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A nerve wracking ride from the starting gate all the way to the wireCome on, Dave, you asked me to come all this way because you had something to tell me that couldn t be said on the phone So here I am Speak to me He concentrated hard on the road ahead and said nothing as the Jaguar s speedometer climbed rapidly past a hundred miles per hour Are you in some sort of trouble I asked, although he certainly would be if what he d told me were true He eased up on the power and pulled over toward the left For a nasty moment, I thought he was going to stop on the hard shoulder and chuck me out, but he didn t He just drove sedately along in the inside lane at a mere eighty five Jeff, can I speak to you off the record he asked again You know I can t agree to that This is my job It s my bloody job that I mworried about We took the exit off the freeway at Newbury and I sat and waited quietly while he negotiated the traffic lights at the intersection Look, I ll keep what you say confidential if I can, I said, encouraging him to go on But no promises He must know that I was obliged to report any breach of the rules to the BHA Disciplinary Committee He sighed deeply I need your help Ask away I m being blackmailedAudiobook Review Front Runner by Felix Francis is the second book in the Jefferson Jeff Hinkleyseries and is just as thrilling as the first Perhaps leg two of the Triple Crown Seems only fitting that book three is indeed titled Triple Crown Jeff is a very likable character as is his older sister, Faye, who is twelve years older and has acted like a mother after their real mom died of cancer when Jeff was only eight Narrator, Martin Jarvis s 5 performance was flawless, providing additional defining characteristics and personality to the characters, along with a higher level of excitement, drama, and suspence to the storyline I read the book the first time around several years ago and I think listening to the audiobook is better than reading it I mentioned in my reviews of the first novel, Dick Francis s Damage, and the third, Triple Crown,that the series doesn t have to be read in order but the character s stories do continue from the previous installments so I recommend reading them in order to get the most from the books Felix Francis is the son of the former champion jump jockey, Dick Francis, who wrotethan fifty novels following his retirement from riding The books are all centered around British horse racing in one way or another Dick Francis Felix Francis co authored several novels together before Felix took over the rains following his father s death He s certainly a chip off the old salt block and an accomplished writer in his own right Foron father and son horse racing mystery novels and a bit of history about Dick s riding career, here s the link to my review of the first in this series, Dick Francis s Damage.https www.goodreads.com review show Review of Kindle editionPublication date October 13, 2015Publisher G.P Putnam s SonsLanguage EnglishASIN B00USMCDFUThis mildly irritating novel is not up to the standard established by Dick Francis Up until nearly halfway through, I seriously considered abandoning the effort to finish the book My main complaint is that the red herrings are clumsily laid and not very believable I do not insist that fictional investigators rival Sherlock Holmes or Nero Wolfe but I require a modicum of competence in order to enjoy a story Senior Investigator Jeff Hinckley spends most of the book making bad, unjustified assumptions and trying, not very competently, to avoid being murdered In the end, he blunders through but just barely The only good thing I can say is that the writing is done well enough that it kept me reading despite the silly plot devices. 3.5 starsI feel it s only fair to point out that I just finished rereading most of Dick Francis books, so the differences between the Dick Francis originals and the newer ones by Felix waspronounced I didn t realize how well Dick Francis could create a character and a scene with so few lines.Nicely convoluted and twisty plot, but I didn t feel that any of the characters except maybe Jeff had any depth view spoiler The return of a Dick Francis character Peter Darwin was a pleasant surprise, especially as a way to show time passing, but didn t overcome the feeling that the first mystery Dave s death became an afterthought hide spoiler Thoroughly enjoyed this book I know it has dick Francis name on it but I really think Felix should just put his name to it He is a good written in his own right, his father taught him well I had forgotten how much I enjoy the horse racing world Felix does a great job bringing you into the world of horse racing, I just love it. Jefferson Hinkley Is Back In The Newest Dick Francis Thriller By The New York Times Bestselling Author Of Damage In His Role As An Undercover Investigator For The British Horseracing Authority, Jeff Hinkley Is Approached By A Multi Time Champion Jockey To Discuss The Delicate Matter Of Losing Races On Purpose Little Does He Know That The Call Will Set Off A Lethal Chain Of Events, Including The Apparent Suicide Of The Jockey And An Attempt On Hinkley S Own Life Never One To Leave Suspicious Events Alone, Hinkley Begins Investigating The Jockey And The Races He May Have Thrown But There Are Others Out There Who Intend To Prevent His Inquiry From Probing Further At Any Cost A solid read by Felix Francis I continue to enjoy his stand alone thrillers This one started off with a bang in typical hero in peril fashion The mystery was decently complex and the characters well developed There was a fun nod to his father near the end of the book view spoiler I did wonder if Jeff recovered too quickly from his major surgery What was he thinking to go scuba diving after only three weeks Seems a bit implausible hide spoiler Felix Francis s second novel featuring BHA investigator Jeff Hinkley fair tears out of the gate, gallops along at high pace, and doesn t let up until it passes the finishing post The sequel to DAMAGE and fore runner to the US set TRIPLE