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Winds of Skilak Author Bonnie Rose Ward S Award Winning Book WINDS OF SKILAK Named WINNER In The Next Generation Indie Book Awards In The Memoir Other Category Winds Of Skilak Traces A Young Couple S Adventurous Move From The Suburbs Of Ohio To A Remote Island On Ill Tempered Skilak Lake As Sam And Bonnie Adapt To A Life Without Running Water, Electricity And Telephones, The Unforgiving, Desolate Environment Tests Their Courage Early On Facing Sub Freezing Temperatures, Unfriendly Bears, And Cabin Fever, The Wards Find Strength In New Friends, Each Other, And The Awe Inspiring Beauty Of The Last Frontier Just When They Finally Settle In, A Freak Accident Proves To Be The Ultimate Test Of Their Resolve Will They Be Able To Survive In This Isolated Wilderness Filled With Unseen Dangers Author Bonnie Ward Chronicles An Exciting And Thought Provoking Tale Of One Couple S Faith In God And Dedication To Each Other Through All Of Alaska S Curveballs Winds Of Skilak Is A True Tale Of Absorbing Force, Sure To Bring Out Your Own Sense Of Adventure

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    Author provided Winds of Skilak for review I was totally captivated from the moment that I started reading Winds of Skilak It was such a surprise to me that I became so engrossed in the book so quickly as I usually don t really enjoy the books with families moving to lands that are unexplored or unsettled This is the book that changed my mind I felt as if I was r

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    Ugh Giving this book two stars would ve been a stretch so one, it is I m mad I spent actual money on the Kindle version I only did so because the reviews were so good Sorry Bonnie, but your husband was is an ass And no, the rest of us women would not consider ourselves lucky to have him For the record, Nels was an ass, too, and didn t deserve forgiveness for the goat

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    Bonnie Ward knew nothing of living in the bush She accompanied her husband to an island in Skilak Lake, Alaska, as an act of keeping faith with his dream The book describes building a cabin and their life in it for the first two years She collected berries for canning than once coming face to face with a grizzly fished for salmon, helped run trap lines, and slowly became

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    OK so I probably got off on the wrong foot with this one On the very first page, where the author s husband springs it on her that he s put the house on the market without asking her first, and decided that they re both going to quit their jobs and move to Alaska, and she s OK with this, I should have noped out of there I mean I guess they had talked about it a year before and

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    So, this book was recommended by a friend and has numerous 5 star ratings, but I really had to force myself to keep plugging away The homesteading and making your way in the wilderness was interesting for a while, but the writing is on the simple side and could have used some editing in my opinion Also, the author s subservience to her husband, and what seemed like her constant cryi

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    A lot of people have wanted to pack up and leave their chaotic lives and run away to Alaska This couple did just that and to everyone s surprise, they succeeded It s a well written and entertaining book that doesn t sugarcoat the harsh realities of living on a windswept island with little contact from the mainland After several years of and making it in Alaska, the couple returns home I

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    This book filled a niche for me, I love a good live off the land, survivalist story and I have a special place in my hard for memoirs about this, especially when set in Alaska That being said, the husband in this book is an ass A sexist ass I found myself rooting for the Alaskan wilderness against his stupid, egotistical antics I wished for him to be eaten by a bear, or crashed through thin i

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    Review copy provided by author Winds of Skilak is the true story of Bonnie and Sam Ward, adventurers who leave their home, family, indoor plumbing, electricity, stores in short, civilization to pursue a dream of living in the Alaskan wilderness When they arrive in Alaska, they have no idea where they will live, until lots come up for sale on Caribou Island, located in giant, tempermental Skilak La

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    Not what I expected This book received high ratings but it should be shelved under romance , not homesteading After reading Proenneke I was expecting a similar wilderness account, but from a female perspective The story feels heavily scripted, the author is awfully weepy for a wilderness woman , and the fact that the couple received so much outside help, relied on a car, motorized boats, and well payin

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    At eighteen I sold all of my belongings and bought a one way ticket to rural Alaska Since then I ve fallen in love with this state and its remarkable people and their remarkable stories Bonnie, happens to be one of those people But contrary to others who ve lived amazing lives, she documented hers in beautiful wording and vivid description.The story starts at the beginning Bonnie and her husband, Sam leave

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