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The Tomb YES A great series like the Dresden Files , Simon Green s Nightside etc A nice break from all the romance y stuff I ve been reading lately Really great lead, interesting protagonist and storyline I really love this series and will read many Much To The Chagrin Of His Girlfriend, Gia, Repairman Jack Doesn T Deal With Electronic Appliances He Fixes Situations For People, Often Putting Himself In Deadly Danger His Latest Project Is Recovering A Stolen Necklace, Which Carries With It An Ancient Curse That May Unleash A Horde Of Bengali Demons Jack Is Used To Danger, But This Time Gia S Daughter Vicky Is Threatened Can Jack Overcome The Curse Of The Yellow Necklace And Bring Vicky Safely Back Home Harry Dresden without magic and violent and Horror than Urban Fantasy Repairman Jack takes on jobs that require vigilante justice fixing problems in a way that the usual law enforcement and judiciary can t.Excellent pacing Believable ish story Scary monsters Some genuine suspenseful moments A step up from book one The Keep.4 StarsPS I don t know why this book is called The Tomb There is no Tomb This novel has a lot of modern 80 s thriller sensibilities with a can do fixer focused mainly on character study and definition, mostly in the same way that horror novels do it Righting wrongs, giving up close and personal Justice to those who escape the law.With a supernatural twist Hindu Rakashas It sounds pretty cool, actually, but my personal expectations were along the lines of a proto modern UF and it is It just happens to be MORE focused on character study and interpersonal dynamics Good for what it is and if you prefer that kind of thing It s a decent horror, I suppose, but it happens to be perfectly average, as one, unless you give bonus points for using the idea of Rakashas as the primary story.I ve read a lot of things like this, however I enjoyed the exploration of Kali and Hindu mythos well, but I might want to point at Dan Simmon s Song of Kali as a bit horrific and fascinating.This one, however, is a modern thriller and should have a lot of ongoing appeal I ll continue the series to see if it continues to evolve There s a number of books behind this one Final grade Above average Solid. I have a new best friend and his name is Repairman Jack.With a style reminiscent of Travanian or John D MacDonald, F Paul Wilson describes the urban fantasy equivalent of his off the grid anti hero Wilson also demonstrates his libertarian values in a protagonist that would make Poul Anderson or Heinlein proud.While this can be seen as a far out version of a Travis McGee adventure, urban and contemporary fantasy fans will be drawn to its supernatural qualities Jack is on the trail of an ancient Indian evil that is threatening paying clients, the girl he loves, and his own hide in this very enjoyable 1984 publication that could also be considered in the genres of horror, thriller or science fiction.Whatever label a reader chooses, I think we can all agree that this is a fast moving and fun speculative fiction page turner Jack fixes things and we re not talking about electric toasters or smoothie blenders Jack handles problems related to human interactions As in the old Goodfellas line, Hey Vinny, d you fix that ting Yeah, Paulie, that problem is solved But he s not an organized mobster, he s an independent contractor As a matter of fact, in many ways Jack departed from modern day society years ago he lives outside of civilization but in plain sight, he pays no taxes, deals only in cash, has no legitimate identity besides the succinctly stated, although evasive moniker Repairman Jack Or just Jack.Wilson s prose is clean and fast, this moves like a fast runner, lithe and smooth I ll be returning for fun with Jack. The only book I have read in the Repairman Jack series, and, I think, the last.Repairman Jack is a below the radar fixit guy that repairs problems for people Although he s supposed to be cool and dangerous, he comes across as kind of an idiot man child to me He has all these ridiculous methods for keeping his identity secret yet he invites a strange woman up to his apartment early on in the book He goes to the same bar every single time to interview clients and shops at the same store near his house Not exactly below the radar in my book Jack watches old movies late into the night in an apartment filled with odd pieces of furniture, old toys and antique kitsch In the morning he wakes up and eats several bowls of some kind of cold cereal kids eat Except for the cold blooded killer part he sounds like Tom Hanks character in Big This book is chock full of all the conventional characters you know, the quirky weapons dealer that can get the hero his flame thrower in the middle of the night, the friendly bar owner that allows Jack to use a private booth for business, the love interest that is repulsed by what Jack does for a living but just can t keep herself from falling for himSo the only remotely unconventional thing about this book is that it is an odd pairing of mediocre examples of two different genres, the detective thriller and horror Jack has to fight some nearly immortal Indian demons and a one armed disciple of Kali Not a good book and I wish I had those hours back I was going to give this three stars, but I realize it deserves I think I heard it raved about so much that I expected to like it Had I gone into The Tomb with lower expectations, I would have no hesitation in rating it higher That is why I hate to read books after they are so hyped It just spoils the experience.Repairman Jack is just an awesome character He is a person who exists outside of the system He simply dropped off the grid He doesn t pay taxes, and he doesn t feel like he owes the system anything That doesn t mean he doesn t have a sense of ethics or morals He just believes in doing things his way He is lead by his extremely strong sense of justice, regardless of the cost, because of how his mother was killed I really admired his character for his ability to be his own person I think Mr Wilson did a good job of creating this character He s a fun guy to follow around as he goes about his work of fixing the unfixable situation When this story starts, it s clear that supernatural situations aren t really his forte, but after this book, I think Jack will have his feet wet in supernatural matters.I liked the Indian folklore, using the rakoshi, which is an Indian demonic entity that can be called