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Grimrack In A Riff On C S Lewis THE SCREWTAPE LETTERS, Geoffrey Wood S GRIMRACK Is A Collection Of Correspondences Emails This Time Between Demons With Dark Humor And Biting Wit, Professor Grimrack Doles Out Devilish Insights To The Three Tempter Demons Enrolled In His Graduate Seminar On The American Experiment

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    My introduction to Geoffrey Wood s novels was with his first entitled Leaper That book made me laugh out loud than any other I can remember So I was excited to see he finally had another book out And this one did not disappoint Very funny again Twice I was embarrassed chuckling loudly to myself IN PUBLIC as I read it But th

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    Geoffrey Wood s Grimrack is both a delightful and diabolical read A critique of modern American society as seen from those demons charged with corrupting and ultimately damning the Americans assigned to them The book is also very funny Several times I caught myself laughing aloud and repeating a line to myself over and over again

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    So what to think of this book a self proclaimed riff on a Christian classic, Screwtape Letters one that borrows C S Lewis basic idea, that of demonic correspondences, but that is freshly tailored for 21st century Americans Well as a long time devotee of Lewis writings, I had my misgivings going in But in the preface, I quickly discove

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    First off, let me say that I am a huge C.S Lewis fan The guy had a way of taking complex ideas and making them so eloquently simple that you constantly found yourself wondering Why didn t I think of that before.Over the years there have been occasional attempts by well meaning authors to play off of the Screwtape Letters concept None of th

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    So I m a big fan of all things C S Lewis Have been most of my life And Screwtape is one of my favorites So that said, I didn t go into this book with very high expectations Figured it d just be some knockoff that payed lip service to the former, but that failed to catch any of its charm and depth And I must say I was very surprised Not only doe

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    In his Screwtape Letters, C S Lewis reveals many of the convoluted ways we humans talk ourselves into doing what we know is wrong In Grimrack, we find something similar a professor devil writing emails to the demons enrolled in his class specializing on techniques for tempting today s American souls I have read both and though Screwtape Letters is s

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    Grimrack is a wonderful book, very much so applying to real life The psychological aspects of people are spot on and the book is extremely thought provoking It is inspiring and really opens the eyes to be aware of God and Satan s works I enjoyed The Screwtape Letters greatly and have a special appreciation for Grimrack, both warning us of dangers unseen

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    An excellent riff on the Screwtape Letters

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