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Badge of Honor (The Town of Pearl, #9) Siren LoveXtreme Forever Erotic Menage Romantic Suspense, M F M M M M, Spanking, HEA Lauren Michaels Is A Homicide Detective On The Run Thanks To Mary Higgins, A Family Friend With Connections With The Russian Mob, She Finds A Way To Save Her As She Lies Helpless In A Hospital Bed Recovering From Gunshot Wounds Lauren Lands In The Town Of Pearl, And Smack In The Middle Of Paradise But She Can T Let Her Guard Down Despite The Appealing Aspects Of This Town And All It Has To Offer Including Galvin, Gus, Harper, Orin, And Mace Five Best Friends, Retired Navy Seals, And The Only Men To Make Her Want The Things She Thought She Could Live Without Like Love, Companionship, And An Equality Most Men Failed At But Her Badge Of Honor Has Turned Into Her Mark Of Death The Th Street Gang Seeks Revenge, And They Ll Stop At Nothing To Find Lauren And Make Her Suffer A Siren Erotic Romance Another great addition to The Town of the Pearl Lauren has seen her fair share of violence Starting when she was a young girl With both her parents gone she has decided to help others protect them including her sisters This is why she becomes a cop While on a mission something goes wrong and she now has a target on her back She is sent to the town of Pearl to stay hidden, where she meets ex Navy Seals Galvin, Gus, Harper, Orin, and Mace All five men have their own issues but after meeting Lauren they all have one goal to keep Lauren safe and make her theirs.This story has a strong Heroine along with some very Dominating men, along with an amazing town that backs each person up A few twist in the story and wow you will love it I usually enjoy Dixie s but this one was a miss for me It took way too long before the sex started lol 2.5 starsYou know, I have read this series from the beginning, and I am a BIG fan of Dixie Lynn Dwyer s I also read a lot, and read a lot of series, and not all of the books are equally good in any of them That being said, I just didn t really like this one much, and 3 stars is probably over rating it for me, but I am a Dixie Lynn fan girl, so I want to say my peace about this while not hurting ratings not that one review really does that much.Three things really griped me about this book1 The bad grammar It s not him and the guys went did ate whatever or her and Bob went did had ate whatever I don t have a problem if this is inside of a conversation and the speaker just has bad grammar lots of people unfortunately do and that is characterization But this was rampant throughout the book, outside of quotes in descriptive text and I don t recall it in previous books Obviously no one proof read this book.2 The whole plot scenario was so convoluted, over so many years, that it was not only difficult to keep up with all the players and gangs, but I wondered how the main villain was so inept, for so long, yet had built up so much power Really Who spends 13 years and can t get some forged papers done up 3 Five guys is two too many, IMHO Three is about the most I like before there just isn t good character development for them all, or much individual interaction between the h and the Hs, and that really happened here Also, it seemed like it took forever for this one to migrate from Siren Bookstrand s web site to sale on for my Kindle I know that Siren will email a book to your Kindle I have lots of their books , but it shows up as a.doc, and I just don t like that, so I wait, wait, wait for it to be listed on , checking every few days and this one took like 2 months Better than usual Siren book cover, though better looking people on it. I like bad ass heroine but the romance and heroes came too long for me to enjoy or even jump into it.Maybe a longer story would have helped.After a while, I just stopped as I was no longer interested I think the main reason is that the plot overpowered everything else and I did not find the balance I like in sex romance plot.

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