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I Know This Much Is True On The Afternoon Of October My Twin Brother, Thomas, Entered The Three Rivers, Connecticut, Public Library, Retreated To One Of The Rear Study Carrels, And Prayed To God The Sacrifice He Was About To Commit Would Be Deemed Acceptable One Of The Most Acclaimed Novels Of Our Time, Wally Lamb S I Know This Much Is True Is A Story Of Alienation And Connection, Devastation And Renewal, At Once Joyous, Heartbreaking, Poignant, Mystical, And Powerfully, Profoundly Human

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    This is a book I have been meaning to read since 1997 That s actually even before it was officially published, which might seem weird, if you didn t already know that Wally Lamb was teaching writing at my high school at the time he was working on this novel and if you didn t know

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    I m glad I finally finished because it was one of those books I kept thinking about when I was in the middle of it and I had trouble getting things done until I knew what would happen I really enjoyed it, I think it s hard to write a book with such a complex story line which all e

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    This book just went rocketing to my all time Favourites shelf I cannot imagine spending over 20 hours reading a book and not loving it.On my eReader, this book was just 3 pages short of 900 pages, and not one paragraph, not one sentence, not one word in the book could be cut withou

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    This is one of those books I read that has never left me After I finished it I just sat in my chair and cryed for a long time And I can t explain why exactly, as the ending was surprisingly hopeful It explores the nature of close family relationships and how you can love someone and

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    1.99 Kindle special today This was a GREAT PAGE TURNING STORY Just sayin I d buy it for 1.99 but I already own it Sometimes a reader is simply looking for a stay to lose yourself in This book fits that need This was another on of those 5 star books that I guess I never rated I wasn t

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    901 pagesI Know This Much is True by Wally Lamb is by far the best book I ve read in a long time Calling it my favorite is an understatement as is trying to sum it up in one review During the break, all I wanted to do was read I read about 300 pages a day I can t describe what exactly made me love the book, but I can guess First of all, every character was carefully crafted by the author and each forced me to care about what happened to them The protagonist, Dominick Birdsey, was the perfect unconventional hero His struggle to stay sane while caring for his schitzophrenic twin brother and a host of other problems was both depressing and inspirational Another reason I couldn t put the book down was the intricately woven plot At one point in the book, I was reading the story of Dominick, who was reading the story of his grandfather, Domenico, who was telling the story of his wife s sister, who was telling the story of her mentor All of this should have been confusing and impossible to follow, but the author somehow managed to put it all together and keep readers up to date It seemed like he knew exactly when to stop telling one story and get back to another that the reader was wondering about Also, every part of the plot was necessary, symbolic, and important to fully understanding Dominick s past and present The book got especially disturbing towards the end, but the happy, and in some ways triumphant, ending ensured I d never forget this book is not for the faint of heart, but is sure to move any reader with one.

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    If I had an All Time Favorites shelf, this book would definitely be on it Wally Lamb s I Know This Much Is True has addictive characters and is beautifully written with so much depth and feeling with absolutely no boring parts to detract from the story The only bad thing about reading

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    This is my favorite book ever I was reading it while I lived in New York, during the 2 weeks I was holed up in my apartment in New Jersey recovering from the shock of 9 11 adjusting to life all alone in a big city with just my baby daughter who, at that time, I felt some ambivalence ab

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    Wally Lamb s second novel, I Know This Much Is True, was probably a result of the success of his first effort She s Come Undone, which was selected by Oprah for her book club four years after its initial publication in 1992 His sopho effort, published in 1998, also got stamped wit

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    Ufta Wellit s a testament to the quality of this book that I was willing to stick it out the entire 900 pages well, 856, but who s counting If you can get past the intimidating bulk and stick it through to the end, there really is some quality writing here that is well worth the time it t

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