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Keeping Bad Company (Russells, #3) So I had to chew Tums just to read this book The level of suspense was skyrocketed and the angst was spot on I loved reading about the Russell family and The Lean Dogs Loved seeing Walsh and Mercy These boys are not for the faint of heart Loved this series and hope Eddie and Rico get some book love too Five stars When Their Family Was Threatened, The Russells Made A Pact No Secrets But Johnny S Secret Isn T One He Can Share To Keep His Father Safe, He Prospects With The Lean Dogs Motorcycle Club, Diving Headlong Into A Whole New Depth Of Counterculture, Tangling Himself In A War That His Family Started And His New Biker Family Is Going To Finish If He Wants To Patch In, He Must Prove His Unswerving Loyalty To The Club If He Wants To Protect The People He Loves, He Ll Have To Learn To Live With OutlawsArlie Scott, Runaway, Bartender, Longs To Escape The Mess She S Made Of Her Life It Gets Messier The Night She Flirts With The Cute Biker Boy Across The Bar And Witnesses A Murder Now She S Swept Up In The Dark World Of The Lean Dogs MC, Forced To Trust Johnny Russell When He Says He Won T Let Anything Happen To Her, Determined To Find Her Own Place In This Antiquated Land Of Leather And Lies Evil Lingers In The Shadows, Threatening Families Of Blood And Brotherly Bond In This Third Installment Of The Russells Saga, The Family Will Be Put To The Test, Fighting A Common Enemy Alongside The Might And Malice Of An Unstoppable Outlaw Force Johnny Must Choose Between Two Worlds, Because He Can T Belong To Both, And He Can T Betray Either When the shit hits the fan you don t worry about how sick the blood looks Instinct takes over You re too busy thinking about where to put your foot next to puke over a little gore Amazing hppress This third book in the fantastic Russells series was absolutely fantastic.It was like being in a movie I was in a movie The last 30% blew my mind Bravo. I love the Russells The way Lauren Gilley writes a family saga is amazing I love how every member of the family is represented.Johnny was in conflict most of this book and I was right there with him Loving the Lean Dogs from reading their series, I was upset at some of the things I thought they were doing in this book But as usual, everyone learns something about themselves and becomesof who they are I loved seeing Walsh and especially Mercy I may have to start a reread of Fearless right away I liked Arlie and her finding her place with Johnny and with the Russells. Must ReadEvery book in this series can be read alone But you d only be cheating yourself if you don t read all three You ll laugh, cry, dare I say pray for them in your head at certain encompasses Yes, it s that how captivating this book is A family of vigilantes doing work with the outlaw lean dogs MC with a young love romance of two people coming into their own with the help of eachother through the intense life threatening circumstances consuming them, and everyone they love and know. Great Book Lots of drama and action Then again would expect nothing else with Walsh and my wonderful Mercy involved Johnny had some growing up to do and he did it in this story He still struggled because he s a Russell through and through Really liked Arlie quite the spitfire and a good balance for Johnny Sad that the series is over would like to readabout the Russell s I know that they show up in the Dartmoor series but I d still like to readabout them. I loved this one too which had the story with Johnny Russell and Arlie Scott and the rest of the Russells and Lean Dogs MC I wish that I read this before reading the Dartmoor Series b c this introduced Mercy and Michael I am planning to do a re read, after I read Dartmoor 6 So sad that the Russells Saga has ended thus far but I hope there will beEddie and Rico need their stories told too. Just wow Lauren Gilley can write suspense like a total boss From the beginning there s this tension, this terror of knowing things are gonna go down We know this is a continuing storyline from God Love Her, and these guys don t mess around This one had a somber feel at the beginning Sort of hopeless and sad Johnny is just a lost soul and is doing what he thinks is best for his dad Problem is, his family doesn t know this so he s shunned And this kills him We meet Arlie and she s witness to a pretty bad scene and this has her and Johnny acting on an already budding interest and attraction We get the Lean Dogs of Alpharetta and we get Mercy and Walsh That s right The big Cajun and freaking Walsh To say I squealed out loud would be an understatement We get Mercy in all his psycho glory and I LOVED it We also getPOV s from the family, Layla and Sly, Lisa, Ray and it was fantastic What I want now is some Leo page time I would kill for that story Awesome romance, crazy tension all around great, great book. God This book Fantastic Amazing Mind bogglingly gripping And the last 30% CONSUMED I needed to take mini breathers cuz I was having anxiety This book was perfect It continued right after book 1 and the story just sucked me in Bravo Lauren Gilley Bravo This book was the most amazing prequel to Fearless And how perfect was it to see Mercy and Walsh God The love I have for Mercy has no limits That man is EVERYTHING I can talk about him for days I probably have Such an amazing little family we have in the Russells I say we because for damn sure I m rereading this series in the future for Sly let s be honest.

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