up via a curse It was funny because I read two books within a short period of time with rakoshi, this and Ghosts of Albion Accursed that incorporated these creatures I liked that Jack had an Indian love interest, who was easily as complicated as he was The villain was also conflicted and layered This story is one in which you can see many sides of the equation, although you know which side you re on, Repairman Jack s Mr Wilson really does a great job of showing the backstory to the Indian aspect of this story, heavily tied into the cult of Kali, the destroyer This is a much an action thriller as it is horror What a great combination I love action, and I like a good horror story that relies on suspense and genuine fear inspiring storytelling and less on gore There are a few bloody moments, but this wasn t a gory book, in my opinion I was glad I read this book, and I do look forward to reading of Jack s adventures. Some years ago I read The Keep My wife liked it some, I on the other hand wasn t all that impressed It was the last thing by Mr Wilson I readtill now A couple of years ago someone suggested to my wife and I that we try the Repairman Jack books, but I never got around to it.Till now.I ve got to say I liked this book It s not great literature in the classic sense you may hear that pronounced in a sophisticated accent if you wish This book started out as what might be called a fairly standard thriller and morphed into something like Harry Dresden meets Mitch Rapp I plan to read the next book.The only odd note There s no Tomb in the book.It turns out that F Paul Wilson wanted to title the book Rakoshi the name of a creature in the book but the publisher wanted the title to be closer to The Keep They figured no one would notice there was no tomb in the book Go figure. The Tomb , by F Paul Wilson, is the SECOND book in his Adversary Cycle series and the FIRST book in his Repairman Jack series.This novel introduces New Yorker Repairman Jack, a man with no permanent last name it varies with the ID he s carrying at the time and no records of his existence he either had them erased or doesn t reference them at all any His job is to fix things that the police can t or won t fix Sometimes this involves hurting or killing people, which is why his ex girlfriend, Gia, dumped him.I wouldn t think of Repairman Jack as a hired thug or assassin He s like The Equalizer from that old TV series only he s not an ex spyhe has no formal training to speak of He only kills when there s no other option and he only handles cases that the police can t handle He does this for money.The PlotRepairman Jack gets two contracts One from his ex girlfriend Gia, whose sister in law has gone missing and one from an Indian cultural attache working for the UN, who has lost an important necklace.Of course these two plots intersect and monsters are involved.The GoodAs a character I liked Repairman Jack I can definitely see why there s an entire series of books based on him He s an intriguing character.The book is also well plotted The pace is just right Sometimes a novel will conclude and tie up all its loose ends in the last 20 pages This one is deliberate in its pacing and it doesn t lag in the middle, like so many of these types of books seem to do.There was a scene in the book where the monsters are holding chunks of bloody flesh that was once human a character in the book This scene was genuinely creepy.The main antagonist was a sympathetic one I like this moral ambiguity in my reads because no one is ALL good or ALL bad.The BadThe characters in the book, besides the protagonist Jack and the main antagonist, are pretty one dimensional There is a child, Vicky, in the book who is written to be so sweet, she d turn Satan into a diabetic Shirley Temple, on her best day, has got nothing on this kid.The monsters were kind of nondescript I didn t get any real sense of foreboding or threat from them It seems to me, with a few slight changes, the monsters could be excised from the story entirely and you d still have the same overall plot.There was also no real connection between this and the previous book, The Keep , which makes me think that perhaps calling it a part of the Adversary Cycle was a way to increase sales Another reviewer said it was Lovecraftian, but I really didn t get that out of the book at all There is mention of the Old Gods who created the monsters of the book as a parody of humanity , but that s pretty much it Even that seemed tacked on as an afterthought and maybe that small fact was the connection between this book and the previous book, The Keep I m not sure.Perhaps I m not very astute in the literary sense, but I still don t get the title, The Tomb To me, The Necklace would have been a apt title.ConclusionIt s a good read Wilson didn t knock the ball out of the park as he did with The Keep , but it s a book worth reading for the character of Repairman Jack alone Hopefully the ancillary characters in the Repairman Jack series get interesting as the series progresses As far as the Adversary Cycle goes, this is a dubious addition to it I hope that the reason that this book is in the Adversary Cycle will become apparent as I read the later books in the series. Jack is a fixer He fixing things Not your electronics, but real problems involving people and sometimes.Jack had a girlfriend Gia, who couldn t cope with who he was and what he did for a living and she left 2 months later she calls A relative of her ex husband has disappeared and they need his help.This makes Gia and Jack rub each other the wrong way even though they both still have feelings for each other.The story goes on with Jack investigating the kidnapping, but things take on a supernatural aspect when he meets an Indian woman and her strange brother Twists and turn galore had me reading late into the night This is not a quick read, of a get to know the characters and savor it read I thoroughly enjoyed it and plan on reading in the series by Mr Wilson.Recommended Read

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Francis Paul Wilson is an author, born in Jersey City, New Jersey He writes novels and short stories primarily in the science fiction and horror genres His debut novel was Healer 1976 Wilson is also a part time practicing family physician He made his first sales in 1970 to Analog and continued to write science fiction throughout the seventies In 1981 he ventured into the horror genre with t

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