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My Way Was North Frank Dufresne Went To Alaska As A Young Man To Recover From The Spiritual Fatigue Of World War I, And Almost Immediately, The Two Dufresne And Alaska Became Inseparable In His Autobiography, The Author Of No Room For Bears Also Writes A Loving Biography Of The Rough, Beautiful, And Exciting Place That Was Alaska In The S And S The Book Is Filled With Spell Binding Descriptions Of Primitive Eskimos, Of Dog Sledding Over The Bering Ice, Of Sour Doughs He Knew Along The Yukon, Of Caribou And Mountain Goats And Bears, Of The Old Alaska Which Will Never Be Again The Quote Is From Corey Ford, And Mr Ford Continues Certainly No Man Had A Better First Hand Knowledge Of Alaska S Birds And Fishes And Animals Frank Dufresne Had A Fantastic Memory, A Keen Eyea Boundless Excitement Over Each New Discovery My Way Was North Is An Unforgettable Picture Of Early Days In Nome And Fairbanks, A Tale Of Breath Taking Adventure In The White Cold Frank Dufresne S Early Reports From Alaska Helped To Shape The First Comprehensive Alaska Game Act, And He Subsequently Served As Director Of The Alaska Game Commission His Saga Is A Delicious Balance Of Personal Observation, Anecdote, And Knowledge Born Of Experience Whether He S Describing A Three Month Trek On Dogsled, Or Wooing Klondy, His Concert Violinist, Dog Sled Driving Wife, Whether He S Stepping Literally Inside A Whale S Mouth Or Sharing A Fragrant Raw Fish With An Even Fragrant Eskimo, This Is Consistently Superb Yarn Spinning For Readers Of Any Age

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Frank Dufresne went to Alaska as a young man to recover from the spiritual fatigue of World War I, and almost immediately, the two Dufresne and Alaska became inseparable In his autobiography, the author of No Room for Bears also writes a loving biography of the rough, beautiful, and exciting place that was Alaska in the 1920 s and 30 s.

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    Enjoyed this book and its perspective on life in the bush in the Territory of Alaska Mr Dufresne was an explorer and a longtime member of the Alaska Game Commission dealing with wildlife populations and subsistence issues for Alaskan natives and residents.

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    Frank Dufresne spent two worthless years in the trenches in France during WWI When he returned to the US in 1920 he travelled to Nome, Alaska in search of an uncle who had disappeared during the gold rush While in Alaska he fell in love with the Artic land and wildlife He accepted a job gathering field data for Dr Edward Nelson of The Smithsonian Natural History Department

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