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Vows of Revenge I am liking Dani Collins best of the new crop of HP writers Her books have descriptions and solid concrete details that so many others of the new crop lack The hero was an absolute ass to her in his revenge efforts but she had enough backbone to just keep going Worth the read. 4 1 2 stars This is my idea of a just about perfect modern Harlequin Presents It s got all the expected elements, but feels fresh and grounded in believable emotions The heroine has a lot of strength and the hero is vulnerable, rather than an alphole. Dani Collins is one of my favorite contemporary HP author as she infuses her stories with warmth and likable characters Her characters may appear lost or detached but they haven t really lost that inner humanity and spirit They always strive for the hea in a way I like to read about in my romances.I hate the sterile and unenduring feel of the romances of some of the newer authors Vows of revenge is a bit mis titled because he never really goes for revenge in any of the classic ways a HP H does Yes, he has a reason to seek revenge as her family father and step brother had cheated him out of his business ideas and also thrashed him close to death about a decade ago And now when the h lands at his French Riviera home as a wedding planner to his secretary who is getting married out of his home , the only revenge he seeks is to make his secretary dump the h, thinking perhaps she had been sent by her family to steal again Of course, it happens after a mutual sexual conflagration that happens in spite of the H trying to ignore and avoid it That is hardly a playing out of vows of revenge So he never goes out actively seeking revenge or planning it.The h is a regular Pollyanna who is forever looking for good in people, even after a life of neglect and malicious put downs at the hands of her uncaring father and nasty stepbrother So even after this cruel rejection at the hand of the H, she tries to keep her positivityI hate being this person I hate being skeptical and negative, she went on, skimming trembling fingertips beneath her eyes I hate using words like hate The H regrets his treatment of her, concluding early that she is innocent of all he had accused her of They gravitate towards an affair and now the problem that stands between them is his inability to open up or show any emotion This might sound like numerous other HPs we have read, but I loved how the author presented it Rare is a H who confesses right in the beginning that it s usually the women in his life who do the dumping And as the h feelingly agrees after one of their bedroom sessions that she can see why the women tire of him, because he never does The first half grabs you completely, especially the part when they meet again in NY and him costing her another job Yes, the last part goes along predictable lines, no surprises there, but a very satisfying read that leaves you in a happy place.A N Being Indian, I loved it that the place he tracks her down to, to win her back again, is the venue for a colorful Indian wedding This book was okay There was not much of a revenge, for all the ominous title The evil baddies of the piece, h s own dad and her step brother are pitiful and never in a position to jeopardize h or H Their real damage against h and H occurred before the start of the book and their ultimate downfall occurs towards the end and off the page, almost as a footnote to the story I kind of like my baddies to get their comeuppance so I feel robbed of that here, especially with that title.As for H s misguided revenge against h, that was a Great, Big, Terrible Misunderstanding that H almost immediately regrets and spends the rest of the book trying to make up for it For an HPlandia story with revenge as its purported theme, it didn t exactly hit the mark.The real crux of the story was the H s inability or rather refusal to open up emotionally to h, despite obvious caring, possessiveness and protectiveness over her Thank god, h was no doormat and she was smart enough to realize she cannot rely on the fickle devotion of men, and must get herself a career and not remain his complacent arm candy I thought the characterizations of both protagonists were quite good and they felt plausible, but they were not exactly the over the top HPlandia characters that I find a wee bit entertaining Their love story was a bit on the sappy side for me, what with all their childhood trauma and lift yourself up by the seat of your pants pluck It was an okay story for me and I can definitely see it appealing to a lot of people but I didn t LURVE it. This hero has been very promiscuous throughout his adult life We know right off the bat that he is just another typical Harlequin man whore He owned homes and apartments all over the world and he freely let our heroine know that some of these places were his love nests where he would bring his many sex companions There was never any one particular woman that he spoke of but it still made me uncomfortable when he let her know that he had been here with many others before her I just resented his total lack of emotion and feelings towards the heroine He was so certain that she was his enemy s daughter, which she was but she was not a spy at all and had left her father s household six years ago He treated her horribly until he found out he was wrong.It kind of got to the point where they would go to a new place for her and sometimes he let her know he had brought women there before WOW There was one of his homes that he didn t allow women into so he finally got to tell her she was the first woman that had been thereout of probably thousands He took her shopping at an exclusive boutique and all the employees knew him by name, rushed to him and hugged him in cheek to cheek greeting The heroine looked at him after the very familiar greeting and he said yes, I have brought women here before It really started to get to me and I had to stop reading for a good while I picked it back up later on but I would never attempt to read it again.Near the end he asks her to go to a big stylish wedding with him It was the very next day She said why are you asking me so late And then it dawned on her She said to himyou weren t sure if we would still be together and you didn t want to go dateless That was their whole relationship Her not knowing from one day to the next if they would be together.I am not interested in hearing about all the women he had bedded It just got old very quickly The story moved along quite slowly and I had trouble staying engaged Sorry but I cannot recommend Vows of Revenge is the story of Melodie and Roman.Just NO.H has been wronged by h s father and brother who basically got him destitute and evicted once When the conventionally attractive h shows up to his house, as his assistant s wedding planner, he is suspicious Turns out gasp , that she is his enemy s kid So