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Not a Fairy Tale A well written and entertaining story Dominic and Nina are both successful Hollywood types he s a well known stunt man and she s an A list actress who fall in love in spite of themselves Although the dialogue was witty if I hadn t had this as an ARC I m not sure I would have finished reading it, which as you can see from my rating would have been a shame I found it hard to relate to Dominic and Nina a lot of the time as they both repeatedly said, and demonstrated Nina s reaction towards her sister s desire to have a child didn t sit well with me at all , that they were selfish and self indulgent people, and they both kept rather large and important parts of their lives secret However, when they overcame these characteristics after each had worked their way into the others heart they were wonderful and their love story was sweet, sexy and romantic I also loved all of the supporting characters especially Dom s sisters Though be warned, although it can be read as a stand alone, this is part of a series It was obvious from the repeated references made about him that Dom s friend Christian had a story somewhere it s To Catch A Star and, having not read it, I found this a bit distracting.All in all an excellent read and one that I can highly recommend ARC provided by NetGalley in return for an honest review Not a Fairy Tale is, by far, my favourite book from this author I didn t really know what to expect from the story as it broke most of the ties from the author s previous work, but I ended up really enjoying it With her other book there were always small things that niggled me They were enjoyable, but they didn t hook me in the sense I found them hard to put down However, Not a Fairy Tale had me wanting to read The only reason I put it down was to sleep It had me turning the pages rapidly and I wanted to see how the relationship progressed, because really, who can say no to a hot stuntman As well as this I liked the characters in this book The author did a good job with creating them and I enjoyed the fact she wrote Nina to be different from the usual celebrity stereotypes She doesn t complain, gets on with things, has morals, and is determined to succeed There are some moments where she comes across selfish and self centred, but I m glad she makes the right choices in the end Similarly, Dom was a nice match for her I loved how his sisters babied him and the connection he had with his family Moreover, I thought the book was paced well From the romance, to stunt training I found it engaging and I was sucked into the author s world It was slightly predictable, especially towards the end, but it didn t stop it from being a good read It had a little bit of everything.The only section I wanted detail on was Nina s background There are small hints throughout and then she comes clean in the end, but I would have liked slightly emotion and detail It felt a bit random for me.Anyway, overall this was a great read It s my favourite from this author so far and I would definitely recommend it. And The Award Goes To Not Nina Alexander That S For Sure With Her Best Gracious Loser Face Firmly In Place, Hollywood S Hottest Starlet Is Hoping To End Her Evening Of Disappointment With A Graceful Exit Stage Left Only An Unexpected Proposal And An Awkward Wardrobe Malfunction Mean That This Is Certainly Going To Be A Night To Remember For All The Wrong Reasons So What Girl Would Resist The Gorgeous Dominic Kelly Coming To Her Rescue Especially When He S Whisking Her Out Of The Paparazzi S Prying Eyes On The Back Of His Motorbike And Wearing A Tux To Rival James Bond Nina Soon Realises That The Only Way To Recover From Such A Scandal Is To Toughen Up And Snag The Role Of The Decade In The Year S Hottest YA Screen Adaptation Who Better To Train Her Than Her Very Own Professional Stuntman Getting Up Close And Personal With Dom Will Take Nina Well Out Of Her Comfort Zone Both Professionally And In Her Closely Scrutinized Private Life But This A List Couple Know Only Too Well That S It Not All Happy Ever Afters In Hollywood Nina Alexander is a famous actress who s been nominated for a prestigious award, but she doesn t win it When on the same night her boyfriend asks her to marry her and she has to turn him down, because she doesn t love him, it can t get any worse Only then there s a small problem with her dress Fortunately stuntman Dominic Kelly rescues her He takes Nina away on his motorbike so she can escape the paparazzi To rescue her career Nina needs a great role and she knows which one she wants Only to get it she has to toughen up She hires Dominic to train her, so she will be than prepared for the auditions Nina can stay at his home to escape the media for a while Being with Dominic isn t easy, he makes her work very hard She has to conquer her fears on