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Dare I say 5 STARS Sophie JoshI will never stop loving you, Sophie That would be like me betraying my own life like forsaking my very own soulSERIOUSLY I was NOT expecting this to blow my mind like it did SPEECHLESS It was the first time reading a novel by Allie Juliette Mousseau will it be the last Most CERTAINLY not I LOVED IT It was truly beautiful A tear jerker FORSURE or maybe it was just me Can you blame me though, the things that Josh does SWOON Josh can t even be my book boyfriend he s straight up hubby material HELLO BOOK HUSBAND Sophie was all momma bear on Charlie which was so sweet and she definitely had her reasons It had some similarities to one of my favorite novels Remy by Katy Evans which is NOT the reason I fell in love with it Sure you could call a similarity or two HOWEVER it was different in every other way I loved the story line, the characters, and the writing I KNOW this is the kind of book you can read over and over and OVER again and not get tired of it Even speaking of re reading it makes me want to go grab it and devour it AGAIN I do recommend It s one of those books that impact you in a way you never thought they would have INSERTING CLICHE QUOTE DON T JUDGE A BOOK BY IT S COVER I m going to make you forget every man you ever knew I m going to heal your heart from every broken I love you I m going to take on your old demons, chase the shadows until day I ll cherish you forever and never go away I m going to love you, like you ve never seen Darlin I m the only man that you re ever going to need DareAllie Juliette MousseauSleepless, Read. Twitter I enjoyed this one.I was a little annoyed with some of the drama toward the end that I felt was overkill.But, it was a pretty solid read. Not too crazy about this one sadly I m not a fan of push and pull and there was a fair bit in Dare Add to that a heroine who martyrs herself and can t make up her damn mind to the point of driving me nuts, coupled with a rushed ending and yeah, it didn t really work for me.2.75 stars 3.5 stars for this book read Sophie ran from a bad husband Now she finds herself as a massage therapist at a hospital in the Midwest When she is offered the job of a lifetime, huge pay, benefits, etc to work exclusively for MMA star Josh North A reformed bad boy in his youth, a known man whore now Except he is drawn to her when he is injured and in the hospital when she works on him She is drawn to him but knows she can t risk her freedom and safety with his high profile lifestyle I liked a lot of this book the worry over the ex The slow build between the two, the cuteness of the daughter What I didnt like, the ending, the conflict when her past comes back I didnt think it was well done. Josh North Is UFC S Light Heavyweight Champion But He S About To Meet His MatchSophie Garner Is A Single Mom Who S Been Raising Her Daughter On Her Own, Fighting For Both Of Their Lives Ever Since Going Into Hiding To Escape Her Abusive HusbandWhen Sophie Gets Offered The Job Of A Lifetime As The Exclusive Massage Therapist For Josh The Jackhammer North S Team, It S Difficult To Say No To The Outrageous Salary And The Bet That Josh Proposes But For Sophie It S A Risk That Could Cost A Lot Than Just Her Heart If She S Found, It Could Cost Her Her LifeShould She Dare Josh Wants To Break Through Sophie S Fortified Walls, But Is Unwilling To Put The Jackhammer To His Own And Reveal His Secrets And The Side Of Him Few Have Ever Known Or Seen To Do That, He Ll Have To Confront The Darkness Of His PastWill He Dare Thanks for pointing out that he was a manwhore in the past Many thanks for repeating it many times I m not in my 20s any, I like such things to be said than twice Overall not a bad book, and I support female survivors of domestic abuse, so I won t complain a lot.Thanks again This was ssssssssooooooooooooooooo good It was worth staying up to 2am and losing sleep over Josh is seriously yummy and just amazing Sophia had a past but she didn t it drag her down or keep her from Josh I m gonna have to go back and read his siblings books I need to know what s going to happen with Piper I can t wait to read the rest of the Brothers of Ink and Steel s HEA Job well done Ms Mousseau. I really liked this book Need to read the North series Overall rating I felt the same way with this book as I did the last one I just read as well I LIKED IT, but didn t love it I will have to go with 3.5 stars, but round up to 4 stars I chose to round up because this book didn t have any of my triggers present and it was a likable read I just didn t LOVE IT.Triggers Cheating view spoiler no hide spoiler Dare (Brothers of Ink and Steel #1)

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