what does our smart hero do 1 Talk to the nice happy go lucky girl who s all sunshine and ponies and clear the air2 Ruthlessly seduce her only to get her fired, evicted from her home which gets her mother s ashes thrown out too kinda and make her lose all faith in men break her spirit.Betcha ass he chooses 2.So that happens.Then there s a baby scare coz they forgot to wrap the sausage.But what does the h do when she sees this despicable example of humanity Her nips get hard and she gets sups turned on..DUH.I gave up at that exact moment What is this sexual attraction, so strong, to a man whom you quote basically broke you that you lose all your self respect Yes, the hero was misbehaved and cheated by her fam, yada yada, but he was an A S S H O L E And the heroine repeats like a million times how her mother was played by rich men and how she doesn t want to do that..by doing that..WTF And SO NICE when your loverrr gets you fired not once, but twice I don t care about their sob stories I don t care that their attraction burned like a bladder infection I just didn t like it.Was this the worst HQN I ve read No Worst hero No Worst heroine No Worst misdeed Still no But for some reason, this book just did nt sit well with me.Do I sound angry It s because I am.Yuk.Whatever.Rare DNF Stopped at 50%. Color me shocked as he What an excellent job from Dani Collins I ve come off a run of dreadful, tropey, tstl heroes, heroines and ridiculous plots I may be a teensy over generous with four stars, but maybe not.Melodie is the product of a too delicate and dead mother and a total ratfink father Dad is such a ratfink that when the Roman, the H, finds out who Melodie is he assumes she is there to steal classified software something or other Something her brother and father did years back that almost broke him He plots his revenge of getting her fired from a wedding consultant job and evicted from her apartment thinking she ll run home to daddy He doesn t take into account the chemical reaction that pops them both in bed Yes, here we are aswim in a sea of HarleyLand tropes, but it passes quickly and we get to the real deal Rather than basking in the afterglow of awesome sex, Roman says some pretty unforgivable and cruel things Guess what GUESS THE EVER LOVING WHAT SHE DOES NOT FORGIVE HIM I mean wow, man I was so excited A Harley Land heroine that sasses back Guess what again He tracks her down a few months later because he figures out he was the second third biggest horse s ass the first two being her father and half brother , and he s worried she may be in a state of trope 3, pregnant Not only is she not pregnant, she turns him away again AWAY AGAIN.Of course, the glow of electric sex can not be denied, and the two reluctantly end up in a relationship of sorts Melodie is much self aware of her needs in the relationship and what she gets from Roman who is a pretty shut down guy and with good reason She evaluates what they have and how it works for her right now she balances the good with the potential bad of the relationship ending Roman is a true guy in that he doesn t know what the hell is going on except he sure does like having Melodie around and turns into Mr Cranky Even More Shut Down Pants at the thought of her NOT being around He is also very protective of her which leads to some amusing moments A very solid romance with some, let me get my fan girls, S T E A M Y and emotion laden sex scenes Hubba da hubba Adored this bookthanks to Lex Callahan for the recommendation.Just re read this oneI forgot how amazingly good this book is The only thing that truly feels like a HP is the silly title But the story itself is much than a typical HP format Everything about itthe story, the character developmentfeels much deeper and developed than a standard HP This is a very emotionally satisfying novel, and very romantic. It s hard to say what I felt about this book Probably why I procrastinated my review The writing is very good, and I think the author went deeper with the story I think that for a HP book, the relationship feels very realistic The drama isn t manufactured, even when the author could have gone for one of those easy HP drama tactics that admittedly I love since i am a drama hound Roman is a complicated guy He is very emotionally disconnected and is not good at expressing himself verbally as far as emotions He sends out a lot of mixed signals to Melodie and then doesn t understand the way she reacts to him as a form of self protection If it was about sex and being generous with his money, he d probably be the perfect boyfriend, but that s rarely enough for a woman after a while I was surprised at the vulnerability that Roman shows when he admits that he s used to women ending relationships because of his remoteness And the fact that it bothers him that Melodie thinks he s one of the bad guys initially He pursues her, sexually like a volcano, but holds himself back emotionally I think that Melodie was brave to keep going with him, not knowing how he felt about her, and when she suspects it, that fear of rejection holding her back I like that he s 100% self made and it hasn t been easy for him He s suffered some major hardships in his short life I just wish that he wasn t such a wreck at being emotionally available.Melodie has her own issues Her father is despicable And she s lived in the shadow of his inability to show love for his children and his wife, and her feelings of inadequacy She turned her back on his money with strings attached and has been trying to make it on her own, and Roman has a habit of messing that up for her She s conflicted about their relationship and its tone, but she has feelings for him that don t seem to want to go away.The love scenes were very sexy and well written There s a lot of chemistry between them and they set the pages on fire together From the beginning, there s a powerful string that keeps pulling them together But I loved when Roman finally says how he feels for Melodie She doesn t have to guess or try to read his behavior It s all on the table And it s clear that Roman isn t going to take it for granted in the future.I think some readers will love this book Very much a modern romance, although with a traditional happy ending Overall rating 3.5 5.0 stars. Revenge Never Tasted So SweetCalm And Controlled Melodie Parnell Has Always Wanted To Experience Insatiable Passion She Thinks She S Found It In The Bed Of Sinfully Attractive Roman Killian But In The Sultry Aftermath Of Their Lovemaking, Melodie Is Catapulted Back To Reality When Roman Reveals His True Plansto Ruin Her Satisfying The Longing In Melodie S Entrancing Blue Eyes Was A Glitch In Roman S Plan Convinced She D Been Sent By His Enemy, He Intended To Simply Punish Her Except It Seems That Melodie Was Innocent, And Now Roman S Plan Takes A Different Turn Could His Vows Of Revenge Become Vows Of Marriage

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