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Indulge (Infinitus Billionaire, #2) I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review As a sequel to one of my favorite romance novels, Indulge exceeded all my expectations Finally coming to grips with the shock of finding the Armenian side of her family and with Lex s business deal looming, Jillian readies herself to hold up her end of her original bargain with Lex they re getting married With such a commitment, feelings are questioned, loyalty tested, and of course lust amps up E.B Walters does not disappoint in this respect, with hot yet heartfelt intimate scenes that almost steamed up my kindle screen Her characters are well developed, complex, and strong, so it s easy to get into their mindset and really get invested in their romance Between these moments, the mystery and heart pounding challenges that Lex and his bride face in order to be together keep the pages turning It can be hard to find a romance book that can adequately combines fresh, heart pounding sex scenes action packed, suspenseful plot and smooth writing that you don t feel the distracting urge to edit or rewrite Indulge encompasses all of these desired qualities beautifully I have already started recommending the Infinitus series to other, unsatisfied romance readers.The reader also gets to spend time learning about the other Inifnitus men when trouble arises in the form of an enemy in Lex and his friend s past, getting in tune to their personalities and each of their unique and attractive qualities They are much deeper than one would expect for billionaires, which is intriguing I am excited to read of each of their stories in novels to come.This sequel was worth waiting for, and may even have surpassed Indulge in my mind My only qualm with this book is the slight rushed feel to the ending It seems to lack a true resolution with the trouble a man by the name Warwick hunting Jillian as revenge against Lex, even though we get a sense of happily ever after from the epilogue for this couple I m hoping there may be resolution to this conflict in future Infinitus novels Either way, I m excited to read what exciting and sexy tales E.B Walters comes up with for her other wealthy studmuffins.I highly recommend the Infinitus novels, particularly to unsatisfied romance readers who like well written sex scenes, fully developed characters, and suspenseful plot Here s my favorite quote to whet your appetite You didn t fucking question miracles You counted yourself lucky and treasured them Jillian was his miracle I myself will be reading this series ad inifinitum I received an ARC of this book from the author for an honest review Indulge definitely suits the name for this book There is so much to enjoy In the E B Walters tradition, she captivates the audience with characters who are relatable, fun and oh so SEXY Her writing style always makes for an easy read and keeps you turning the page anticipating the steps of each player.In this novel, we continue the story of Lex Fitzgerald and Jillian Finnegan JEX They are not your traditional couple, but what I find is that sometimes tradition is lackluster and they are anything but.Impulse gave us a peak into the dynamic of the characters, but Indulge gives us an open door and when I say open I mean open Hot, sexy and did I say hot That Lex is a one of a kind that sure to melt anyone s heart and cause and implosion The scenes between JEX kept me up late at night I was also able to delve deeper into each of their vulnerable sides as well as see a relaxed Lex when he s around Jillian She seems to have that affect and well let s say she has many affects on him and vice versa.The super couple does not have it easy in this novel I won t say , but like most books by the author, I experienced a plethora of emotions It s like a never ending roller coaster that you re either afraid to ride, or excited about standing in line to ride again The conclusion of Jex s journey left me wanting , but since I know this is the end of their story, I m hoping they will make an appearance in the continuation of the Infinitus Billionaire Series.This is a must read for anyone whose read Impulse and enjoys a good page turner I received an ARC from the Author in exchange for an honest review What a great follow up to book Impulse In this book, we get to see Lex and Jillian and their great love story They are dealing with planning their impending wedding, Jillian s newfound grandmother, her having to deal with the paparazzi on the site of her job and many other issues cropping up but as always they deal with it together.In this book there is adventure, intrigue, danger, romance and erotically steamy scenes between Lex and Jillian that is fantastic In this book, there are secrets that Lex has been hiding from his past that are coming out from the woodwork and are affecting his upcoming wedding There is serious danger coming at the couple that means them harm is it from Lex or Jillian s side Will the wedding take place or will the evil win Well, not if their friends and family have anything to say about it Let me say, Lex s Infinitus buddies are ready to take action to keep Lex and Jillian safe and sound All I can say, I would love to have them keep me safe from harm I can t wait for Lex s Infinitus Billionaires boys to have their books come out They all sound like they have great stories that need to be told Lex and Jillian give off this great blend of chemistry, internal heat and the love scenes are panty melting fantastic I will say there are times when I was screaming at my kindle and other times when I was crying because of how wonderful Lex was to Jillian or Jillian was to Lex This couple went thru some major storms and storms they were Loved how they handled it and it was great to see previous secondary characters in this book, for it was great catching up with them and seeing how they are doing There are some twists along the way and the ending, it was something I did NOT see coming Be prepared to be amazed and surprised TEAMJEX all the way My rating 5.0 stars I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review Just when Jillian and Lex thought life had calmed down, an enemy from the past and long buried secrets threaten the relationship they have built This conclusion to the first book in the series is even well written and exciting than Impulse, if that is possible Filled with adventure, love, and hot steamy scenes, I ran the gamut of emotions I laughed I cried I wanted to throw the book at times Ms Walters takes the reader on a roller coaster of emotions The adrenaline is pumping and then a twist I didn t see coming occurs and I m a blubbering mess I can not wait until the next book in the series I definitely need of the Infinitus Billionaires ASAP I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review Hold onto your knickers ladies and gents cause this book is an erotically wild ride The chemistry between Jillian