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Itty Bitty Kitty Ava Wants A Pet, But Mom And Dad Say She S Too Little So When She Finds A Kitty, Ava Decides To Name Him Itty Bitty And Keep Him A Secret There S Just One Tiny Problem Itty Bitty Starts Growing And Growing And Growing Until He S Neither Itty Nor Bitty Kids Will Laugh And Cheer Along As Ava And Itty Bitty Try To Keep Mom And Dad From Discovering Their Not So Little Secret From New York Times Bestselling Author Joan Holub And Award Winning Illustrator James Burks Comes This Unlikely Friendship Story With Enormous Heart Featuring Lively, Bouncy Text And Bold, Colorful Artwork, This Picture Book Is Purr Fect For Pet Lovers And Their Parents Alike

About the Author: Joan Holub

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    Easily a favorite book among my daughters, and I loved it myself.I m an avid lover of chubby things and that kitty is just too cute I loved the illustrations in this book Very colorful and appealing to the eye, adults and kids alike The story is cute and fun, too What kid

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    I read this with my 7 year old daughter today It was cute with fun, brightly colored illustrations I wasn t real thrilled that the story starts out with the little girl defying her parents by sneaking a kitten into her house, but it was still a cute story and my daughter giggled at

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    My Thoughts Itty Bitty Kitty is a sweet story about a little girl named Ava that really wants a pet One day she is outside moping and she ends up on a bench next to a box with a itty bitty kitty inside She takes the itty bitty kitty home and she hides it She takes well care of it and hopes

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    Itty Bitty Kitty is a charming tale of a darling little girl who wants nothing than to have a cat of her own So when mom and dad tell Ava she s not ready to have a pet she s devastated Then one day Ava finds a tiny little kitten in need of a home She can t wait to prove to her parents that she is o

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    I swear I had to read this 15 times while we had it checked out at one point I had to hide it under my daughters bed so we could find something new to read I think the big purple kitty just kept catching her eye

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    A purrrr fect read aloud for preschoolers

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    Book Giveaway One Free signed Copy of Itty Bitty Kitty by Moan Holub Enter for your chance for a FREE SIGNED COPY of the bookohmybooknessbookpressreleases.blogspoThe main character, Ava, is a vivacious little girl who just wants her own pet At her age who doesn t Even as we get older our love for animals for most just grows s

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    Have you or someone you have known ever want a pet of your own I know I have This book is all about that want becoming a reality in a fun way.Joan Holub does it again in this book when she writes about Ava who wants a kitty Her writing style is not completely in rhyme but many fun rhyming words are included I loved some of the words l

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    Originally posted on Creative Madness Mama.The first I notice is on the cover, that is indeed NOT an itty bitty kitty Secondly, Joan Holub, I love Joan Holub There is a plethora of rhymes in these pages and the story is poetic in style Itty Bitty is a kitty on nearly a Clifford scale Ava s parents are in a no mood to the idea of a new kitty ad

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    Ava wants a pet kitty than anything, but her parents won t let her have one Even so, when she finds a small kitty she decides to keep him This small kitty, unfortunately, grows to enormous size rather quickly and it gets increasingly difficult to keep him a secret However, Itty Bitty Kitty manages to convince the parents he is worth keeping.Cute, swee

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