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A Case of Exploding Mangoes Intrigue And Subterfuge Combine With Bad Luck And Good In This Darkly Comic Debut About Love, Betrayal, Tyranny, Family, And A Conspiracy Trying Its Damnedest To HappenAli Shigri, Pakistan Air Force Pilot And Silent Drill Commander Of The Fury Squadron, Is On A Mission To Avenge His Father S Suspicious Death, Which The Government Calls A Suicide Ali S Target Is None Other Than General Zia Ul Haq, Dictator Of Pakistan Enlisting A Rag Tag Group Of Conspirators, Including His Cologne Bathed Roommate, A Hash Smoking American Lieutenant, And A Mango Besotted Crow, Ali Sets His Elaborate Plan In Motion There S Only One Problem The Line Of Would Be Zia Assassins Is Longer Than He Could Have Possibly Known

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    Fantastic novel for those who like to read Vikas Swarup, or Mohsin Hamid, or Aravind Adiga Novel that has that something Interesting story, subtle humor

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    A good book about general Zia and his era but not an excellent one. but it is a nice attempt given there is no attempt at fictionalizing the life of this most hated dictator of Pakistan It is told through the story of Ali Shigri, his friend Obaid or Baby O and Colonel Shigri It has glimpses of an obscure Major Kiani I wonder if that major is Gener

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    I am not sure what this book was all about General Zia ul Haq dies in the end which is not a spoiler, btw and someone killed him The story is about who killed him I think It is also a political satire on Pakistan s crazy political figures It is about the army I think In fact, I don t really know what to think.The book drives the narrative forward by alterna

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    Having read a review of this book in the NYT, we promptly purchased it Not the kind of thing we normally do but Sorayya needed to read it for professional reasons her own current book takes place in an adjacent time period and the same place I will give you her impressions after I give mine.I don t think this is a good book but it has to be read Its importance is tha

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    An astonishing book at so many levels and still witty, fast paced, beautifully written and thought inducing The first surprise is that a book of the nature can be written about actual, recently deceased politicians in South Asia I am still surprised that the author was not banished in Pakistan or no major furore was created because of the way it has portrayed an ex President a

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    Background The Pakistani Prez General Muhammad Zia ul Haq, died decades ago but I had read in an article that his death was rud to be a USSR US Indian conspiracy against Pakistan s support of the jihadist group Mujahideen.I was curious to read this book as it seemed to shed some light on the actual nature of the General s assassination But when I ordered Hanif s A Case of Exploding Mang

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    Ah Where do I begin to write words on a book I have come to adore with every turning of the page It s full of those little surprises and shocks a growing child gets to see everyday before he has the ability to distinguish them as good or bad.Yes, there is an element of wonder when reading about the alleged activities of the bygone President and the Pakistan army itself and why there hasn t been a

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    The death of the dictator of Pakistan General Zia alongside all his high ranked officers plus the US embassador has intrigued people since the day it happened The cause for the fall of the plane is still a mystery, becoming excellent material for a writer.This novel depicts the reasons behind those events, having as a narrator a young soldier who has a grudge with the government, which apparently is the re

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    An unlikely revolutionary assassin narrates a fictionalized , ironized and quite funny tale of Pakistan s General Zia ul Haq s rise to power, rule and death due to multiple causes Wondering why there s no fatwa issued against Hanif for this one Interesting queer twist, and little bits of social commentary poke through the broad strokes of the plot adding resonance and poignancy Probably a better grasp of the politic

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    This book has mouldered at the 1 spot on my to read list for four years It exited in that unhappy limbo of not being available from the library yet not being exciting enough to make me want to buy it Since moving to England, I ve started trying to work my way through the oldest books on my list, so I gave in and bought this cheaply It s hard to remember why I wanted to read it in the first place I think I saw it at the bookst

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