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Mr Prime Minister is a hilarious yet exciting novel Readers will fall in love with every page from this brilliant mastermind Sophie Quinn s novel takes readers on a journey that will leave them laughing, falling in love, and feeling the fear that comes with unexpected events Readers will not be able to put this read down until they re finished reading it I read the entire book in one sitting Mr Prime Minister is addictive, sweet, and suspenseful A powerful reader that will grab readers instantly and take them on a thrill ride of a lifetime The characters like Alice Ali , Tyler, and Charles make this read realistic Their charms and airs and then the hot romance that brews upis incredible Sometimes the first person we fall for isn t the one for usit s that second person, who has been there the whole during our ups and downs that loves us and.maybe we too love that person Mr Prime Minister is a must read for all I highly recommend this British contemporary romance story to readers worldwide Sophie Quinn s novel never disappoints I loved reading this title, and I look forward to reading by Sophie Quinn in the future. The SynopsisAlice Summer sis a sweet, charismatic, kind girl Charles Whitehall, is a charming bachelor who is UK s prime minister When Alice helps him her life does a 180 She is now in the spotlight with the most eligible bachelor pursuing her Alice is definitely not one for the spotlight, even though being under his eye has its perks.The ReviewThis was a super fun rom com without being too cliche The story line was great and had an amazing ending This sweet contemporary read brings so many emotions Each character is unique and has their own story to tell This lighthearted tale is well written and will immerse you into their world Sophie writes brilliantly as the story unfolds descriptively enough to feel like your re watching a movie before you Also can we just gush about Tyler and his son for just a minuet This book also teaches us a valuable lesson about seeing whats in front of us Thank you Sophie for letting me win this book in exchange for my honest review. This was an absolutely refreshing twist on a story where a wealthy, powerful man falls for a plain simple woman If you are tired of those types of stories, you should consider reading this book The story line in this book is truly fabulous The dialogue in the book is great, too Each character has a unique voice and personality The supporting cast adds a lot of humor and sincerity to the book Perhaps, it is just because I m an American, but I love reading the English jargon The book captures the essence of romance You should pick someone not pretty, not funny, not rich or talented, not someone who loves you when you re successful and beautiful, funny and upbeat You should pick someone that respects you now, at your worst, at your lowest, because if he does, then you know you ll have a partner for life, no matter what happens. I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.This was truly such a joy to read It was wonderfully funny and a light hearted romance Perfect for a long day of car rides and rain In this, Alice faces down danger and saves the most important man in the U.K., Mr Prime Minister Charles Whitehall himself Charles makes his interest in Alice known, although she seems to see it as him thanking her for saving him It takes her a bit to clue in, haha But with him pursuing her, it changes her life and puts her into the alarming spotlight, which Alice wants no part of.I actually really liked Tyler and his son in this novel They had such a comforting energy around them.I found Charles to be alarming For someone to be in power who is only there because his father wants him there, and his cowardly attitude towards Alice Too many red flags Alice had me laughing constantly.If you d like to finish reading my review and see other books I ve reviewed, please visit me at Shh, I am Reading Alice Summers, Sweet, Kind And Somehow Romantic Girl Next DoorCharles Whitehall, Charming, Funny And Bachelor UK S Prime MinisterAlice Didn T Know That By Helping The Most Powerful Man In The Country, Her Life Would Do A Although Being Under The Eye Of A Famous Man Has Its Perks, She S Not The Kind Of Girl To Enjoy The Big Spotlight And All It Comes With Fame Mr Prime Minister

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Mr Prime Minister book, this is one of the most wanted Sophie Quinn author readers around the world.

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