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The Dirt: Confessions of the World's Most Notorious Rock Band Whiskey And Porn Stars, Hot Reds And Car Crashes, Black Leather And High Heels, Overdoses And Death This Is The Life Of M Tley Cr E, The Heaviest Drinking, Hardest Fighting, Most Oversexed And Arrogant Band In The World Their Unbelievable Exploits Are The Stuff Of Rock N Roll Legend They Nailed The Hottest Chicks, Started The Bloodiest Fights, Partied With The Biggest Drug Dealers, And Got To Know The Inside Of Every Jail Cell From California To Japan They Have Dedicated An Entire Career To Living Life To Its Extreme, From The Greatest Fantasies To The Darkest Tragedies Tommy Married Two International Sex Symbols Vince Killed A Man And Lost A Daughter To Cancer Nikki Overdosed, Rose From The Dead, And Then OD D Again The Next Day And Mick Shot A Woman And Tried To Hang His Own Brother But That S Just The Beginning Fueled By Every Drug They Could Get Their Hands On And Obscene Amounts Of Alcohol, Driven By Fury And Headed Straight For Hell, M Tley Cr E Raged Through Two Decades, Leaving Behind A Trail Of Debauched Women, Trashed Hotel Rooms, Crashed Cars, Psychotic Managers, And Broken Bones That Has Left The Music Industry Cringing To This Day All These Unspeakable Acts, Not To Mention Their Dire Consequences, Are Laid Bare In The DirtHere Directly From Nikki, Vince, Tommy, And Mick Is The Unexpurgated Version Of The Whole Glorious, Gut Wrenching Story In These Pages, Published For The First Time Anywhere, Are Tommy Lee S Letters To Pamela Anderson From Prison Mick S Confession To Having An Incurable Disease That Is Slowly Killing Him Vince S Experience Burying His Own Daughter And The Train Wreck That His Life Became Afterward And Nikki S Anguished Struggle To Deal With An Entire Life Fueled By Anger Over His Childhood Abandonment, His Discovery Of The Family He Never Knew He Had And His Subsequent Loss Of Them And All Of It Accompanied By Scores Of Rare, Never Before Published Photographs, Mug Shots, And Handwritten Lyrics No One Is Spared Not David Lee Roth, Ozzy Osbourne, Vanity, Aerosmith, Heather Locklear, AC DC, Lita Ford, Iron Maiden, Pamela Anderson, Guns N Roses, Donna D Errico, RATT, Or Those Two Girls From Dallas, TexasMake No Mistake About It These Guys Are Geniuses They Invented Glam Metal And Then Left It In The Dust Sold Than Forty Million Albums From Shout At The Devil To Dr Feelgoodtoured The World Dozen Times And Have The Scars To Prove It And Maintained A Rabid Following In An Era Of Throwaway Pop Stars M Tley Cr E Has Done Nothing Less Than Tattoo The Psyche Of The Entire MTV Generation They Are The Ultimate Rock N Roll Band And If You Don T Believe It, Read The Dirt You Don T Know What Decadence Is

10 thoughts on “The Dirt: Confessions of the World's Most Notorious Rock Band

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    This was it, dear readers This was the memoir that broke me The one that made me decide, definitively, to never read another White Dude Musician Memoir ever again I thought Keith Ri

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    11am Woke up Vomited Started reading this book.4pm Neck started hurting Took huge amounts of cocaine, bottle of Alleve, 5th of Jack, decided reading in bed wasn t the best thing for my postur

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    i remember when i was 13 or so and i finally realized that all of the r.l stine books i d been reading were pretty trashy and devoid of any literary merit i felt a little silly for devouring something

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    There s a scene in Gil Girls where Lorelei stays home one night because she can t put this book down I can fully understand why now.I loved this book We read books to escape, and this book had me leave my world

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    A train wreck happening right in front your eyes, both horrid and spectacular.I am not a fan of Motley Crue but The Dirt is one of the best books on the rock memoirs genre, so i had to read it Indeed, it s brilliant and n

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    Holy crap Were the stories of rock and roll decadence entertaining Absolutely All the insider reports were delightful even But I still came away feeling sad Sad that music and non stop consumption of drugs, alcohol, women, and stuf

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    I think I m going to be sick Take a bath, please just once take a shower and wear cleans clothing I read Sixx s Heroin Diaries and was creeped out by the level of neglect, filth, and absolute sadness in his life All of the decrepitude is a c

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    Great read for anyone who ever dreamed of being in an 80s band or a fan of the group The way that they came to fruition along with some of the things they had to deal with in their lives were remarkable A relatively easy read, as well.

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    Wowwho knew debauchery could be soBORING I just didn t feel that any of the Motley Crue guys displayed the wit and creativity necessary to tell a compelling story, too many times this book just felt like one loooooong ego trip

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    Let s be clear I have zero authority when it comes to reviewing music Especially heavy metal The extent of my music knowledge begins and ends with absentmindedly humming along to a 90 s pop radio station while I m out running errands About as far away from M tley Cr e as

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