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DNA Ung Kona Er Myrt Hryllilegan H Tt Heimili S Nu A N Ttu Til Eina Vitni Er Sj Ra D Ttir Hennar Sk Mmu S Ar L Tur Mor Inginn Aftur Til Skarar Skr A Rad Amat R F R S Rkennileg Skilabo Ldum Lj Svakans Sem Tengja Hann Vi B I F Rnarl Mbin Ekkir Hann Hvorugt Eirra

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    Translated from Icelandic, this is the first in the Children s House series set in Reykavik This is a murky, dark and twisted tale which begins in 1987 where after an unspeakable event, child experts make the controversial decision to separate three children into diffe

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    To Sigur ard ttir .

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    This is the first book in the start of a new crime series which I devoured page by page.I d left this book at home, thought I had it in my bag when I knew I d be spending some time in the car and sitting for appointments at the hospital nothing serious I was so fed up as I couldn t wait t

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    If you either enjoy Nordic Noir or are looking for a fresh take on crime writing and weary of the same old, same old, consider The Legacy, the first in the Childrens House series by Yrsa Sigurdardottir First, a primer on Iceland for everyone not a resident of that country.Iceland has an estimated p

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    Although I am a great fan of Scandinavian crime fiction, for some reason I had not yet read anything by Yrsa Sigurdardottir So, when I discovered she was starting a new series that I could read from the beginning, I thought it was an ideal to chance to read her at last and I am glad I did We begin with event

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    I don t know if the author is just insanely prolific or whether there s a huge backlog of her work to translate into English, but it seems there s a new Yrsa Sigur ard ttir book every nine months or so, and here, like clockwork, is the latest The Legacy is the first in the Children s House series It introduces the central chara

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this slice of Nordic Noir It was a gripping thriller with plenty of twists and turns, red herrings and imaginative murder weapons I found the murder scenes themselves edge of seat frightening, but without being unnecessarily gory in their descriptions The characters, including children and young people, were well wri

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    Dna 1987 2015 300 , 5 , Yrsa E 200 2 .

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    Another banging good crime thriller from Yrsa Siguraordottir here Love that it will be a new series I was very fond of all the characters but boy it is not for the faint hearted with reference to the death scenes shudder Brilliant.Full review later at some point.

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