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The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper I love small books happy books easy to read, relaxing books The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper was all of these things Actually, it was like going on a vacation with good friends and coming home well rested and contented.This is the book that you choose, when you get stuck in the same genre or nothing strikes you as interesting It s for everyone at any time It s a little treasure that was a joy to experience It may be Phaedra Patrick s first novel, but I m hoping it won t be her last. In This Poignant And Sparkling Debut, A Lovable Widower Embarks On A Life Changing Adventure Sixty Nine Year Old Arthur Pepper Lives A Simple Life He Gets Out Of Bed At Precisely Am Just As He Did When His Wife, Miriam, Was Alive He Dresses In The Same Gray Slacks And Mustard Sweater Vest, Waters His Fern, Frederica, And Heads Out To His Garden But On The One Year Anniversary Of Miriam S Death, Something Changes Sorting Through Miriam S Possessions, Arthur Finds An Exquisite Gold Charm Bracelet He S Never Seen Before What Follows Is A Surprising And Unforgettable Odyssey That Takes Arthur From London To Paris And As Far As India In An Epic Quest To Find Out The Truth About His Wife S Secret Life Before They Met A Journey That Leads Him To Find Hope, Healing And Self Discovery In The Most Unexpected Places Featuring An Unforgettable Cast Of Characters With Big Hearts And Irresistible Flaws, The Curious Charms Of Arthur Pepper Is A Curiously Charming Debut And A Joyous Celebration Of Life S Infinite Possibilities Charming Many modern charms each have inspirational meaning Charm jewelry make lovely gifts with added meeting to cherish Author Phaedra Patrick gave us her gift with this charming inspirational book literally and figuratively A charming story.about a charming man named Arthur..about a charm bracelet I HAD NO IDEA I had not read the reviews , that Arthur finds which belonged to his deceased wife Miriamabout the journey Author takes new discoveries about Miriam, his adult son and daughter, new people he meets, and himself.about loveArthur discovers strengthwhich is kinda charming THIS IS NOT A HEAVY MEATY NOVEL IT DOESN T REQUIRE TISSUES THANK GOD.Do you know what I ve been reading lately I HAVE ONE HOUR LEFT TO FINISH LISTENING TO Only Child by Rhiannon Navin An AUDIOBOOK that does requires TISSUES I don t want it to end yet I m dying to know how it will end at the same time so I m taking a break from it for a few hours.ITS A STORY ALL ABOUT THIS AMAZING KID ZACK He can come to my house.I d take care of him anytime So..Taking an adventure with Arthur and meeting his new friends was lightly charming Great preventative medicine lol How could a charm bracelet stir up so many emotions and curiosity After Arthur s wife passed away and he was cleaning out her things, his discovery of a hidden charm bracelet had him curious about what each charm meant He also wanted to know why he never saw Miriam wearing it and why she had it hidden in the toe of a boot.This charm bracelet pulled him out of his hermit slump and onto adventures he never dreamed of as he traced where each charm came from and what their meaning was to Miriam He had a few surprises.Every adventure made him wonder what his wife s life was like before she met him He couldn t stop searching for the meaning of each charm These adventures also made him feel guilty he never took Miriam anywhere.Arthur s finds and discussions with the people he met left him happier andconfident He also was helping those he met come to grips with what they were dealing with.Arthur was an absolutely endearing, charming, sweet character for me I really enjoyed his antics and his thinking and especially the adventures he took us on We traveled the globe with him I wanted to know the answers about the charms too and loved sharing Arthur s days.THE CURIOUS CHARMS OF ARTHUR PEPPER is an adorable, enchanting, uplifting read Be prepared to fall in love with Arthur Pepper THE CURIOUS CHARMS OF ARTHUR PEPPER has a very clever, enjoyable story line that gives you a nice cozy feeling It felt like a big hug that you didn t want to end Give yourself a marvelous treat, and don t miss reading THE CURIOUS CHARMS OF ARTHUR PEPPER There aren t enough delightful words to describe this book 5 5This book was given to me free of charge and without compensation by the publisher in return for an honest review. This novel was a stinker and there was nothing charming about it.When I first started reading it I was worried that it would be a clone of A Man Called Ove Well, that was one thing I didn t have to worry about Arthur was no Ove and I don t mean that as a compliment Arthur was a world class ditherer, worrywart and second guesser He was an insecure little man who felt threatened at the thought that his wife might actually have had a life before she met him I found him to be completely annoying.Everything about this story felt forced and contrived It was riddled with implausible circumstances, convenient coincidences and unbelievable occurrences I rolled my eyes throughout a good portion of the book It was all so clich d A member of my book club nailed this early on in the book she said it was nothingthan juvenile writing and that s exactly what it turned out to be Even the story s interesting premise couldn t save it I was so disappointed because I was really looking forward to reading this and expected to thoroughly enjoy it.As The Man in Black would sayRead with SBC book club August 2016. My 60 year old dad died very suddenly of a brain aneurysm almost two months ago I ve lost one of my best friends and my very favorite book buddy We would read the same books and go meet authors together our latest book obsession was Fredrick Backman s stories We even went to meet him a few months ago My dad got a good selfie with him, as he often did with authors I bought The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper