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The Bosss Daughter Once The Daughter Of A Prominent Dentist In Philadelphia, Natalie Allen Wasn T Happy With The Life She Was Expected To Lead, So She Left Society Behind And Headed West Now, In The Little Town Of Junction, She S Known As Nat, A Cowboy Working On Boss Daddy S Cattle Ranch She Keeps To Herself, Renting A Room In A Local Boarding House Instead Of Staying In The Bunk House, And With Her Dungarees And Short Hair, No One Realizes She S Living As A Man But Boss Daddy S Pretty Daughter Miss Lucille Takes A Notice To Mr Nat, And The Closer The Two Become, The Conflicted Nat Grows She Likes Miss Lucille A Lot Than She Knows She Should, And It S Easy To Forget Who She S Pretending To Be Around The Boss S Daughter Then Miss Lucille Surprises Everyone, Nat Included, By Announcing Their Engagement Nat Knows They Can T Marry, And If She Tells Miss Lucille Why, Her Ruse Will Be Up Her Only Choice Is To Leave Junction Behind, Even If It Means Breaking Miss Lucille S Heart But Will Miss Lucille Let Nat Go So Easily

About the Author: J.T. Marie

J.T Marie is a pseudonym for author J.M Snyder, who publishes gay erotic and romantic fiction under her full name For those curious, the initials stand for Jeanette Thomas and Marie is her middle name She also writes gay young adult romance under the pseudonym J Tomas.A graduate of George Mason University, Jeanette worked as Fantasy Editor of the school s sci fi and fantasy journal, The Fra

10 thoughts on “The Bosss Daughter

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    I needed a quick read today and a bit of an escape, so this fit the bill perfectly Yes, it was a bit predictable and a bit insta love, but I don t care It s a wonderful short story that I wish had been a bit longer 3.5 stars rounded up to 4.

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    Natalie and Lucille two very interesting and unique leading ladies Natalie, wow, way to run, hide in plain sight and be your own person Lucille, wow, way to go hard after the person you want because you know that the two of you are made of the same fabric.

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    Nice quick read Surprisingly adorable leads DI can t say I was surprised by Lucy s reaction on Chapter 30 I guess I already had an idea that she hmm. isn t clueless Nat is funny when she s all nervous and bothered by Lucy s advances haha

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    A pleasant way to spend a couple of hours This was a quick and easy read with strong leading ladies based in a time deemed a man s world I would love to see a sequel to this novella.

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    What a cute and quick story One of those feel good ones with the perfect ending.

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    A quick enjoyable read.3.5 stars

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    No meat and potatoes here, but sometimes sugary sweetness bubblegum is what you are looking for.

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    I really enjoyed this quick story although it had the makings for a 5 star read I felt there was a lot story to be told and I definitely would have liked to know about the characters and what happens next.

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    Quick readA quick, well written read Don t except too much Just enough background to get the story going Simple love story.

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    3.5 Stars, good I just wish it would have expanded on the end a little.

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