and Lex is sizzling hot Throw in wedding plans, old enemies, jealous exes and crazy new family members and the odds are not in their favor This was a page turner from beginning to end, who do they trust, each other, family, no one Keep reading the shots keep coming and nothing settles down till the last page. I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review I am not one to write long drawn out reviews because I hate reading them and I know there are others that feel the same I just want to know if the book is worth reading and that s it I will say this one is definitely worth reading E.B Walters has done it again This is the conclusion of Lex and Jillian s story that started in Impulse It did not disappoint The story is so well written that I could not put it down and read it in less than a day It is full of love, romance, steamy love scenes of course , and drama I laughed, I cried, I swooned, I melted, and I stayed on the edge of my seat wanting Walters is a genius and master at story telling I would recommend this and any of her other books to anyone that loves to read. I received an ARC for an honest review Indulge is the second book of Lex and Jillian s story I have to say if you loved Impulse Indulge does not disappoint Hot and sexy doesn t even begin to describe how amazing this book is We see Jillian and Lex work through there problems and see them fall even in love with each other Loved it from beginning to end Didn t want to put the book down E B Walters delivers what every romance reader wants She strives to write a story that makes readers crave the desirable, the naughtiness, the sinfully sexy stuff and she delivers us page turning and loin tingling moments with suspense that keeps you hooked line and sinker Ohhh and don t forget the story line haha With Un forgetable Male leads and a sassy heroine this author delivers us a romance that will leave you starry eyed, hot under the collar and sated with a predictable but enjoyable HEA.Indulge takes off where Impulse left us with Lex hot on Jillian s tale and Jillian planning a wedding as per her contract Jillian is now catching the eye of many, the press, media everyone even someone from Lex s past He intends to make her his pawn in his road to revenge against Lex Here we are given a turn of events, twist and turns and suspense that will keep you eagerly reading on Unpredictable villian, danger lurking, amoungst everything, and another thing Jillian has to deal with will it unhinge her Will there love get through this recent turn of events Lex and Jillian s relationship soars to higher heights in this installment, the chemistry is strong, sexy and downright delightful I enjoy the sexy scenes , the detailed information given waggles eyebrows and the magnetic connection they both have I enjoyed this part the most in the story line The development in the relationship was realistic and solid Not a swift insta love romance The plot is solid and well delivered, giving us just enough information to not be bombarded with the stunt woman stuff but equal amounts of every aspect blended in perfectly.The stunt woman background I found ok, not really intrigued me but the way in which the author wove the story line with the suspense and love made it a very enjoyable read Lex is passionate, demanding, domineering, yet deep I have enjoyed his character from when this author first delivered him to us and I was not dissappointed in the delivery of him.Jillian is sassy, strong and has as tongue like a viper lol I enjoyed her character her sassy ways, the deliverance of her within the story there is nothing worse then reading about a whiny female character under the clutches of an evil vilian This was not the case in this story I do love the added characters within the pages and as much as I love Lex as a character I cant wait to read about of the men in her new series Another well written romance by this author Titillating, thrilling , panty wetting goodness D I received an ARC from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review All thoughts are 100% my own Where to start Holy cow We are back with Jillian and Lex They are still VERY combustible Oh holy moly are they combustible I ll be honest, and I had to take breaks from the book to do dishes or laundry or something because it was getting a might warm up in hur.know wut I m sayin There are a lot of things I won t discuss because it gives a lot away from the first book I will say many issues from the first book were resolved somewhat Kind of like they were being worked through But they aren t even remotely as bad as what comes in this book Oh my gosh I wanted to die.We re met with many of the same characters Douglas, Mathews, and we get to know the Fitzgerald clan better, as well as the Petrosians, we even get to know Jill s dad better in this book We also get to know the other Infinitus Billionaires in this book Honestly I can t wait to read their books There are also a lot of new people in this book I will be upfront, I m not keen on most of them EFF the V12 Brit OK I d have kicked her everlovin tookus all over the place Just sayin Really, probably shouldn t have said that much But I promise I ll be good and say no.Ms Walters is expanding her world of Fitzgerald s and Billionaires with this book And there s only promise of growth Like Aiden s infatuation with a certain sister And Dom s fear of commitment And just why is Rake so tore up over that woman Wow.so much to learn and so much to look forward to So, would I recommend this book OH HECK YEAH Just make sure you have some relief nearby because this book is really freaking.um.full of heat Like if I offered 0 5 flames for the heat level this would be a.9 or something So definitely not for the youth It s all for us grownups. The Sexy, Emotional Conclusion To The Bestseller ImpulseHis World Is Filled With Passion, Pleasure, And Decadent Luxury And Lex Fitzgerald Wants To Give It All To Jillian Finnegan, The Stuntwoman He Meant To Use To Close A Business Deal, Until Their Intense Sexual Chemistry Translated Into Delicious, Naughty, And Mind Numbing Passion Now He Wants Her Permanently In His Bed As His WifeBut Jillian Has Become America S Little Princess, The Darling Of The Media, And The Poster Girl For Extreme Sports Everyone Wants A Piece Of Her When All She Wants Is Lex Heart, Mind, And Body What She Doesn T Know Is That Her Fame Has Caught The Attention Of A Very Sick And Dark Person From Lex S Past And Now She Is The Latest Piece In A Twisted Game Of RevengeAs Their Passion Burns Hotter, So Does The Hatred Of An Enemy Who Will Not Stop Until Jillian Is Out Of Lex S Life Will Her Eccentric Family And His Loyal Friends Carry Them Past The Danger Or Will Help Come From Her Forgotten Past In The Midst Of Danger, Jillian And Lex Will Discover The Secret To Secure Their Future, Something Powerful And Unstoppable, Something They Ve Overlooked, Their Love

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