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Silence Six Years Ago, Jack Till Helped Wendy Harper Disappear But Now Her Ex Boyfriend And Former Business Partner, Eric Fuller, Is Being Framed For Her Presumed Murder In An Effort To Smoke Her Out, And Till Must Find Her Before Tango Dancing Assassins Paul And Sylvie Turner DoThe Turners Are Merely Hired To Do A Job, Though, And Prefer To Remain Anonymous When They Find That A Middleman Has Let The True Employer Know Their Identities, Finishing The Job Is No Longer Enough Their Fee Just Went Up And Now They Must Double Cross The Man Who Wants Wendy Dead Before He Can Double Cross Them If Their Jealousy And Cold Blooded Calculations Don T Result In A Fatal Lovers Quarrel FirstWith Masterful Plotting And Unnerving Psychological Insight, Perry Delivers Another Mesmerizing Thrill Ride I would ve given 3.75 stars if fractional rating would be an option.This is another good book, a motion picture type of book, full of action, suspense, and interesting characters offering plenty of twists and turns to the story.If you like this style, it will worth your time DNF 30% I have been reading this since July July guys And by reading I mean it s been sitting on my desk collecting dust for months and months I put it down and never picked it back up I can t even remember what it was about, although it is now October so who can really blame me right I might come back to this one day but for now, im moving onto bigger, better books life s too short to dwell. Wendy Harper got brutally attacked by a masked assailant six years ago right on her porch and that caused her to flee Los Angeles and assume a new identity and a new life all with the help of private dick Jack Till Now Till is desperately trying to find her and bring her back to LA so she can get her ex boyfriend who has been framed for her murder exonerated Whoever tried killing Wendy has sent a team of assassins, the tango dancing couple Paul and Sylvie Turner, after them Decent enough plot for a Thomas Perry page turner Alas it fails to get any plausible or any exciting after the initial setup Everybody in this book, with the notable exception of our hero Jack Till, is a sociopath or a myopic narcissist Even the woman for whom we are supposed to feel sympathy for, Wendy Harper We are supposed to believe she jumps into bed with Till literally hours after abandoning her new husband and kids I get that thrillers need to have a romantic angle of some sort but this is just ridiculous The assassins are sociopaths because.well, they are assassins The big baddie is your typical rich executive with a shady past All ho hum, run of the mill nonsense If I didn t know Perry and his ability to write witty, taut thrillers this book would turn me away from him Thankfully he has written and writes better books. This was a 4 star mystery thriller in almost every way The characters were excellent Michael Kramer s reading fit the story enhanced it, as usual Their back stories motivations were perfect blended together into a logical chase that culminates perfectly, even wonderfully For all the logic, I wasn t quite sure where it was going the revelations along the way kept me wondering Jack Till is a great MC.I took away a star due to the overuse of silencers They were silent, Hollywood types had to be he even put them on a revolver Yuck He also has 2 identical guns that can be disassembled reassembled plus use different scopes without any need to sight them in Double yuck

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