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Fathers Love So this is our own Onyx work and, what can I say, I m awed that this twisted, incredibly talented writer is a friend As much as the first chapter squeaked me out this had everything to do with enemas in general, and nothing with the writing , I love me a good incestuous, daddy kink story And Father s Love certainly delivered It consists of 5 chapters, in which Richard takes it one step further with his teenage son every time It s written in sparse, but lovely prose, and pretty much as disturbing as the blurb makes it sound I have an eery feeling that we haven t seen the last of Onyx, and I m personally rooting for her to explore all the dark and dirty corners of her mind Recommended for lovers of the warning tags. A Series Of Five Shorts Detailing The Loving, Destructive, Beautiful And Twisted Relationship That Arises Between A Father And His Teenage Son Warning Incest, Emotional Abuse, Underage Sex SAY THE WORDS Richard Knew His Son Hated Enemas He Just Really Doesn T CareCIDE It Turns Out Richard And His Son Have Different Definitions Of Punishment So Richard Feels Obligated To Correct That Error In ThinkingE YOU PROUD OF ME, DADDY Richard Gets His Son S Report Card In The Mail, And Thinks It S Time For A RewardLET ME IN His Son Reaches A Breaking Point, And Richard Pushes Him Through It For All The Right Reasons, Of CourseLOOK WHO S JOINED US Richard S Eldest Son Returns Home For The Holidays, And The Secret Comes Out Somehow, He Knew What Would Happen Next That was some seriously good effed up shit Well done Onyx, you lovely depraved thing And thank you for your notes at the end of each story Just like Landon needing to be carefully brought down by his daddy, I needed a gentle nudge back to reality after drinking daddy s kook aid. No rating, because this is my original work If you have any questions about the story or the warnings, feel free to ask See my new Kink to the max and loved every single minute Loved it from first to last Just finished the last story, and even though I was very nervous at how Cody would fit into Richard and Landon s obsessive, loving, and seemingly complete relationship, Onyx, you found the perfect balance to make it work even better with Richard, Landon, and Cody together, for each of them, and for me too DThe best part of this besides the kinky sex, of course was the emotional and authentic relationship between Richard and Landon, and then later on, with Cody, too In any relationship, if I can t buy the love, I can t buy the story, and this love connection went above and beyond.Read it, seriously Some of the best and my utmost favorite incest and D s I have read I am 110% satisfied Maybe even.I m sure I will reread this plenty of times.Thanks, Onyx, for your awesome imagination and writing Can I beg for an encore piece now that you re done with this family SPOILERS AHEAD Not going to rate this since I didn t finish it AND I had an idea going in that I wouldn t enjoy it All the tags warnings were there and I won t penalize the author because I wanted to try it anyway Occasionally I like to push myself and step out of my comfort zone Sometimes it s successful, Mark Cooper versus America view spoiler FISTING hide spoiler Very twisted, very kinky, very hot But only if true incestuous daddy kink pushes your buttons This series pushes my buttons just right But only in my imagination.in RL it s wrong.that s why it s so good here.WRITE MORE ONYX MORE Finished Reading Part 1 So, that s what I m talking about Well done To be very, VERY clear this is straight up non con porn, severly twisted, utterly creepy and depraved erotica, please heed the trigger warnings.With that out of the way, this was delightful Masterfully applied humiliation kink, stomach churning psychology, mind fuck galore.And therefore hot as fuck This goes into the treasured WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME category

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Amateur writer I explore themes of power, horror, and eroticism I tease romance out of predators and their prey, and I like a whole host of wonderful, twisted things.See

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