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Ghost: Confessions of a Counterterrorism Agent In This Hard Hitting Memoir, Fred Burton, A Key Figure In International Counterterrorism And Domestic Spycraft, Emerges From The Shadows To Reveal Who He Is, What He Has Accomplished, And The Threats That Lurk Unseen Except By An Experienced, Worldly Wise Few Plunging Readers Into The Murky World Of Violent Religious Extremism That Spans The Streets Of Middle Eastern Cities And The Informant Filled Alleys Of American Slums, Burton Takes Us Behind The Scenes To Reveal How The United States Tracked Libya Linked Master Terrorist Abu Nidal Captured Ramzi Yusef, Architect Of TheWorld Trade Center Bombing And Pursued The Assassins Of Major Figures Including Yitzhak Rabin, Meir Kahane, And General Muhammad Zia Ul Haq, The President Of Pakistan Classic Cases That Have Sobering New Meaning In The Treacherous Years Since Here, Too, Is Burton S Advice On Personal Safety For Today S Most Powerful CEOs, Gleaned From His Experience At Stratfor, The Private Firm Barron S Calls The Shadow CIA Told In A No Holds Barred, Gripping, Nuanced Style That Illuminates A Complex And Driven Man, Ghost Is Both A Riveting Read And An Illuminating Look Into The Shadows Of The Most Important Struggle Of Our Time

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    Ghost had some interesting contents For people who have read espionage nonfiction there will be things everyone s read several times discussions of dead drops, brush passes, surveillance and evasion There s a couple of intriguing passages that I haven t read anywhere else especially speculation about the death assassination of

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    Where to begin with this book Fascinating content, candid description of how a the US counter terrorism portion of the diplomatic service originally had 3 overworked agent, 2 of them fresh out of training Interesting anecdotes about the writer s career.However, two huge flaws 1 Cluttered writingThe author repeats himself ad nauseum

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    Author Fred Burton reveals the sinister realities of the global counterterrorism game in a very serious, readable, unpretentious way The book is devoid of the ego tripping and grandstanding that a lot of these memoirs suffer from i.e books like Jawbreaker etcI wasn t expecting tales of hair raising takedowns of terrorists in some Beirut

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    At first the premise for the book seemed appealing Hearing about the life of a counterterrorism agent directly from the source seemed appealing Like all books written by intelligence officers, it is understood that certain things just cannot be said or talked about for fear of it affecting current operations This is a real story after all Sti

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    I read it all the way through because I m really curious about the human equation in the world of the spook I learned little of any depth, so don t expect an expos No depth of feeling or learning by the author.

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    Fred Burton, former spy agent is very informative, touching, frightening comforting Reader, Tom Weiner, is clear, a rarity for deep voices Recommended 2008

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    Interesting but hated the way it was written. How many different ways can you say the same damn thing

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    Cool story, too bad it was embellished to make him look cool Poser.

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    The reality of the book is perhaps a little less no holds barred than the hyperbole above would suggest Non the less interesting, bordering on the fascinating, but not quite as explosive as I m sure his publishers wanted it to appear If that was because he left stuff out, that s certainly quite possible, or that s because I m just a modern cynic, I m not really sure

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    I am grateful for the author s service and his details in reporting his life as a spook I just found the narrative to be a bit heavy handed and braggadocious It was interesting and entertaining nonetheless and it covered areas of time in my childhood where I failed to realize the gravity of the political scene think Reagan and Bush 1 eras and how the world was and still i

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