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The Apostles' Creed for Today After reading Augustine and Barth on the Apostle s Creed, this was quite unsatisfying Though the historical evolution of the creed is well integrated, it s too brief and not deep enough as a whole for me to recommend to other readers. Second read Man it has s much insight for such a small simple read. This Volume In The Popular For Today Series, Written By The Highly Respected Theologian And Author Justo Gonzalez, Explains The Familiar Apostles Creed In Easy, Accessible Language Gonzalez Explores Not Only What The Creed Meant In The Early Centuries But Also Its Ongoing Importance And Relevance For Christian Faith And Practice TodayThe For Today Series Was Designed To Provide Reliable And Accessible Resources For The Study And Real Life Application Of Important Biblical Texts, Theological Documents, And Christian Practices The Emphasis Of The Series Is Not Only On The Realization And Appreciation Of What These Subjects Have Meant In The Past, But Also On Their Value In The Present For Today Thought Provoking Questions Are Included At The End Of Each Chapter, Making The Books Ideal For Personal Study And Group Use This is an easy to read and extremely practical look at the Apostles Creed Gonzalez is weaves historical implication into the study with such ease and value Each paragraph is full of wisdom and simple to understand An additional added value is his perspective on theological implications from the perspective of a Hispanic man Reading from perspectives other than the dominant culture is a necessity for me Thankful for this book I highly recommend it An excellent concise summary of the Apostle s Creed Concise yet rich, accessible yet ponderous, practical yet beautiful Very helpful context for understanding this widely affirmed declaration of belief. This is a very delightful and easy to read book briefly outlining the history of the Apostles Creed and explaining line by line what the creed meant in its original historical context and what it means for Christians today On a secondary level, the book has a very devotional flavor to it and was surprisinglythan just a history and exegetical lesson on the Apostles Creed O that churches and believers would recite the Apostles Creed and or the Nicene Creed daily so as to demonstrated the vast unity that millions and millions of Christians including hundreds of denominations, Orthodox, Catholic, and Protestant alike have in Christ Jesus. Gonzalez s strength rested in his ability to study the language, culture, and historical context which helps understand why certain themes were written into the creed He gives his own insight as to why many of these themes are still relevant today or rather when he wrote it 10 years ago Throughout he heavily cites early church writers, Jean Calvin, and Karl Barth Sometimes he compares denominational differences on a topic, other times he chimes in with his very personal opinion The short book will serve well for the propose of studying the Creed in a small group setting. This is an excellent work that succinctly explains the historical background to the Apostle s Creed Taking each line and providing the theological underpinnings, I found myself inspired anew by the creed Each of the thirteen chapters are compact ending with three well framed questions for the reader to ponder.I recommend this for anyone wanting to expand their understanding of historical theology. An excellent analysis of the apostles creed, it s origins, history, and meaning for us today A must read for anyone who recites the creed weekly in Sunday services, or who wants a deeper understanding of our beliefs.

About the Author: Justo L. González

Justo L Gonz lez, author of the highly praised three volume History of Christian Thought and other major works, attended United Seminary in Cuba, received his MA at Yale, and was the youngest person to be awarded a PhD in historical theology at Yale He is one of the few first generation Latino theologians to come from a Protestant background He helped to found the Association for Hispanic Theol

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