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Mr. Monk and the New Lieutenant (Mr. Monk #19) An All New Story Starring Adrian Monk By Edgar Award Nominated Monk Screenwriter And Coexecutive Producer Hy ConradIt S Compulsive, Page Turning FunMonk And Natalie Have Finally Settled Into A New Office Routine Now They Just Need To Work Things Out With Their Neighbors A Print Shop Run By Hippies Whose Music Leaks Through The Walls, Driving Monk Nuts But The Detectives Soon Have A Serious Conflict To Deal With Captain Stottlemeyer S New Lieutenant, AJ Cartledge A Man Of Limited Skills Whom Monk Finds Insufferable Even The Presence Of Lieutenant Cartledge Won T Keep Monk And Natalie From Attending The Funeral Of Judge Oberlin, And It S A Good Thing In Typical Fashion, Monk Examines The Body In The Casket And Finds Evidence Of Poison The Judge Was MurderedWhile There Are No Traces Of The Poison At The Judge S House, Monk Detects That There Had Been An Intruder The Next Rainy Day, When Captain Stottlemeyer Begins To Show The Same Symptoms, Monk Deduces That There S A Diabolical Killer At Work, Someone Who Wanted Both The Judge And The Captain Dead Monk And Natalie Turn To The Captain S Ex Lieutenant In Summit, New Jersey For Help, But Even That Might Not Be Enough To Solve This Crime With His Friend In Danger And An Enemy Close, Monk Will Have To Put His Reservations Aside To Crack The Case In Time

About the Author: Hy Conrad

Hy Conrad was one of the original writers for the television series, Monk He worked on the show for all eight seasons, the final two as Co Executive Producer, and received three Edgar Nominations from the Mystery Writers of America for Best TV Series Conrad took over the novel series based on the TV show Monk in 2013 Conrad is also the author of hundreds of short stories His first full lengt

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    I always look forward to a new Monk story Its always fun to spend a few days of the week reading a new story about Monk I enjoyed this story than I did the last book in the series This was a classic Monk story, the mystery plus all the other side mysteries was fantastic Monk was Monk in this story, he wasn t hunting for a girlfriend or doing things that was un Mon

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    Monk discovers that a recently deceased judge was actually poisoned And then Captain Stottlemeyer starts shows the same symptoms Who is out to kill the captain The plot in this one was a little simpler than it might have been, but the characters make it plenty of fun Yes, there are even some great laughs along the way.Sadly, this is looking like it will be the final boo

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    Mr Monk And The New Lieutenant is the fourth book Monk series by HyConrad.This series books are quick reads.The book consisted, of what seemed to me, short stories of three or 4 quick cases for Monk and Natalie to resolve and one major case That case centers around the recent death of Judge Oberlin and the attempts on the life of Captain Stottlemeyer As the title suggests, Lt

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    First the television series came to an end and Mr Monk was gone Then Lee Goldberg began writing the Monk books and I loved them Eventually, Mr Goldberg moved on to other things and Mr Monk was once again gone But Hy Conrad took over writing the Monk books, and life was good again Both men had worked on the television series, and had Monk well in hand Each of their versions of Monk w

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    Although I have watched the television show, this was my first Monk book It was really quite good That has everything to do with the fact that the author, Hy Conrad, was also a writer on the show for it entire eight season run I have to say, I loved that each chapter has a title So few books do that these days I ve always enjoyed it The story is told from the point of view of Natalie Teeg

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    Hy Conrad, I just want to thank you for the great plot lines, Natalie s strong female voice, and your willingness to carry on the monk legacy.

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    MR Monk and the New Lieutenant by Hy ConradI have enjoyed all of the Monk books, of the four written by Hy Conrad I feel that this one is hi best.The story begins with Monk and Natalie attending Judge Oberlin s funeral While viewing the Judge s corpse Mr Monk suddenly announces that the Judge did not die of natural causes instead he tells everyone that the Judge was poisoned So begins the final Monk

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    Worse Monk book ever I did not laugh until I was 16% through the book That should tell you all you need to know I think I only laughed 3 or 4 times the entire book I will not give a spoiler but one part was so stupid and so against what 99.99% of anyone in the world would do I just shook my head with disbelief That part was just dumb When compared to other Monk books I d rate it 1 out of 10 but if I rate i

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    Guess that s the end of an era again, well unless another author picks up this series Another checkbox on my long reading list.This book is better than the previous and it feels ok to let the story end here.The old crew got back together and did some old fashioned crime solving

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    This is not the best Monk story, but it s not bad Randy Disher shows up and even Sharona makes an appearance I identified the baddie early on, although the motive was a surprise Based on the authors opening note, this may be the last book in the series.

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