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The Grey King Fire On The Mountain Shall Find The Harp Of Gold Played To Wake The Sleepers, Oldest Of The OldWith The Final Battle Between The Light And The Dark Soon Approaching, Will Sets Out On A Quest To Call For Aid Hidden Within The Welsh Hills Is A Magical Harp That He Must Use To Wake The Sleepers Six Noble Riders Who Have Slept For Centuries But An Illness Has Robbed Will Of Nearly All His Knowledge Of The Old Ones, And He Is Left Only With A Broken Riddle To Guide Him In His Task As Will Travels Blindly Through The Hills, His Journey Will Bring Him Face To Face With The Most Powerful Lord Of The Dark The Grey King The King Holds The Harp And Sleepers Within His Lands, And There Has Yet To Be A Force Strong Enough To Tear Them From His Grasp

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    boy meets boy antics ensue.boy with Old soul meets boy with dog with old soul old king wishes they never met.sick boy with too many siblings meets sickly boy with some serious father issues.little weirdo meets his match in another little weirdo the latter teaches the former how to pronounce Welsh words.super powered boy meets albino boy with golden eyes

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    Normally, The Grey King would be my favourite of the five books that make up this sequence Something about the setting in Wales, and Bran s loneliness and arrogance, and of course the tie in with Arthuriana, and the way that it begins to bring in some moral ambiguity when John Rowlands questions the coldness at the heart of the Light Somehow, I didn t love it

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    Happy sigh I just finished rereading this one again last night With the exception of the first book in the Dark is Rising series, I love all of them atmospheric, dreamy, and creepy, the lot of them And steeped in old folklore and told in lovely prose so that they feel like they grew out of the ground instead of being written by a modern author I cannot recommend the

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    You know you love a book from your childhood a lot when you go out of your way on trips abroad to see the places where the action happened Cooper s fourth novel in the DiR series is so steeped, no, drowned in all things Welsh that you can t help but want to get the hell there and check it out Which I did many years ago Her works in this series especially are refulgent and

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    I somewhat put off reviewing The Grey King after finishing reading it, because I m not sure what there is to say about it any I ve rhapsodised about it at length the use of mythology, the casual use of the Welsh language, the home ness of the landscape and the people The shades of grey and the adult touches when it comes to Owen Davies and John Rowlands, and Will Stanton s inte

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    So, I ve been reading Cooper s Dark is Rising series, which I somehow never got to as a kid despite hearing so much about it, and knowing it won a ton of awards This one, for instance, won the Newbery, one of the biggest American awards for young adult fiction And the overwhelming sense I ve come away with so far is why Don t get me wrong, there are moments of good desc

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    The really upsetting one I d been calling it that in my head all along, but I didn t realize I didn t actually remember why It turns out this upset me so much as a child that I literally blanked out the relevant details I remembered about two pages before it happened, in the same horrible swooping lurch that Will experiences as he realizes something bad is about to happen Animal har

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    It s pretty much a tradition for me now to reread this series at this time of year, so I wanted to get it done before we move into 2013 The 2012 reread of The Dark is Rising sees me struggling with anxiety and depression issues, and I nearly didn t get round to reading this, this year But it is my comfort reading, so it was a good idea that I just planted myself firmly down with the book in hand

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    I m beginning to think that this series would be better titled The Dark is Stumbling Around Awkwardly Without Ever Accomplishing Much In this volume our heroes take on the Grey King, a villain who we re reminded every other paragraph is powerful and evil than any other encountered so far.Despite this impressive reputation, the most evil things he manages to accomplish are a killing a few sheep and b

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    This is one of the most well written young adult books I ve ever read They don t write em like this any There s a reason Susan Cooper won the Newbery Medal for this Her incredible, melodic descriptive language and her ability to interweave history, mythology, legend, and good old fashioned fiction bring this book far beyond a traditional boy with special powers book If you appreciate the English language an

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