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Chart Throb Ben Elton Is About To Put The Real Back Into Reality TV In His Biting Satire Of One Of Today S Most Popular Cultural Phenomena The TV Talent Show, Hopefuls Three Judges Just One Winner And That S Colin Simms, The Genius Behind The Show Colin Always Wins, Because Colin Writes The Rules But This Year, As He Sits Smugly In Judgment On The Mingers, Clingers And Blingers Whom He Has Pre Selected In His Carefully Scripted Search For A Star, He Has No Idea That The Rules Are Changing The Real Is About To Be Put Back Into Reality Television, And Colin And His Fellow Judges The Nation S Favourite Mum And The Other Bloke Are About To Become Ex Factors ThemselvesFrom The Best Selling Author Of The First Casualty, Popcorn, And Dead Famous Comes Chart Throb One Winner A Whole Bunch Of Losers From The Trade Paperback Edition

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    After reading Chart Throb , by Ben Elton, I don t think I will ever be able to watch a reality tv series again I feel kind of dirty and want to cry It rings so true that it is almost upsetting.The story revolves around the producer

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    In this parody of popular talent shows, Ben Elton s writing has become way too formulaic Like most Elton novels, this one starts with a dramatic flash forward, in this case the tear on the cheek of one of the contestants in the final Then, l

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    This book is essential reading for everyone in the world who has ever watched and enjoyed a reality television talent show.Seriously If you love them, it will open your eyes to how foolish you have been in trusting them, and if you are already a scept

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    This started off quite promising, but got so bogged down in so many different stories and so much detail Some of it I just skipped over because it was so boring, despite the fact that the subject matter interested me I would ve enjoyed this about 5 years ago I

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    Ever seen American Idol Well this book surely gives you an inside on how reality tv works Very educational making you wonder why you waste all that time ringing to vote for your favourite

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    Well what can I say I m in two minds about this book I love Ben Elton, and his books are usually quick, fun reads The ones I ve read, at list This one is a quick read, too, and at times it s quite fun, but somehow it lacks the sparkle of, say, Past Mortem or Dead Famous and the li

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    I would recommend this book to any reality television fans whose illusions won t be shattered by the amount of behind the scenes manipulation in this X Factor satire If you really believe that the X Factor is a talent contest which the best singer will win, you may like to skip this book, e

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    Another biting satire, slash, dark comedy, looking at the world of faux reality, celebs and pop talent TV shows very believable and biting Ben tears apart the reality TV competition process for all to see, but inadvertently the story just looks like a personal attack on the UK TV show X Factor and The Osbourne

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    I read this book at recommendation from my Dad, and was surprised to find myself really enjoying it I loved the idea of finding out what supposedly goes on behind the scenes of talent shows, and the characters were really developed and interesting I particularly enjoyed that there wasn t a particular hero to the story,

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