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Ultimate Kill 2.5starsI received this book for free in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review Ever since Jake s fianc e walked out on him five years ago he has been wondering what exactly went wrong He s feelings for her have not wavered and when he finally discovers where she went, he can t help confronting her and getting some closure Naomi has been in hiding since she was nineteen years old when a billionaire with very high connections and a psychotic bent became obsessed with her Naomi, formerly named Rose Wood, has lost her parents and brother to Christian, her murderous stalker Christian not only has limitless means to search for her but also a trio of henchman that include a sadistic right hand man, knife wielding Colombian, and coldhearted Russian When hired private investigator after hired private investigator fail to unearth her, Christian decides to bring his Rose to him Kidnapping two brothers, who aren t fully aware of what they are doing, the Colombian and Russian take them on a cross country trip setting up bombs that can be remotely set to explode at anytime The locations all have the words rose and wood in some capacity in common Naomi gets the message After Naomi informs Jake of why she left him, fearing for his safety, he in turn tells her about the elite investigating group he works for, C.O.R.E With the help of CORE s resources a plan is devised to turn Naomi over to Christian and get the evidence they need to show he is behind the domestic terrorist attacks while still keeping Naomi safe.The beginning of this started off very slow, the first hundred pages or so could have been edited down to around forty so that the story could get to the point It was around the 42% mark that I felt it finally started to pick up and I became invested This was the point where Naomi had told Jake everything and Christian had devised his plan, story arcs were being put in motion Half, if not , of the book focuses on Christian and how narcissistic and demented he truly is, from how he treats his wife to the little tasks he has his right hand man complete There is also a focus on the two kidnapped brothers, with the smart brother getting many povs shown I would classify this book as solidly thriller because of these focuses As Jake and Naomi s relationship started and developed in a past the reader doesn t get to see, their love connection isn t felt They reunite, are hot for each other, have trust issues, and then decide any past lies told are to be forgiven Jake is said to be a former Marine, tough, protective, and love Naomi, a very common thriller romance hero He, unfortunately, for being set up as a main character was one of the least interesting His thoughts, feelings, and actions revolve only around wanting the truth from Naomi, being hot for Naomi, and working to rescue Naomi there is no real depth to him Naomi is a flushed out character with her pain and fear described and shown very well but gets overwhelmed by the very circumstances that are put in to make you care for her Together, they were fairly mediocre and I never felt invested in their relationship.There were a lot of characters highlighted in this story which did add a little something to the story at times but as it was to the detriment of what was supposed to be the main couple, I think they could have been edited out The terrorist bombings arc brought tension and a set pace but what was supposed to be the stars of the show lacked depth, which lead to disinterested reading at times If looking for of a thriller read with a villain who is not shy about showing his monstrous side and a snippet of romantic relationship this could be a go to. Oh my gosh, I LOVED this book and have high anticipation for the rest of the series Everything you could want in a great mystery you can find here in these pages Great characters, twists and turns throughout , excellent plot, murder, sex, intrigue, romance the book has it all This has to be one of the most twisted and evil villains I have read in a while, who takes stalking to a whole new level Not only is he not the standard stalker, he is rich, sadistic and powerful as well Cannot wait to read the other books by Kristine.I received a free copy of this book Ebook Product to review I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way The opinions I have expressed are my own I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations. Favorite Quotes Tears welled in her eyes and slid down her cheeks Her stomach grew nauseous and she tasted bile Lightheaded, she closed her eyes He knows the only man I ve ever loved was him And Naomi knows I love her, no matter what you did to her Right thing put Harry on row of death Harrison looked at Vlad, who chuckled Kidding Vlad know it Death Row Vlad also know it where Harry heads But He took a long drag off the cigarette We