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Disciple Nothing like a bit of biker romance to get me revved up Totally enjoyed watching the love blossom between Ryder, Aubrey, Jake and Chloe. I really loved this book All of the characters were really strong Wil was awesome He was so sexy and I loved how he was with Aubrey s kids And those kids stole your heart right away Bree was kick ass No one bossed her around and you better not mess with her kids Wil and Bree were so good for each other Aubrey wasn t afaird to talk back to the Pres of the MC nope not her The story was really good There was a lot of action I m looking forward to the next installment This wasn t as steamy as I would have liked but it didn t deter me at all There was sex, it was hot because of the characters it just wasn t as dirty as most MC books Loved it anyway Aubrey Dalton S Life As A Single Mother Is Anything But Easy, The Last Thing She Needs To Complicate It Is Getting Mixed Up With The Local Biker Gang That Is Exactly What Happens Though When She And Her Children Are Attacked By A Rival Club Looking To Settle A Score With The Northridge Disciples MC Now Bree Has To Struggle With Not Only Facing New Advisories But Also Her Attraction The Disciple S President, Will RyderRyder Had A Dysfunctional Childhood At Best Which Is Why He S Never Chosen To Settle Down That And The Fact That Life In As The President Of A MC Consumes Every Minute Of His Day But When He Meets Aubrey, The Single Mom Who Happens To Look Like A Playboy Centerfold, He Rethinks His Priorities The Only Problem Is That He Needs To Keep Bree Alive Long Enough To Get To Know Her And Her Endearing Kids Because She S Been Targeted By His Old Enemies And They Don T Seem To Care If They Take Innocent Lives In Order To Get To Him This Book May Not Be Suitable For Readers Under The Age OfDue To Offensive Language And Sexual Content Aubrey Dalton s life as a single mother is anything but easy, the last thing she needs to complicate it is getting mixed up with the local biker gang That is exactly what happens though when she and her children are attacked by a rival club looking to settle a score with the Northridge Disciples MC Now Bree has to struggle with not only facing new advisories but also her attraction the Disciple s president, Will Ryder.Ryder had a dysfunctional childhood at best which is why he s never chosen to settle down That and the fact that life in as the president of a MC consumes every minute of his day But when he meets Aubrey, the single mom who happens to look like a Playboy centerfold, he rethinks his priorities The only problem is that he needs to keep Bree alive long enough to get to know her and her endearing kids because she s been targeted by his old enemies and they don t seem to care if they take innocent lives in order to get to him.I can t gush enough on how much I enjoyed this read I loved Ryder from the beginning, Bree grew on me though. Yes she was a bit cold in the beginning, but she has two small fatherless children she has to put first and that I appreciated.My crush on Ryder grew from a small crush to a huge blown out I friggin love you He stepped into the father role without any questions, without hesitation, and you could see the change in the two small children.I think that was my favorite part, his relationship with those two Loved every page I can t decide between 3 1 2 or 4 stars, when Aubrey s friend asks her over in the middle of the night she is shocked to see a house full of bikers in need of medical attention That one night changes her life forever Aubrey works hard at her job and at raising her two children when she see s the MC that her friend is so connected with and she wants nothing to do with them including their handsome president Ryder.When Ryder and his MC find out that their rival MC is causing problem they decide to step in and stop them To do this the MC needs someone the rival won t know When someone suggests Aubrey Ryder doesn t want her in harms way but knowing it s the only option he agrees All Aubrey has to do is dance and get information from the rival MC, not wanting to but not being able to resist the money they offer her when money is so tight, and the promise that she will be safe Aubrey agrees That night puts her on radar with the other MC and now Aubrey and her kids lives are in danger Ryder can t believe that he put Aubrey and her kids in danger and he takes it upon himself to protect them Now that Aubrey and her kids live with Ryder they each find it harder and harder to stay away from each other, and they both begin to fall in love and Aubrey s kids also begin to claim Ryder s heart As they all grow closer to one another and begin to feel like a family the rival MC has plans for not only Ryder and his MC but for Aubrey as well and they won t stop till they get what they want Now Ryder and the MC will stop at nothing to not only shut the rivals down but to protect the three people who have become Ryder s heart.This was a nice MC book, it was a really quick read and I am really interested in seeing if others from this book get their own books Ryder was a great hero, it was hard to not fall in love with him not only for how he loved and took care of Aubrey but especially with how much he cared for and loved Aubrey s kids, he was also possessive and it was fun to read about Aubrey and the kids getting him wrapped around their fingers.Aubrey was a nice heroine, I really liked her and I loved the moments with her and her kids, I would have liked her to not have been so indecisive for so long I will say that I didn t really like the heroines best friend Sam I thought that especially in the beginning she acted like she cared about Aubrey and her kids and I do believe she did but I also believe that she caredabout the MCand would have said anything to Aubrey to get her to help the MC I think she made it seem like helping the MC wasn t a big deal or dangerous but it was and it was even stated that old ladies would have known that but since Aubrey didn t know anything about the MC she wasn t aware I don t know I get it the MC is your family but Aubrey was supposed to be her best friend Overall this was a really nice MC book that is on the lighter side, not as gritty or dark but still a true MC book I think this book was refreshing to see the heroine having kids and the hero not, and though we know the hero has had other woman it wasn t shoved down our throats ever other page, and another bonus the only mention of OW is just in passing about a hanger on who wants him but Aubrey is it for him I will definitely be keeping an eye on this author to see what she comes out with next ands to see if this is the first in a new MC series. I really liked how they were a tough MC but were not so vulgar, Will was awesome and how he cared for the kids Bree was okay she did everything she could for her children Glad they got their HEA. Aubrey Dalton has not had the easiest life, she has dealt with every punch thrown her way A single mom of two, Aubrey knows trouble when she sees it and getting involved with the Northridge Disciples MC is just that When Aubrey is offered a one time deal to help President Will Ryder, she takes it but it comes with a cost that puts her family in danger Ryder never thought he would want an Old Lady and kids, but one look at Aubrey and her two children he was hooked He tried to stay away, but the instant he found out she was in danger, he made his move It is not a smooth transition though for Aubrey doesn t trust anyone and handing over her trust to Ryder leaves her uneasy Ryder plans to gain her trust though one way or another.Overall good book Had a few words that were misspelled but otherwise I thought the story was engaging and I really liked Ryder, he was patient with Aubrey but laid it out when needed Will definitely trybooks from this author. Swoon I absolutely loved this book and the H He was amazing and absolutely made the whole book for me I really enjoyed this biker romance between a single mom with two kids and the President of a MC The story was good and the romance was believable and kind of sweet There are some typos and grammar issues but it wasn t bad enough to really bother me. First time read for this author by me I was pleased with the writing style and the characters story line was good I really liked Ryder and his relationship with the kids I liked that it was not a wham bam fall in bed relationship between the two There were a lot of things I liked about Aubrey but at the end of the book when she went all out Bambo was a little over the top for me I really have a problem with a regular female being able to beat the hell out of a big, bad biker dude s I know there are women who are trained fighters, etc who could do it but Aubrey just didn t fit in that class But it was a very good read I saw a few editing issues but it didn t detract from my reading experience I would definitely read the next book in this series.

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