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Damaged Goods (The Outsider Chronicles, #2) When Liv Bennett Said Good Bye To Her Sinkhole Of A Hometown, She Planned To Leave That Chapter Of Her Life Behind Forever But Forever Turned Out To Only Be Three YearsAfter Her Addict Of A Mother Up And Disappears, Liv Returns To What She Considers Her Own Personal Hell Smack In The Middle Of Nowhere Nevada To Take Care Of Her Two Younger Sisters, And She Promptly Reinstitutes The Golden Rule That Got Her Through Her First Nineteen Years Of Life Without Getting Knocked Up, Roughed Up, Or Messed Up Don T Date The Local Boys And, God Forbid, Don T Fall In Love With One Of ThemIt Isn T Long Before That Golden Rule Is Put To The TestWill Goods Grew Up In The Next Trailer Over, But The Wild, Careless Boy Who Used To Tear Up The Town With His Three Brothers Has Morphed Into Someone Else So Completely, He S Almost Unrecognizable The Quiet, Contemplative Man Who Works On Cars Every Night And Takes Care Of His Mentally Ill Mother Every Day Is Nothing Like The Local Boys Liv Grew Up AvoidingBut When Liv Considers Suspending Her Golden Rule Just This Once, She Finds Out Something About Will That Will Change EverythingWill Goods Isn T Who He Used To Be He S Not Even The Man Liv Thinks She S Gotten To Know Over The Summer He S Become Someone Else EntirelyHe S BecomeDamaged Goods

About the Author: Nicole Williams

I m a wife, a mom, a writer I started writing because I loved it and I m still writing because I love it I write romance because I still believe in true love, kindred spirits, and happy endings Nicole loves hearing from her readers You can connect with her on Facebook Author Nicole WilliamsInstagram author_nicole_williamsTwitter nwilliamsbooks

10 thoughts on “Damaged Goods (The Outsider Chronicles, #2)

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    LIVE Stars Damaged Goods is the second book in The Outsider Chronicles, but is a stand alone the characters do not overlap Liv Bennett s primary focus in life has been to get away from the black hole of a town she was raised in and make something of herself At

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    3.5 starsEnjoyable with a great twist Sometimes I didn t connect with the writing but I loved the story line.

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    4 GoodWill StarsThis book honestly was NOT what I was expecting AT ALL I really enjoyed the twist that was the driving force of this story line and my heart went out to the cast of this book They all had some hard knocks from the school of life they had to work through Liv definitely had

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    Love who you want to love Love who you need to love And love those you do without abandon or fear this series is free on kindle unlimited

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    Interesting readThis book wasn t what I expected but now that I ve read it I couldn t tell you exactly what it was I expected.Liv Bennett couldn t get away from her small hometown fast enough and she s working hard to try and make something of herself She left behind her mother if you can call her tha

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    Liv Bennet is the stupidest, most self absorbed, ignorant, unfeeling character of all time I want to slap her over the head to try to get only one reasonable thought out of her And Will Goods is a saint and the most understanding and forgiving person Sorry for the rant but I just had to That is all.

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    This book didn t work for me on multiple levels Sad, because I loved Hard Knox, and, if I would ve read this one first, it s highly likely I wouldn t have ever given anything else this author wrote another chance Yep, this was that bad and Knox was that good I couldn t find a single thing that I liked about

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    Early warning This book is in no way related to Hard Knox Didn t impact the rating at all, just a forewarning to those who were hoping for a Knox Charlie sequel or at least a smidge of a cross over The books are completely unrelated and I m honestly not sure whey they re not just advertised as two stand alone books.Alrigh

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    3.75 Stars

    While I really enjoyed Hard Knox, the first book in The Outsider Chronicles, it was a little harder for me to get into Damaged Goods The main character, Liv Bennet, came off as a bit of a man hater I know she didn t hate all guys, she did have a steady boyfriend for two years, she just really di

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    Definitely not Knoxthis one didn t do any thing for me really would have been better if we read about this chick getting a lobotomy and then a TEAM of psychiatrist she had ISSUES love the H..Will.he was totally swoon worthy I even liked Jake Looney liv, uh, not at all I was so looking forward to this because I loved Knox now I wanna cr

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