do this Vlad and Harry, we do this Then go look at pretty women in bikinis Vlad lowered his weapon Honey Badger need to shut the fuck up Vlad grow tired of Talky Tina Chatty Cathy, Harrison said, running a hand through his hair Damn it, Vlad I was supposed to This was given to me I exchange for an honest review This is a story a woman who would do anything for the man she loves Naomi aka Rose has been through hell and back and then some She is a woman who love jack but cannot be with him due to her past She is on the run and changed her name so her enemy could not find her or so she thought When she left Jake she thought she would never see him again but he found her and wants answers Will she tell him her secrets Or will she destroy the second chance they have Will her enemy finally find her Will he take away the only person she has left that she loves This is a story that I loved This story will make you angry, sad, happy, and ready to kill and cry Lots of action, sex, love, sex, oh and hot sexy men and of course plenty of bad guys The story flows and the way it is written it makes you feel like you are part of the story It is a page turner you don t want to put it down I cannot wait til the next book in the series comes out. If you looking for a different twist on the romantic suspense genre this author sure gives it Yes you have the main RS couples that are in jeopardy but the killer and other characters that help the bad guy get just as much face time and you even find yourself having sympathy for them Now the killer is always sick and twisted in a Kristine Mason book and this one is no exception The core of the story is about a woman who has been on the run for 8 years from a man who wiped out her family over his obsession with her During that time she met a man and fell in love but not wanting to lose another person she loved she eventually ran from him Jake Tyler was a sheriff in a small town when he met and fell in love with Naomi and was heartbroken when she left without a word He now works for CORE a private criminal investigation agency and has just gotten a lead on where Naomi is Problem is he isn t the only one looking for her To draw her out her the bad guy thinks nothing of blowing people up The killer is a vile man Your captivated throughout as you read to get to the conclusion with the numerous action and suspense scenes along with a great romance. OMG WOW Fantastic Amazing Sizzling and suspenseful Need I go on Okay, I will.Kristine Mason s thrillers are gripping and intense I put her writing up there with the very best in her field.As I open my Kindle and begin to read, I know some of what is to come and eagerly anticipate the adventure Exactly what will happen and how is why I am so eager to delve into another Kristine Mason novel It started with murder, a troubled love affair, a dangerous, jilted lover and ended with Ultimate Kill may be her best work yet It grabbed me from the beginning and never let me relax The pacing makes me race through the pages Whew, I can relax with the characters and enjoy a moment, uh oh, here we go again, racing through the pages, dying to know what is coming.Ian, the head of CORE, had manipulated Jake into joining the company That seemed to be one of Ian s best skills, getting people to do things Now, between jobs and with time on his hands, Jake is determined to find Naomi She had vanished, but he had never forgotten her and wanted what Rachel and Owen, and the other CORE couples had He had to know what happened before he could move on.Naomi didn t realize that Rachel had found her and told Jake Surely he wasn t still looking for her She had given up everything to escape the evil lurking in wait for her and him If Jake found her, so could HE It had taken all she had to leave him When she saw Jake, the past came rushing back and her defenses fell She could not let him go again But, how could she keep him safe She was being given a second chance to really live again and it was time to end all the lies and running It is time to go on the offensive.HE had given her everything.She had rejected him and for that she would pay the Ultimate price.How far will people go to have what they desire HE is a narcissist and feels nothing for anyone It is all about him and what he wants No one was going to cross him and get away with it He is rich and money can buy many things Can it buy the presidency How bad is he How bad is a honey badger He is vicious We could call him the billionaire badger Nothing wrong with a little humor along with the evil.Kristine Mason talks about some of the weird critters in the south I love it They do appear to be prehistoric and if you haven t seen them before they can be quite frightening I know how I felt the first time I saw an armadillo and the large flying cockroaches With the bad, comes the good The south has lush and colorful gardens, a visual extravaganza of color I live