both a professional and a personal level She s starting to like Dominic and and the feeling is mutual They re both beautiful, no strings attached people Dominic is exactly what Nina needs, but is she also what he needs Not a Fairy Tale is a wonderful story about fame Nina seems to have it all, but her life in the public domain can be exhausting She leads quite a solitary life Dominic is the exact opposite, he s hardly ever alone Women love him and his sisters are taking good care of him He always has company and everyone is happy to be around him I liked these two opposites Nina and Dominic are both people with a good heart and it was great to see them do things that were out of their comfort zones The tension between them is such a great part of this book The story is highly entertaining and the main characters are fun Romy Sommer has also managed to give her characters some depth and personal baggage, which makes Not a Fairy Tale an even better read I liked this book a lot and think it s the perfect summer read It has all the right ingredients and the execution is perfect. This is the story of Nina Alexander and Dominic Kelly Nina is a rising star who needs Dom to train her so she can get her dream part in a movie.Dominic is a stunt coordinator who has had an injury and is facing surgery when she comes to him with this request They have worked together on set before so Nina feels safe asking him for help She is also attracted to him and is than happy to spend time with him.Soon Nina is the victim of a scandal when she turns down the current Hollywood studs proposal of marriage She hides out at Dom s house while he starts her training He introduces her to all of his stunt team, and they help him teach her and toughen her up.Nina is very grateful to Dom for taking her on and training her for the role of a lifetime She is staying at his house near the beach and it is getting harder to deny the spraks are flying between them.As they get involved they both learn that there are some secrets that can tear you apart and some distance you have to keep Nina and Dom are meant to be together and they need to figure it out before it is just too late to repair.I found this book to be better than I expected The witty banter, the solid characters and their development, and the honesty in the story just plain moved me This story is a book that follows To Catch a Star, and the characters connect and help you enjoy This ARC copy was given FREE from Netgalley.com for an honest review My opinion does not reflect Netgalley nor its affiliates. Thank you to Netgalley and Harper Impulse for this reveiew copy This is my honest review.Before reading this book, I had not read anything by Romy Sommer, although I had been tempted to buy in the past The first thing I did after finishing this story was buy the rest of her back catalogue, as I loved this so much.Nina Alexander, is having a bad day, she doesn t win the Oscar she was nominated for, and then when her boyfriend proposes at the after party, she turns him down infront of everyone Dominic Kelly, stuntman, has a thing about rescuing damsels in distress, and guides her out of the party and to safety.Nina, asks Dominic to help train her up, so she can stand a chance at getting the one film role she desperately wants, but that the directors aren t looking at her for, since she tends to star in rom coms This new role needs a harder, edgier, person with a different skill set.Dominic agrees to help, and I loved reading all about the training regime he puts Nina on, from running, to martial arts, to trapeze, to stunt driving, all sorts of things an action star needs to be convincing at.The chemistry between Dominic and Nina was sizzling, its the most affected I have been by the sexual tension between the stars of a book for years.There is a whole cast of characters, including the rest of Dominic s stunt team, his many sisters and Nina s sister However the main focus of the book, was the growing story between the leading heroes Not a Fairy Tale, is an enchanting sizzling, adult fairytale, that is very entertaining, and does have some hidden depths to it. I really enjoyed this read and thought that Romy Sommer did a good job with the characters and the story line I look forward to what else Romy Sommer has in store for us with her future stories Nina Alexander is an actor that has been nominated for a prestigious award but ends up not getting it after all When Nina goes to leave the award ceremony, her then boyfriend thinks that it is a good idea to ask her to marry him on the same night Well, Nina has to tell him that she is not in love with him and turn him down Just as Nina is trying to get away from the press, she has an embarrassing malfunction with her dress In comes Dominic Kelly, a stuntman, to save the day for Nina He swoops in on his motorcycle and helps Nina get out of the