for my dad for Christmas because I had heard that it was a lot like A Man called Ove which he was actually in the middle of reading again when he died I haven t been able to bring myself to truly pick up a book and read since I lost my dad but I thought maybe listening to the audiobook of the last book I ever bought him might be worth a try.I m so glad this book found me at this time in my life A story of grief and hope a journey after the loss of someone you don t know quite how to do life without Beautiful story, and now that I ve read it I know that it s time to pick up a book and start reading again Let s do this, 2017. My thanks to Harlequin UK Limited and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper by Phaedra PatrickThis endearing story starts on the first anniversary of the death of Miriam Pepper, Arthur s wife Aged sixty nine, married for forty years and still mourning the death of his beloved Miriam, Arthur discovers a mysterious charm bracelet when he finally has the courage to go through Miriam s belongings The discovery of the bracelet sets Arthur, not only on a quest to find the meanings behind each charm and a part of Miriam s life that he was unaware, but also on his own voyage of self discovery.This is a very well written novel and the characters are wonderful I found the story captivating and I couldn t turn the pages fast enough to experience Arthur s journey with him, a journey which brought him to the most unlikely situations with an assortment of equally fascinating characters and places While Arthur himself is just adoring, his search for answers to the charms and his quest for purpose in own his life is helped by many other delightful characters in the book, his estranged children, Lucy and Dan, his neighbours, Bernadette, Nathan and Terry I loved all of these characters in their own right, still laughing thinking of Terry s lawn, it must be the best mowed lawn in the UK This moving story is like a warm fuzzy hug that just wraps itself around you from the first page It was enchanting, charming and humorous At times, it jogged memories of the past for me personally or made me ponder and reflect on my own life experiences At times it was emotional without being overly dramatic It is a quirky story full of hope, with the message that life is for living and new experiences It is a gem of a book that I really loved, an excellent debut I hope this book is a huge hit in 2016, I loved it a lot. This is one of the most delightful and heart warming novel that I have read in a long time I think it would be impossible to put this book down and not be in a happy mood and a little in love with Arthur Pepper It reminds me of Britt Marie Was Here or really any of Fredrik Backman s works It is about a semi elderly person who comes to a crossroads in their life and must decide how to live their remaining time On the first anniversary of Miriam s, his beloved wife of 40 years, death, Arthur decides to pack up her belongings He has been living a very regimented life in the past year He does the same things at the same time and rarely leaves his house He has little contact with his two children and has been miserable As he packs, he discovers a charm bracelet in one of Miriam s boots He has never seen it before and it raises major questions What was Miriam s life like before she met him Using the charms on the bracelet as a map, he retraces her steps and makes amazing discoveries, not only about her, but himself He goes places and does things he could not even imagine before this He has a run ins with an elephant, some tigers and an adorable dog As the changes happen he maintains his steadfast devotion to his wife and it is so lovely If you are in the mood for a delightful book that makes you feel good, this is the book for you Fall in love with Arthur Pepper I know I did. I love this story of Arthur Pepper He s so wonderfully endearing that you can t help fall in love with him as he travels around the country trying to solve the mystery behind the charm bracelet Beautifully written, funny and moving, this is one of those books that you will always remember. To readof my reviews, please visit Lit Wit Wine Dine.Arthur Pepper misses his wife It has been a year since she passed away Miriam and Arthur were married for forty happy, peaceful, uneventful years It s not until Arthur steels himself to the task of sorting her things that he discovers a charm bracelet he d never seen before A telephone call to a number on one of the charms prompts Arthur to begin a journey in search of the truth of his wife s past prior to their meeting Along the way he meets some interesting characters, forges some unlikely friendships, and slowly discovers that it is possible to be happy, or at the very least, content again The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper has a lot going for it Arthur is a very likable guy If fact, most of the characters are of an equally likable, upbeat sort The story is pretty relatable in its essence We ve probably all learned things about a spouse or lover at one time or another that made us question how well we really knew that person Arthur s adventures help him to reconcile three versions of his wife the wife he thought he knew, the post finding the bracelet wife he then questioned if he ever knew at all, and finally, the true Miriam Unfortunately, there was something I found lacking that I ve not been able to put my finger on after having reflected for a few days I can only describe it as an inability to be excited or completely engaged Perhaps it was a bit too predictable Maybe it was the implausibility of some of Arthur s adventures While I appreciate why so many readers are giving such glowing reviews, I find myself unable to do likewise There was nothing overtly wrong with the book It just left me feeling a little flat 3 5 starsThanks to MIRA via NetGalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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