in the south and enjoy the gardens and fight the cockroaches on a daily basis, so it is easy to visualize and walk with the characters through the pages.I think I know what will happen A little love and a little murder, but there is so much Every time I thought the end was coming, Kristine would be off on another route and I wondered where I was going I didn t think it could get intense, but she revs it up a notch, and has me hanging my by my fingertips on the edge of the cliff, saying what the hell could happen next I am a huge TV fanaholic I would love to see the CORE novels as a series of TV shows, or movies It reminds me of Leverage Hmmmm, now who would be the cast members Too many ideas and stereotypes rattling around in this romantic suspense to make it work for me 2.5 stars. When The Past Collides With The Present, The Only Way To Ensure The Future Lies In The Ultimate Kill Naomi McCall Is A Woman Of Many Secrets Her Family Has Been Murdered And She S Been Forced Into Hiding No One Knows Her Past Or Her Real Name, Not Even The Man She Loves Jake Tyler, Former Marine And The Newest Recruit To The Private Criminal Investigation Agency, CORE, Has Been In Love With A Woman Who Never Existed When He Learns About The Lies Naomi Has Weaved, He S Ready To Leave Her Until An Obsessed Madman Begins Sending Her Explosive Messages Every Hour On The Hour Innocent People Are Dying With Their Deaths, Naomi S Secrets Are Revealed And The Truth Is Thrust Into The Open All But One Naomi S Not Sure If Jake Can Handle A Truth That Will Change Their Lives But She Is Certain Of One Thing The Only Way To Stop The Killer Before He Takes Lives Is To Make Herself His Next Victim Naomi is a strong woman who was forced into hiding since her ex boyfriend became a stalker, murdered her family and did other horrible stuff She s never been able to establish herself and feel totally safe She met Jake a couple of years after she ran away and changed her identity But then she got scared and ran away again Jake was so in love with her that he didn t forget her and 5 years later, he finds her and talks to her.Naomi thinks that since 8 years had passed and she has never heard of her stalker again, she was safe But then, the same day Jake visits her and finds out all the ruth about the woman Naomi was, the stalker begins sending her messages by exploiting bombs and killing a bunch of innocent people per hour.Naomi knows she has no choice but to go to him, but Jake is not willing to let her go again And so it begins.It s a long, heavy book, I should warn you that The beginning is a little confusing but when you move on in your reading you begin to understand it all.Naomi is a strong woman and Jake is a decisive strong man, they both make a cute couple and I liked them as characters, but I think they were very repetitive sometimes maybe it was because all the situation was mortal but I heard a lot of I love you no matter what We ll be together forever Always I promise Nothing will change my feelings for you and they said it so much it seemed they were trying to convince themselves, not their partner Aside from that, it was a good thriller, if a bit predictable it had some good stuff Not as bloody as it may sound because, even though it had some creepy scenes, I expected a little bit of torture, I don t know Maybe I m a sadist I liked all the characters, Harrison and Vlad were awesome too Christian, Santiago and Richard well, I was scared from them but I liked Santiago in a way The story was good, original, a little too much dramatic and romantic and with a lot of action And I m going to repeat again, maybe not too long but very heavy, less dialogue and descriptions that were too long for me Maybe the author should have made the reading a bit concise but that s my opinion.At the very end it became really predictable except for two seconds that really shocked me I liked it but it was super dramatic Anyway, it was a good book, not the best book about criminals but pretty good I recommend it to everyone with a little sadistic vein lover of good criminal novels. I had high hopes for this book since it got such high reviews When I saw that this was a thriller I expected to be on the edge of my seat For me it didn t start picking up until a little than half way through the book The first half could be summarized in 10 20 pages or so The man obsessed with Naomi is definitely a psycho and sociopath and to find out what happened to him was my main reason for finishing this book I skim read quite a few sections to get to the real meat of the book Overall this book had a pretty decent ending but getting to it was somewhat of a struggle. Outstanding romantic suspense Naomi s story had me on the edge of my seat, wringing my hands, heart beating just waiting to see when the horror would fall Need me a Jake.Can t wait to read Ultimate Fear

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