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A House of Pomegranates A House Of Pomegranates Is A Collection Of Whimsical Short Stories By Oscar Wilde This Collection Includes The Following Tales The Young King The Birthday Of The Infanta The Fisherman And His Soul The Star Child Readers Of All Ages Will Be Delighted By These Fanciful Tales

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    Once upon a time there was a little collection of fairy tales called The House of Pomegranates by Oscar Wilde I opened this book up and found a whole different book than the one I had expected Is that a good or a bad thing Well, I suppose both.My familiarity with Mr Wilde is pretty much based on his decadent excoriation of decadence and beauty for beauty s sake The Picture of Dorian Gray and his

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    A House of Pomegranates is a collection of four fairy tales which were written by Oscar Wilde and published in 1891 It is regarded as a follow up to his first fairy tale collection The Happy Prince and Other Tales Wilde s success arose primarly from thinking of stories as things to tell It is hardly surprising His mother was an Irish folklorist He himself graduated in classical scholarship whose earliest texts were the o

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    Four Fairy Tales a la WildeYes, Oscar Wilde wrote children s stories and I was amazed the first time I found out These definitely follow a old fashioned, pre Disney trajectory for fairy tales Happiness is not the objective, moral edification is and thus, often rather sad THE YOUNG KINGThis is meant to be a Christian parable, but the young king reminded me of Siddhartha Buddha Beautiful language and imagery with a moral.THE

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    Sono contenuti in questa raccolta quattro racconti che sono quattro gioielli Storie fantastiche, ricolme di bellezza, tristi e dolorose, si tratta di racconti che con la forma di favole parlano ad ognuno di noi dei valori dell a, del rispetto verso gli altri esseri umani, della malvagit senza cuore, della bont disinteressata, dell umilt che arricchisce pi di mille tesori.Bellissimo Il compleanno dell Infanta , il mio preferito.

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    Like Grimm s Tales only much much much better and far interesting Great.

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