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Sarah Annes Expedient Marriage (Unshakable Faith, #3) Knowing He Was About To Die, Sarah Anne S Beloved Father Had Arranged For Her To Marry Alexander Swyndhurst II Alexander, A Recent Widower, Had No Intention Of Taking Another Wife But After Learning The Young Woman S Situation That She Had Been The Object Of At Least One Man S Unwanted Attentions, And That She Would Soon Be Left Alone And Unprotected He Had Agreed To The Marriage He Had One Stipulation, However He And Sarah Anne Would Live Separately He In Bristol, England, And She In Amesbury, Massachusetts Bay Colony Sarah Anne Had Agreed Wholeheartedly With This ArrangementWill Alexander Have A Change Of Heart What Of The Dangerous Man From Her Past What Will Happen While Her Husband Is Away Leaving Her Alone With Only The Servants Even Though There Are Connections, Each Novel In The Series May Be Read As A Stand AloneBook Trailer

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    SUMMARY Knowing he was about to die, Sarah Anne s beloved father had arranged for her to marry Alexander Swyndhurst II Alexander, a recent widower, had no intention of taking another wife but after learning the young woman s situation that she had been the object of at least one man s unwanted attentions, and that she would soon be left alone and un

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    How our loving God turned horrible events into wonderful blessings When Sarah married Alexander she just wanted to be safely away from a stalker The worst scenario happens with even evil to come Only God could turn this into something good.

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    I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of this review.I really struggled with Sarah Anne s Expedient Marriage which is a shame Any of you that have followed the blog for any length of time knows that I have a soft spot for historical fict

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    This book grabbed my attention from the start What would it be like to marry someone you had never met, much less someone you were not in love with And to make matters worse, while you were still grieving your previous wife Arranged marriages happened often, years ago, but it is quite different to think in this day and time Can two people really fall i

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    For me at first, the story started off a little slowly However, I was soon rooting for Alexander and Sarah I was touched by their struggles and pain, and thrilled when things started looking up for them I was sad to see the book end, and really enjoyed this story set in the 1730s.

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    I love to leave my research in my office for a while and dive into some good fiction I love this writing duo Dorman and Bryant leave me wanting to know what happens next.

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    Sarah anne s expedient marriageWhat a great story The author truly is a great writer As for the effects of sexual abuse she was so realistic I recommend this book.

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    Authors Cathy Lynn Bryant and Jessica Marie Dorman have once again captured the hearts of their readers with their newest novel titled, Sarah Anne s Expedient Marriage I was immediately captivated with the sweetness of Sarah The unspoken awkwardness of her innocence swept me away as I ventured back to the year 1730 to a picturesque New England Bay Colony I

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    This was definitely not my favorite book I did not like how it just randomly would switch characters perspectives and it was very hard to follow along I thought that the storyline was good it just was not carried out well I would not recommend this book, I did not find that it was good or entertaining.

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    I took this book on a flight with me The flight was not long enough I stayed up way late to finish reading it I had to know what happened.Love this writing team.I hope I can find out what happens to Sarah next.

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