public eye with her malfunctioning dress Dominic and Nina end up talking and Nina decides to hire Dominic to help her with trying to land a role in a different genre than in the rom com roles that she has been playing in Dominic offers for Nina to stay at his house while they are training for her new role so that she can stay away from the paparazzi Dominic and Nina are pretty much total opposites Nina likes to be alone and stays to herself where Dominic is always wanting to be around people and is the life of the party Will these two be able to overcome their opposites and make a go at it You will have to see how it ends for Nina and Dominic I really enjoyed reading this story and couldn t put it down Thanks for a great read Romy Sommer I loved this story Nina is already a rising star in the world of Hollywood, but when the evening of the awards arrives her hopes are squashed into disappointment and mortification instead Behind every star is a team trying to make them shine So could this scandal be the perfect opportunity for Nina to show she s a serious contender for this years coveted role Dom is used to women and the craziness of the movie industry So much so that he avoids life in the goldfish bowl of the media But he can t help coming to Nina s rescue and agrees to help her gain the role of her dreams.Dom pushes Nina to her limits and some of his own too Nina won t give up and though she can t understand why Dom doesn t seem interested in her, it s not long until the sparks begin to fly and the tension between them sizzles The wonderful descriptions put me right into the thick of every one of Nina s challenges and the emotion behind them There were times that I didn t agree with Nina s decisions, but that only added to the conflict and highlighted her driven ambition It suited her life perfectly and her flaws made her real I absolutely adored Dom and I m pretty sure I d have done what he asked me too A fabulous story Thank you Harper Impulse and Netgalley for the ARC received in return for an honest review. I LOVED this book It lured me in from the moment the heroine, Nina Alexander, doesn t win the Oscar she was nominated for, has to deal with an unexpected proposal and a wardrobe malfunction Of course, it doesn t hurt that she is saved by a fabulously sexy hero, Dominic Kelly, the man every woman wants, but knows she should stay away from Phenomenal chemistry and writing by the author Recommended to anyone and EVERYONE who loves romance Not a Fairy Tale, Romy SommerGenre RomanceReview from Jeannie Zelos book reviews I ve read some of Romy s novels and enjoyed them so looked forward to this one I enjoy contemporary romance which has a bit of drama in it and this sounded great Nina, I liked her, was curious about her background as she s clearly ambitious, and it seems to have started from events in her teens She s not the obnoxious career actress, the ones that treat others as lesser though She and her PA get along well, though her agent and publicist were a bit advantageous whenever they chance arose She s after a role that she s wanted since she first read the books many years back, but so far she s had ditzy rom com parts, and not the kick arse type this one needs, so she has to show that she can do that Dom agrees to train her, and they spend the next six weeks getting her fit and experienced at many different things Dom s a ladies man through and through, but Nina seems to be one of the few that he s not moved in on She s sad in a way about that, he s gorgeous and she s long held a crush on him Dom does like her, is attracted to her but thinks she deserves someone permanent, and he isn t up for that Love them and leave them is his motto and everyone knows that before they start Of course once the training gets hands on so do they, and the steam quickly buildsDom s four sisters like her and try to push him forward, but they both agree its the six weeks while she s there and then move on for them Dom needs to take time off then for personal reasons which he keeps secret, and hopefully Nina will be involved in the new film Best laid plans thoughand they find they aren t ready to let go but each think the other is happy to move on I really liked this read It wasn t as much film setting as I expected, and yet I didn t miss that as Dom and his family and friends were such great characters Poor Nina, my muscles ached for her when she began training, Dom certainly pushed her He thought she d give up, but she was tougher than an A lister usually is and surprised him Being so close for weeks they both learned about each other and themselves, and that was fun I would have liked though a bit drama, a bit sadness at the end That s me though I like to wallow Stars Four and a half, a really fun, light hearted read ARC provided by Netgalley and publishers.

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