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The Bridal Hunt (Brides of the Hunt, #1) This review This book doesn t deserve even 1 star, so no rating for this one, and I ll keep the review as short as possible.The worst book I ve ever read, sorry, flipped and skipped through, in my life.Avoid it You re welcome. Things Aren T Going At All Like Wilhelmina Had Planned First, She Shows Up At, George, Her Significant Other S Office To Surprise Him With A Romantic Holiday Getaway, But Finds Herself On The Receiving End Of A Surprise Herself, Instead Hurt, Betrayed, Pissed Off And Single Now, Wilhelmina Decides To Take The Trip Alone, Have Her Own Holiday, Just For One Then Things Go From Bad To Worse When George Shows Up And Can T Take No For An Answer In The Midst Of All This, Something Large, White, Hairy And Completely Abominable Shows Up And Decides To Settle Their Dispute Himself The Creature Must Have Noted Something Of Worth In The Feisty, Hot Tempered, Curvaceous Beauty, Stealing Off With Her, Heading Deep Into The Woods With His Prize Wilhelmina Soon Finds Herself In The Middle Of A Primitive Looking Camp Of Snowy White Creatures, On Some Kind Of Alternate Plane, Realizing Quickly That She S Just Unwillingly Participated In What Could Only Be Deemed As A Bridal Hunt Is Wilhelmina Fated To Be An Abominable Snow Beastie S Bride Or Can She Find Her Way Back Home Before It S Too Late Reader Advisory This Book Contains One Female Partnering With Multiple Males M F M M M No Male Male Abduction And Violence I can t believe I m saying this but I HATED THIS I LOVED,LOVED,LOVED Of Another Dimension and just Her Luck but despite foe the guys kinda looked like demons with their red skin and horns etc even the worst of them were absolute perfect gentlemen than this convoluted BULLSHIT Seriously WTF WTH Kidnapping was one thing but the was total and utter BS Either Mina is a smart aleck badass that sticks up for herself or she s a total F ing doormat that rolls over and takes what ever they dish out She can t b both and yet she was Her 1st sexual contact with Veck wasn t force seduction but it still didn t feel right and her 1st sexual encounter with that bastard Kirch definitely felt like w forced seduction scenario all the while Bia who definitely was NO KIEVE the very sweet and caring 1st mate in Of Another Dimension Veck acted like her being mistreated was funny while Kirch was Calling her Bad Meanie coz the idiot can t say Mina like she was a dog or something tripping to get her to say she was his like the deeply ignorant and brutish cave creature he acted like She didn t want him when he practically forced himself on her , was disgusting then suddenly she kinda horny and goes along with it What the Hell And all the BS and lies of omission that constant were going on that she never really pushed Veck or less lied to her about the portal ,I mean as horrible as Kirch was he took that skank Candy back home all the while Veck made it sound like it wasn t possible but when Mina found out did she say anything to him Aaaaaaaaaa No, didn t even get upset he d lied to her Then there s all the mating BS that s never really explained and No one is held accountable for ,and one tells out poor STUPID And sometimes willingly clueless h that ANY and all kindness accepted by a unmated male can turn them into your new mate WTF WTH Veck is uber possessive of Mina one minute and next serving her up for what is damn near forced seduction WHF After her 1st sexual encounter Veck I was honestly turned off ,I CAN NIT STAND when woman give into sex in a book that don t really seem to want but do coz she seem suddenly horny It just didn t feel right,one minute she s happily in a friends only place with Veck seemingly no matter bye rest in sex with him then suddenly gives in when he seems to force the issue ,I didn t like that at all It felt soo convoluted,she felt like a puppet to their cave mannish whims ,nothing was ever what it seemed with these bastards all half truths and lies of omission and then them expecting her to dance to their warped tune and damned if she didn t After loving two of Ms.Lynn s books soo very very much I d hoped I d NEVER find a book of hers didn t enjoy Soo I gave this a try despite the reviews I m very disappointed and I ll be cautious from now on, I soo HATED this book No strong h here just a confused convoluted idiot who was full brash bravado one minute and BS the next Wouldn t it bother you if your husband mate butchered your name and called you Meanie for the rest of your life Although it sort of fit because I could not understand Mina s allure other than being willing to have sex with all of them and she just seemed to be expecting them to cater to her every desire Also, maybe she had nothing important to go back to but what about any of the other kidnapped women No mention was made of her getting to know any of them other than Bia s mom How did she not connect Candy and George to when someone started hurting the snowmen The abominable snowmen s world planet plane of existence remote corner of our world wasn t well drawn I have no idea what their customs are other than kidnapping women from Earth , how that portal came about, how they reproduced before Were there any abominable snow women None were mentioned Is it just that one village What happened to