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Irreparable Lives (Irreparable, #2) Willow Kensington Hasn T Had Much Say In Her Life Lately None Of Her Relationships Have Recovered From The Fallout Six Months Ago, And She Still Finds Herself Missing EthanAfter Six Months Without Contact, She Doubts He D Even Want To Hear From Her Deciding To Find Out Once And For All, She Finally Reaches Out To The One Man She Can T Get Off Her MindPrivate Investigator Ethan Wilde S Days Of Going Undercover Are Long Over, But They Ve Left His Life In Shambles Kicked Out Of His Home By A Wife Who Can No Longer Look At Him, Whiskey Is His Only Companion As He Mourns The Loss Of Both His Former Lives And Lives Neither Until Suddenly Willow Reaches Out To Him, And Ethan Must Decide Whether To Open The Door To The Fire That Torched His Life In The First Place, Or Keep It Firmly ShutWarning Adult Content

About the Author: Sam Mariano

10 thoughts on “Irreparable Lives (Irreparable, #2)

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    This one was tame very tame I hate cheating and to me it seemed like Ethan wanted cake and to eat it too Jerk Total jerk and the ladies on his life weak totally weak Now his wife pulled a good one on him, but She u

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    5 5 starsThis is a case where the sequel is even better than the original I ve been waiting to find out what happened to Willow and Ethan, and I must say, I m very pleased with the way their story played out.I love the wi

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    You re in love, he said, simply.Crossing her arms, frustrated, she shook her head It s not that simple Nothing simple about love, he told her, smirking. Irreparable Lives is the continuation of Ethan and Willow s

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    That ending Sigh Definitely romance in this one than the first book yay and I was pleased with how everything turned out.Now about Salvatore.

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    I m going to review both books in this series bc one makes no sense without the other Let s start this review by saying i m confused About a lot of things Mostly my own feelings A large percentage of my issue arises because i came to this boo

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    3 Got to finish the duet StarsI just had to figure out how it ended It didn t have all the bangs and whistles as the first book, but if you are like me and you need to see how it ends, then there you go.I m not sure I m still on board with the whole

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    I loved the story line of these two books I love dark or forbidden romances This is one of the lighter dark readsbut still good I was a cheerleader for Willow and Ethan from the start Who cares if it s unconventionallove is messy It never fits inside a box

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    Sam Mariano does it again I loved this book Loved it I was hooked right from the beginning I felt so bad for Ethan and I couldn t wait to see what was going to happen I love this story because it s so unique I ve seriously read nothing like it and it s so nice to

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    I don t know how Sam Mariano does it, but just know, she is excellent at making you fall for characters that you didn t think you d fall for, and making you understand actions you didn t think you d ever understand Her writing is seriously amazing.

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    The second book follows the first seamlessly, very good written, very believable characters with lots of flaws but strength too Is their relationship unhealthy Oh yes, it is Is it destructive Sure Are they good for each other Oh hell, yes They are cheating They are fighting Th

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