As It Sounds She Thought She Could Move On And Break Free Of Her Fears That If She Had Some Space The Pain Would Stop But As Memories Resurface Due To An Ill Timed Joke, The Past Crashes Into Her Present Once And She Didn T See It Coming Jenna S Plans For Normality Are Derailed By The Charismatic Ethan Brooks She Sees Him As An Annoyance He Sees Her As A Challenge But As He Tries Every Trick Known To Him To Impress Her, They Only Serve To Push Her Further Away He S Never Faced This Problem Before And Ethan Has To Work Harder Than He Ever Has If He Wants To Win Over And Help His Mysterious Girl A Young Adult Romance, This Novella Would Be A Great Book For Teenagers Or As A Feel Good Summer Read This started out okay, but as the story progressed, I lost interest Once it was revealed what actually happened to the main character, It went downhill, as nothing happened.The main character was alright, and I did feel sorry for her because of the guilt she carried for the part she played on that day, but I didn t love her.Overall, Not awful, but I m glad it wasn t too long. Complimentary copy provided by the author publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review 3.5 starsI enjoyed reading Summer Demons and getting to know Jenna s story After witnessing her boyfriend die after a dare gone wrong, she s after to get into the water where she ll end up having panic attacks She takes a vacation by going to Portugal she s from London and ends up meeting an annoying guy, Ethan, who doesn t get a clue and leave her alone.Jenna s friend, Amy, was likable She s trying to help her friend get back into the world and not feel guilty over the death of a loved one.Ethan was justEthan I loved him He s persistent and knows what he wants and that s Jenna He didn t mean to scare her the first time they met but since then, he wanted to make it up to her and get to know her.Seeing their relationship blossom was nice They ve been together for only a few days but the author has a way of getting the reader to feelThe ending was sweet and I wish we got a look into what happens next.This book is a YA romance novella and great for teens It s also a feel good summer read I would recommend it. 4.5 stars Overview Summer Demons is a sweetly written novella with good imagery and introspection, believable emotions, and an engaging plot.Main review Guilt can be debilitating For some people, it can take on such tremendous force that it manifests itself in illness and even hallucinations Jenna Shaw s guilt is cut from that same cloth, and her guilt comes in a stomach churning shade of crimson Luckily for us, Jenna s guilt however harrowing is unfounded You see, she blames herself for something tragic that happened to her boyfriend In all honesty, if it were me Yeah, I d probably have reacted the same way.The story opens up with author Mia Hoddell honing in on a particular scene that offers flashbacks to what happened to Jenna s boyfriend, and introspection explaining why she feels so guilty about it.We also meet Amy, Jenna s friend who is utterly adorable, and a new holiday love interest called Ethan Personally, I d have liked a bitgirlie time with Jenna and Amy perhaps an icecream on the beach or a natter at the bar before romance was gently added to the mix, but I m guessing not many would turn down extra time with a strapping lad like him With the help of Ethan and Amy, Jenna begins to work through her guilt and issues to slowly reignite her old spark This involved some righteous kissing even in a jacuzzi Gasp , some girlie chats would have likedof these because Amy was cool , and Jenna stepping outside the parameters of her guilt to allow herself to enjoy life again.And I think that s the take home message here other people can guide you, but only you have the power to transform your situation. Jenna has just lost her boyfriend She blames herself for his death He jumped off a cliff that Jenna egged him on to jump from Except he didn t make it and Jenna was also there to find him in the water and she froze when she saw his broken body and now doesn t do well with water So her friend takes her away to help her try to move on Jenna isn t moving on well at all She is in the pool and some guy trying to vie for her attention turns over her float in the pool Jenna s friend jumps in to help her as she panics in the water The man feels bad and does everything he can to help her overcome and maybe see him as well Slowly he, Ethan, and her friend help her to overcome her past and move on in the world of the living This is a novella It is also written in the third person, which I don t normally like but it worked here The characters are believable and the setting beautiful and the story flows well I was pulling for Ethan all the way hoping he would help her, but first she has to help herself. This is definitely not something that I would usually read, as the genre teen romance is not something I am interested in.I was however very interested to try Mia s crossover from her usual genre of paranormal fiction, I would be even less likely to read this genre I appreciate the experiment hugely, to try a novella in a new style, to try to diversify her writing.I was very pleased to find an eminently competent writer who can carry both narrative and theme very well, and even keep a genre sceptic like me interested for sixty or so pages I would recommend this very readable work of fiction to anyone interested in teen romance genre, or indeed any teen, or anyone needing a relaxing easy summer read. Summer Demons is a young adult summer romance novella about a teenager who is struggling to get over a traumatic incident she blames herself for she certainly isn t looking for a summer fling However, she catches the attention of a guy who is determined to make her give him a chance and the story develops from there I will admit romance is not my favourite genre but having read Hoddell s paranormal series and thoroughly enjoying it I decided to give this a try and I wasn t disappointed It wasthan just a girl meets boy kind of story, there was a lot of depth to it It also has a dark twist to it as the main character has some awful things to let go of but in the end this is a feel good story Great summer read Highly recommended to fans of romance Summer Demons was the first work I read by Mia Hoddell and it certainly won t be the last It s a YA contemporary novella and exactly what I was looking for I read it in one sitting last night and it kept me wanting .I can t wait to read her other work There is a sneak peek of her Elemental Killers series at the end of Summer Demons which prompt me to get the book.I highly recommend Summer Demons to anyone looking for a laid back and enjoyable read.

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International bestselling author, Mia Hoddell, lives in the UK with her family and two cats She spends most of her time writing or reading, loves anything romantic, and has an overactive imagination that keeps her up until the early hours of the morning Mia has written over ten titles including her Seasons of Change series, the Chequered Flag series, the Elemental Killers series, and her standal

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