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The Only Way In The Gutter, There Are Only Two Ways For A Girl To Earn A Living Among The Trash Or On Her Back When Hart Decides That S Not Good Enough For Her, She Takes On The High Stakes World Of No Holds Barred Fighting There S Just One Problem Women Aren T Allowed In The Ring Hair Cut Short And Dressed In Her Father S Old Clothes, Hart Ventures Into The Alley And The World Of Arena Fighting There She Meets Ruby, The Daughter Of The Arena Owner And A Brilliant Fighter In Her Own Right When She Offers Hart The Chance For Friendship, Hart Cannot Resist But Ruby Thinks Hart Is A Man, And As She And Ruby Grow Closer, It Gets Harder And Harder To Maintain The Fa Ade

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    I really enjoyed this I should have been doing other stuff, so I planned to only read a couple chapters, but that didn t happen Read it in one go Despite the darkness of the setting and the violence of the fights, I think this would be a really good lesbian YA read There s no graphic sex an

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    This review was originally posted People were cheering for you back there, every time you landed a punch on that guy And do you know why Because he was so much bigger than you People love an underdog Especially if that underdog can win Leo from The Only Way by Jamie SullivanI love stories wh

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    This This is how you tell a story THIS is how you get readers to care.Everything in this book is so, so perfect UGH.Here we aren t told the characters are poor you are given the stench of where they live and how the chemical burn of their work clings to their clothes You are shown what

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    I listened to the audio version of this book I thoroughly enjoyed this tale Set in an alternate, stark reality than our own Where the lines between those that have and have not are clearly delineated by walls and guards with guns It tells the story of Hart A teenage girl finding herself respo

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    Don t expect any sex scenes, but the book is awesome even without it It tells of a young, poverty stricken girl, Hart, trying to survive by joining the fighting rigs under the disguise of a boy The way Sullivan depicts Hart s living conditions and her love for her family is compelling Seems the

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    LESBIANS great story, great setting loveable characters loved the socioeconomic dynamics of the story hart s struggle to lift her family out of poverty was touching and sincere I ll always loved romances where one person is disguising their gender, and this book does it well

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    I absolutely loved The Only Way by Jamie Sullivan Jamie flawlessly plonks us straight into a different world to our own where the next meal may not come and the mere fact of living was a fight Often I am disappointed from novels that describe fights but she did it perfectly with just enough detai

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    I really enjoyed this book because of the fact that it didn t focus on Hart s sexuality It focuses on her struggles to earn money for her family This is how it s done I love that the lesbian relationship wasn t purely sexual and it was sincere than other books.

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    Great story The author did a great job with describing the emotions and scenery of the book It was very easy to see what the author was describing to you I agree with others that the ending was a little rushed but it wasn t lacking You definitely wont regret purchasing this read.

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    Very beautiful YA F F

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