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The Sweetest Kiss Too Tempting To Resist Luscious, Tantalizing, Delectable And That S Just Tiffani Chase Lake S Cupcakes The Moment Broderick Hollingsworth Sets Eyes On The Sexy Baker Herself, He S Truly Intrigued For The First Time, The Wary Real Estate Developer Is Ready To Open Up To Someone Then He Realizes That His Next Business Deal Is Going To Leave Tiffani And Her Cozy Bakery High And Dry Just As Hardworking Single Mom Tiffani Is Falling For Broderick S Easy Charm, She Learns About The Property Deal That Will Destroy Her Business Even Her Most Decadent Dessert Can T Eclipse The Bitter Taste Of Betrayal Tiffani S Livelihood And Her Independence Are On The Line Walking Away From Their Sensual Chemistry Won T Be Easy But Is Trusting Him A Recipe For Heartache

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10 thoughts on “The Sweetest Kiss

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    Another great read by Mrs Shaw Loved it

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    Another top notch romance that will leave u feeling all giddy inside I absolutely loved it

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    This story was just sweet My favorite so far in this series A must read Great job Candace

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    Great love story featuring, Broderick Jerold Hollingsworth millionaire real estate mogul and owner of Sweet Treats Tiffani Chase Lake.Broderick is a man that goes after what he wants and Tiffani is reluctant to fall in love since the relationship she shared with her deceased husbands was not a good one Tiffani has an 8 year son of whom she simple adores and always puts him first in her life Both Tiffani and Broderick have trust issues with falling in love but B

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    Perfect Love StoryCandace Shaw is one of my favorite authors Every ebook purchase is well worth the price The Sweetest Kiss is another one of her good reads The storyline is well written and the characters are well developed. I found it hard to put this book down, because each chapter kept drawing me in I wanted to see how the relationship develops between Broderick and Tiffany therefore, I found myself reading every chapter until I completed the book Sweetest Kiss is

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    Another Sweet Love ConnectionTHE SWEETEST KISS Chasing Love is another great love connection story written by the talented Candace Shaw The two protagonists, Tiffany Chase Lake Broderick Hollingsworth were perfect as the sensuous lovers who each had to set aside past hurts and disappointments in order to find their HEA Happy Ever After The side characters enhanced the story so well It was good to reconnect with some of them who have their own stories in previous books Not fa

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    Love this story Thanks, Candace.He was an Alpha Male He had never been in love and Then he sees her.Tifanni Tifanni was not looking for love She was determined to hold on to her independence and never fall in love again She was not loosing her to any Man againand Then she meets himBroderick.Their attraction is instantaneous and combustible He s all Alpha and she s all he wants She s beautiful inside and out and he s her souls other half They just don t know ityet A recommend read

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    Sweet Story Tiffany and Broderick were the ideal couple They matched like peanut butter and jelly I liked the flow of the story where as Tiffany and Broderick had time to get to know one another to build a connection before they did the horizontal mumbo. I like to visit with old characters from previous books which adds depth to the story Candace tells a believable story about a couple finding love and fighting for what and whom they believed in.

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    So SweetI knew I was gonna enjoy book The Sweetest Kiss It was very romantic from the beginning It was a genuine read because the walls that Broderick Tiffani had put up to protect themselves from the past were brought down from the love caring they gave to each other.

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    I love the fact that even though Tiffani had a horrible and abusive marriage that she still found her soulmate in the first man she decided to be in the moment since her husband died I cannot wait to read the next book or books in the series.

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