CROWN, it could be read as a standalone and you don t need to have read the prior Hinkley tale to get the most out of this one There s plenty enough salted in to give you a sense of the main character and something of his history before the first page Here, Hinkley is investigating claims that a bettor may be operating on behalf of someone who has been banned from racing, but ends up looking into something fardangerous Britain s top steeplechase jockey, who Hinkley is on friendly terms with, intimates to Hinkley that he did less than his best in a recent race, before clamming up As Hinkley tries to find out , without immediately reporting the jockey, everything goes wrong He s locked in the jockey s sauna and left to die, and even after breaking out, later discovers that the jockey has been found dead in his car A suicide because of his guilt Or isinvolved This is a really fun, easy read that fair tears along Francis has an unobtrusive writing style that flows quickly, filled with plenty of action and incident to keep the pages whirring Hinkley is an engaging hero, likable and interesting Some of the other characters feel a littlelike moving parts There s a lot going on plotwise, and readers get a bit of an adventurous treat when Hinkley ends up leaving the mud and thundering hooves of the British racecourses to vacation in the Cayman Islands Of course trouble is not far away A fun, exciting read that shows Felix Francis isthan just a foal with good bloodlines He s a storytelling thoroughbred in his own right. hm was soll ich sagen Einerseits eine unterhaltsame Lekt re, mit den blichen Zutaten eines Dick Felix Franics Krimis.Aber das Motiv f r die Mordversuche, die unser Held nat rlich extrem heldenhaft und mit au ergew hnlichen k rperlichen Heilungskr ften gesegnet durchlaufen muss, ist so an den Haaren herbeigezogen und daran krankt die ganze Geschichte ziemlich.Dass auch die Liebesgeschichte kein wirkliches Fleisch erh lt, kommt dann noch mit drauf.Ein bisschen mehr Personenentwicklung und Plausibilit t h tte ich mir gew nscht The saying You can t go home again holds true forthan physical places I ve read most every book written by Dick Francis many of themthan once In addition to loving his earlier works, a particular favorite is Reflex for the craftiness with which Francis imbued a departed professional photographer and the way he envisioned and portrayed the character development of a protagonist jockey What Dick Francis gave us was usually credible characters we wanted to be invested in, as well as equine doings and intriguing plots and puzzles Later in life, his son Felix became increasingly involved with research and writing, and since his passing has carried on in his father s stead.Plotting is still there, with tricky little details and in fact some of the hooks arefinely honed and better baited.However, there is a void in the last several books that I m not sure Felix Francis is aware of, and if so, if he can even address Protagonists are shinier andsuperficial Love interests area meeting of bodies than of emotions and minds If I were using a cooking analogy, it would be as if someone was dutifully making shortbread following a parent s much loved measurements and ingredients Fresh flour, granulated cane sugar but going with a shortening butter blend for ease of mixing and lower risk of scorching at the cost of the delicate crumb obtainable only with unsalted sweet cream butter Sure, the hybrid bakes up nice, and is pleasant But its flavor is only superficially pleasing, not indulgently, memorably satisfying in the manner of an all butter shortbread.Dispassionately, this plot and premise are among Felix Francis better constructions However, again this time around, his protagonist is no Sid Halley or Philip Nore As a matter of fact, I finished the book less than half an hour ago and I am stumbling over recalling his name And when a reader who is predisposed to appreciating your characters has to confess that, it is a fundamental problem with how much life you ve imbued your protagonist with or haven t, as the case may be.While I appreciate that Felix Francis is trying to carry on in his father s style for thousands of fans, it seems clear that it is time for him to be writing books in his own style, because these are not in his father s While a shortbread cookie calls out for butter, a chocolate chip oatmeal cookie is better when made with a blend of shortening and butter than with butter alone. Possibly I was feeling less amenable than usual, but the writing in this book did not seem to me to come up to the level of the previous Felix Francis efforts none of which are up to the level of his father s work I m a Dick Francis fan from way back, and I ve read all the Felix Francis efforts, starting with those he wrote with his father as partner presumably consulting only before he Dick Francis died This book reminds me of the first one or two efforts The writing is somewhat immature, the dialogue not very believable, and the characters overly simplistic The last couple were, I thought, better The story is good, and typical of a Dick Francis novel indeed, the publishers still advertise Francis work as A Dick Francis Novel, which makes me wonder whether Dick and Felix together developed a bunch of plots before Francis, Sr died In this case, the narrator comes off as way too prissy and simplistic to handle the job he does or face the situations he faces, and I thought the love interest was totally unbelievable neither one of the two characters rang true and I can t imagine what they would have seen in each other. Front Runner

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For over forty years, the London University grad helped father Dick Francis 31 Oct 1920 14 Feb 2010 , ex jockey known for horse racing mysteries In 2007, after 17 years teaching physics, he took on the job full time Experience also as international marksman aided research for Shattered, Under Orders, and Twice Shy Co author of NY Times bestsellers Dead Heat, Silks, Even Money and Crossfire.

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