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Rockers Road Hope this is the spawning of starving musicians books.For every musician that s ever tried to make it , you can relate Thousands of people have been through this kind of story I m surprised there aren t books about it I hope this starts a new trend I d read them all Thanks for blazing that tail Ben I mean trail. In The S, Los Angeles Was The Epicenter Of A Global Hard Rock Music Explosion This Area, Home To World Famous Clubs Like The Whisky A Go Go, The Roxy Theater, And The Troubador, Spawned Dozens Of Legendary Bands But For Every Legendary Hard Rock Band To Come Out Of LA There Were Hundreds Or Thousands Of Bands Who Attempted To Capture That Same Glory Teenager Dee Jones Was Among Them In , Dee Leaves Home To Chase His Dreams In Los Angeles Dee Quickly Faces The Reality Of Living On His Own For The First Time, The Cold Heartedness Of The Music Scene, And How People Close To Him Face Intimidation And Challenges This Dramatic Tale Demonstrates The Reckless Bravery Of Youth And Gives A Snapshot Of What The Music Industry Was Like It S A Story Shared By Thousands Who Made A Similar Journey And By Anyone Who Has Put Everything They Had Into Their Dreams, Rolled The Dice, And Took Their Chances Incredible journey most rock bios take you through the same kind of script gritty 5 years of living in moms basement with a guitar and a bunch of drugs 2 years of money, women, and fame, then 20 years of rehab for the inevitable cleanup.This is something far different I am not going to give away the story, but the journey has you wondering what the next turn will be the entire way Highly recommended for anyone into not just the genre, but who wants to see what life was really like in early 90s LA. This was a good book how ever I do wish the author would have done to make it interesting I look forward to reading of this author s work. You ll absorb every anecdotes last detail,sharp and brilliant Thank you for my free Good Reads copy From the opening pages, I was transported back to my own youth with my own dreams of making it as a rock star I didn t have the courage to follow my dreams but always wondered what it would have been like to leave everything behind and try and make it Ben Wand s novel made me feel like I was there, back in the early 90s at the hottest spots in L.A The story reads like a VH1 rockumentary, with the flair of live shows and the raw, behind the scenes drama of an up and coming rock band I was cheering for the guys in Bottomz Up especially the main character, Dee a great guy putting everything he had into his dreams Even though I knew the deck was stacked against them, I kept turning the page, feeling their excitement as they got closer and closer to achieving their goals There aren t enough stories like this, written about those that tried their hardest, left everything on the stage, but didn t make it I lift my rum and Coke to all the guys and girls who had the guts to try It s better to burn out than to fade away. A compelling tale of a high school graduate who risks it all to become the rock star he dreamed of being What I loved most about the book is how you can see the rise of grunge killing the type of music Dee wants to play, but you know no one can stop it.It is definitely a book where you want to know what happens next, and you hope that the main character will somehow beat the odds It also left me wanting to know about the next chapter in Dee s life I would have liked to have learned about the other band members or seen some of the suspicions about them that are hinted throughout the book come into play, but regardless of that, the story compelled me go on.Anyone who listened to metal in the 80 s and early 90 s would get a nostalgic trip out of this book.

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