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The New Health Rules I loved this little book, which you can read in a day Nothing earth shattering but lots of little tips and reminders about how to live a healthy life Sadly, I m doing everything wrong Beautiful images, too It is a tad new agey, but I live in Boulder so I m used to ignoring that stuff. New York Times Bestseller Frank Lipman, MD Is At The Vanguard Of A Revolutionary Way To Deliver Medical Care O, The Oprah Magazine A Leading Expert In The Field Of Functional Medicine, Dr Lipman Focuses On The Root Causes Of Illness And Guides His Patients To The Deepest, Most Lasting Sources Of Wellness In This Book, He And Coauthor Danielle Claro Make Life Changing Health Advice Available To All Their Book Offers The Cutting Edge Secrets To Optimal Health In A Stylish, Lushly Illustrated Format A Spoonful Of Beauty To Help The Wellness Tips Go Down The New Health Rules Wades Through The Often Contradictory Information That Bombards Us Daily And Delivers ThanActionable Tips That Will Improve Every Aspect Of Our Health Body, Mind, And Soul Readers Will Learn Simple Rules For Getting A Good Night S Sleep, Why A Daily Dose Of Sunlight Is Crucial, And Which Toxic Cosmetics And Kitchen Products Should Be Tossed Here Lipman And Claro Teach Us Which Foods Help Prevent Alzheimer S, Why Sugar Is So Destructive, And How To Bring Good Bacteria Into The Digestive System Providing An Arsenal Of Easy To Process Tips And Guidelines To Make Us Stronger, Healthier, And Happier Beautifully illustrated book that offers plenty of easily digestible inspiration for healthy living One thing I objected to was the picture of a piece of bread don t eat gluten after seeing all kinds of expertly lit photos of vegetables, etc the slice of burnt toast and crumbs on a plate was kind of pitiful and oh so transparent It lost the book a star. Short, lovely reminders for staying healthy in our world of changing dangers Simple but clear.Would make a lovely gift My only disagreement would be that I d have chosen different photos for the yoga illustrations Simpler poses for the less practiced body You don t start walking by comparing yourself to a marathoner. This book is okay Pretty pictures, and it reads like a magazine It delves a bit too much into the latest health fads, and it does not back up any of its statements with facts, which I approach with a bit of skepticism I d say this book would be better titled as The New Health Inspiration Non Calendar Form because that s what the book felt like to me an inspirational calendar without the calendar.I would recommend this book to someone who likes following the latest health fads or who needs a little bit of a pick me up. Excellent book It certainly encourages healthy living and getting comfortable with yourself 3.5 Stars.A really simple read, with one or two ways to improve your lifestyle on each page with a calming image on the page opposite It started off a little preachy and full of shoulds at first, but then I changed my perspective from a book full of should dos to a book full of suggestions for ways to feel better about the way I am living It doesn t just speak of nutrition and exercise, but suggestions for improvements to lifestyle ways to spend time, ways to feel better emotionally, etc As someone who can easily get overwhelmed by all the things I should be doing, I appreciate baby steps small, simple changes I can make This book provides so many I definitely plan on purchasing this book to use as a resource guide and to flip through whenever I need some calming images. Beautiful photography, that s what caught my eye It s also very well written and simply I love it. This little gem of a book was an impulse buy at Costco and in this case it was worthwhile While there wasn t much new here for me, as I have read a number of books and articles that touch on the topics covered, what makes this book so terrific is the bite sized, to the point pieces of solid advice, one per page These include Eat the Yolk, Peppermint Tea Instead of Candy, Exercise Like Kids Play, Embrace the Neti Pot, Get Your Hands Dirty, Do Something You Love for 10 Minutes a Day, Keep Chlorine Out of the House, and manyCoupled with gorgeous photography not surprising given that one of the authors is a deputy editor at Real Simple , these stand alone nuggets of advice invite dipping in and trying out The other author is a functional medicine doctor, so the advice has a solid foundation.

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