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Rules Twelve Year Old Catherine Just Wants A Normal Life Which Is Near Impossible When You Have A Brother With Autism And A Family That Revolves Around His Disability She S Spent Years Trying To Teach David The Rules From A Peach Is Not A Funny Looking Apple To Keep Your Pants On In Public In Order To Stop His Embarrassing Behaviors But The Summer Catherine Meets Jason, A Paraplegic Boy, And Kristi, The Next Door Friend She S Always Wished For, It S Her Own Shocking Behavior That Turns Everything Upside Down And Forces Her To Ask What Is Normal

About the Author: Cynthia Lord

I m the author of the children s book, RULES.

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    This is a quick read, I read it in about a week or so It is a VERY good book What I liked best about the book, is how Cynthia Lord the author really understands how it s like to live with people with autism I know this because she came to my school, and I met her I liked how the book was about a who has the same experiences that I do, having a sibling with autism I don t just recommend only people w

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    I ve been trying to think of the best way to talk about this book I read it in a night and then forced it upon my mother who hardly ever makes the time to read and she finished it in a night Someday, when my sister is ready, I will have her read it too This book was so sweet, and at moments, heart wrenching It s a simple story about a young girl who wants to be known for herself not David s sister Her eight

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    Reviewed by Me for TeensReadToo.comYou can always tell when you re reading a book that has a basis in truth With RULES, author Cynthia Lord writes about what it s like to live with autism, and she should know, since she has an autistic child That ring of truth is there, in every word, when you read the story of twelve year old Catherine and her autistic younger brother, David.David hates loud noises If there s a clou

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    So, I ve owned this book for than a year but never gotten around to reading it When I saw it had been challenged, I figured I d read it to try to understand why.Here s why RULES got challenged some people are effing crazy This is a beautifully written, touching story about a family that happens to include an autistic kid Catherine, the 12 year old protagonist, is portrayed realistically, with a pitch perfect kid s voice She

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    Rules , by Cynthia Lord, is told from the perspective of Catherine, the 12 year old sister of David, an autistic 8 year old Catherine, at 12, is dealing with finding a place in a family that seems to be centered around coping with David s needs for comfort and development Catherine s mom is divided between managing a home business leaving Catherine to care for David and providing David the care and developmental therapy he needs Cathe

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    4.5 rounded upIt s difficult having a brother with autism, and sometimes 12 year old Catherine wants out Oops I did it againI let books mess with my heartGot lost in the gameOh baby babyI love the characters in this story

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    I love when teachers make you read books that you can t choose to read I guess that its good for kids who don t read at all But hate to break it to you, this bookSucked.If they re trying to get kids to read, you just made it sure they won t read another word except pizza or video games.I can not believe I am wasting my precious time on this book Go and read it See what I mean Out of all the fabulous books like Harry Potter or Hunger Games they had to p

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    Victoria Croteau28 September 2016B3Although the assignment due was to write a feminist book review, the book I read had really nothing to do with feminism at all In Rules by Cynthia Lord, the main focus is on the main character, Catherine, and how she gets through simple day to day tasks with her autistic brother, David, by her side In the beginning, Catherine explains how her brother does not understand a lot of things that may come naturally to most For examp

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    Ashley CookMcLaughlinWomen s Lit HonorsSeptember 28, 2016 As if trying to figure out who you are is not hard enough at the age of twelve, main character Catherine, is trying to create who her brother is Protagonist of Rules by Cynthia Lord, struggles with anxiety and the fear of what others may think about her because of her autistic brother, David As a way to shield the realities behind this struggle, Catherine creates rules for her brother to memorize and follow The a

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    Rules, by author Cynthia Lord, is a touching look at the life of a young girl, Catherine, who s coping with the conflicting emotions of living with her autistic brother, David And I was coping with the conflicting emotions of annoyance and boredom of reading this book Catherine, a normal 12 year old girl, has a huge role and responsibility in the care taking of her autistic brother, David Catherine must balance the love and the responsibility she feels for David with the embarra

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