Candy Did Mina ever deign to learn their language It didn t seem like it but it s hard to tell Also, how many times did she get a chance to shoot George and didn t take it Ugh.I do not recommend this story unless you re looking for a lot of sex and a ridiculous plot that s barely thought out. More thorough review to come This book was too good to skimp on that.This was a fantastic read I actually read it free, but enjoyed it so much I purchased a copy I m torn on how many stars I really want to give this one 5 stars but as I ve just read another one from this same author and intend to give that one 5 stars.I worry that I m falling into a fan girl squee zone So I m going to back off, re read and re evaluate the stars in a week or two to see if I feel the same.I know I put this on my MC Aliens shelf but I m not certain that s quite valid Mina gets rescued kidnapped by a Bigfoot type creature with white fur all over it s body It takes her through a portal to another world dimension where there is a large village of bigfoots Big feet with white fur There is no spacecraft or futuristic technology involved Just strange creatures not of earth, talk of a portal and how time runs differently on the bigfoot side of the portal.Mina was one of those heroines who gets kidnapped, thinks clearly, makes a couple good of escape attempts, but once she acceots her fate, there s no tantrums She even has a good sense of humor about it.Erotica, Polyamory, HEA.Totally Recommended, fantastic story with a minor antagonist arch. Started off great with the promise of great , wonderful furriness but then it became endless cycle of smut sex No story it was boring plus hate it when in manage relationships the other guys start to doodle the heroine yuk I mean it cute to deep love, care, take care of your partner But the full on coddling like saying you can pee on my face and i ll still lick your feet nonsense is unbelievable. Ugg, Mina was terrible and the men were awful Not much to redeem this story. This book was so totally opposite of what I normally readbut I was in a book funk I have been out of itmind you I am normally the sort that reads 4 books at least a week type person..but when I get bored with my normal choices, or I cant seem to find that book that takes me away from it all..I get grumpy basically become that type person most people run fromlol seriously my hubby..when he see s me grumping or yelling at random objects, first thing he says is Baby why dont you relax go read one of your books you love now mind you if I am in a funk he says that carefully because its about as dangerous as a man saying..are you on the rag LOL tread carefully when mommas not get her book fixes P.Backkkkkkkkk to this book the whys I loved it soooo muchThis book had me laughing so hard at times I swear I had cramps.The heroine her hairy Heros were awesome..when I first told my hubby about this book he thought I was reading beastality lmaowho the hell cared what he thought he is a dingy male said with all the love of a wife married for almost 28 yrs anyway..this book was great, never have I ever read a book about the hairy abominable snowmen before, but I swear this book made me wish I had a stack of them from this authorthe all around gentle way these hairy fellas treated there kidnapped bride had me sayin AWWW now thats sweetis it a book way out there YES but who the hell cares..it was fun, yes it was damn hot hair and allLOVED the addition of the kiddiesthey cracked me upafter reading Jeanette Lynns The Bridal Hunt I went sorta nutso with my One Clicky Finger downloaded all her bookswould I recommend this book to everyone YES ABSOFREAKINLUTELY will everyone LOVE this book like me..nope there will always be naysayers bitchy grammar nazis to try take down the authorsfor all you naysayers BITE ME this book saved my hubbys skin damnit LOL It was getting dangerous with me being in a book funkthe old man thinks Jeanettes the bomb LOL go ahead read itya know ya want to P 4.5 Purrrrrr for me Loverboy StarsLet s just say that Human Males go pale in comparison to these Alien MC s once you read this one Absolutely loved every part of this book The MC s are human like with white fur all over with cat bear like characteristics Never thought I ll find a man purring for you sexy as hell but then again I ve always been a cat person it was only a matter of time a brilliant erotic author such as Jeanette Lynn would combine the two make one hell of a sexy read I loved the sparring and the dynamic between the males who mated with Mina our lucky bitch of a heroine and her bond with her alien mates The only reason I took off half a star is becos my first read of this author was Of Another Dimension, the story line was slightly similar but I found that the Heroine in that book had a similar personality to Mina Just wished that Mina was abit different Instead it felt like it was the same girl in another lifetime But that s just my thoughts I wish I could ve found some pics of hot dudes with white furry skin who resembled the hot male casts in this book but after endless browsing, I got nothing So use your imaginations Folks It was a Fantastic Read A Definite Recommend Can t wait to try out other books off Ms Lynn s.Check out my shelves above if you need further encouragement

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