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The Pirates Booty (The Plundered Chronicles, #1) Sometimes, you ll read a book that sounds amazing The blurb, the plot, the genre, the title, the cover it all clicks with you And then you read it and you re left deflated and disappointed This book was the opposite of that bullcrap.I read this book because lesbian pirates That s all No other reason Lesbian pirates, and maybe the chuckle that the title gave me I expected some hawt f f lovin scenes, and maybe some bucklin of swashes What I gotst was amazingly written and well researched historical fiction with a few hawt f f lovin scenes I loved it I loved the main character, and her inner struggle to find herself in a man s world I loved the Irish brogue that dripped sweet as clover honey from the dialogue I loved the camaraderie of those who fight for each other, the blood pacts of childhood still held close to heart, the high seas intrigue of Queen Elizabeth and Francis Drake.The last book that so surprised in this way was Amish Vampires in Space Like this book, that one held a beautiful hidden gem, obscured by a pulpy sounding title and premise I d recommend this for any fan of action adventure fiction I d also recommend this for anyone who appreciates those who do not bend to what the world expects them to be. Hmm, hard time to connect with the story so I m not sure I will read the next ones.Main character Quinn is weird, between being brilliant, roguish, and sometimes exasperatingly naive.She doesn t seem to have a great understanding of the world, so her quest and its conclusion were hard to believe in.Some secondary characters were great though, like Fitz, Tavish and of course Grace O Maley. representation lesbian mc DNF 73%I don t really want to write a full review on this, so I ll just give you a list of my thoughts I loved the main character and Lady Fiona s romance, but it was short lived and very sporadic Fiona only appears about four times in the entire book, and the circumstances towards the end aren t very hopeful The battle scenes were so awkwardly written They were summarised in less than a paragraph and barely described any of the action There were a lot of girl on girl sex scenes, but I do feel weird knowing Quinn is having sex with these women and they have no idea she s a girl The only male gay character forces himself on Quinn when she s in her male persona The gender identity of the main character was confusing She identifies as a woman, but dresses as a man and constantly says she prefers being a man and never wants to go back to being a woman I m only mentioning this because that phrase comes up a lot throughout the book They encounter slaves around the 70% point and speak to the light skinned one because he s the only one who can speak English It just rubbed me the wrong way It was just a boring book, overall I wouldn t say this book was bad, it just wasn t something I was interested in If I continued reading, I would ve lowered my rating considerably I might finish in the future because it s wonderful representation and I do love the characters, but the plot was so dull that it was difficult for me to garner the motivation to read. See here for details and info on how to get your book reviewed, if you re an author I ve read so many books throughout my life that they re practically uncountable at this point That s what I have to preface this review with I am very well read So, when I tell you that the main character of West s The Pirate s Booty , Quinn Gallagher, is one of the most likable characters I ve ever read, you have to understand that that s saying something There s everything to love about Quinn She s a pirate, which really doesn t put you on the likable scale, historically speaking historically, pirates were a whole lot less shiver me timbers and yo ho ho, so much as I m going to kill everyone on this boat and really enjoy doing so , but Quinn isn t really a pirate, at least not at the start of the book She s a woman who s donned men s clothes so that she could make her way onto the Malendroke, the ship of the fiery female pirate queen Grace O Malley Quinn needs to be on the Malendroke, because her childhood best friend was stolen away by pirates and come hell or high water, Quinn is going to rescue her friend Quinn has literally left her entire life behind in order to find her friend, selflessly sacrificing everything to get her back.But that s not to say that Quinn doesn t enjoy dressing in men s clothes She actually loves it Her whole life, she was pigeon holed into being a lady, and she despised it As a man, she s able to be free, to go on daring adventures, and to fall in love with all sorts of charming ladies.The book opens up with Quinn literally between the thighs of a gorgeous young woman I laughed out loud when I started the book Quinn is cheeky and charming and with an opener like that, how can you NOT fall in love with her That s the thing about Quinn she charms your socks off While the other pirates are trying to woo ladies with lewdness, she s charming them with kind words and sweet sentiments.As an author myself, I know that it s relatively easy to get the reader to fall in love with the love interest I also know how very, very hard it is to get the reader to fall in love with the main character It s built into the story for you to fall in love with the love interest you re seeing her through the eyes of the main character who loves her, so it s easy to love her It s MUCH harder to have you fall in love with the main character, because she has to stand alone There s no one seeing her but you, so her personality, the way she interacts with people, has to say everything And in The Pirate s Booty, that s exactly what happens From the very first page, I was smitten with Quinn, smitten with her adventure and rooting for her And that s very, very difficult to pull off, but West did it with such ease, that I didn t even realize it was happening until three o clock in the morning, and I hadn t gone to sleep yet, because I was too enthralled with the book The SECOND I was done with The Pirate s Booty, I pre ordered the second book in The Plundered Chronicles, Shiver Her Timbers released today I NEVER pre order books I have thousands of books to read on my Kindle that have been stacking up , but that s a testament to how wonderful this book was, how deeply I fell in love with Quinn, and how I couldn t WAIT to continue her adventures.If you re looking for a fantastic adventure with one of the most likable main characters you ve ever read, a lot of sexy shenanigans, and an amazing story that will keep you reading far past your bedtime, The Pirate s Booty by Alex West is a book I can t recommend highly enough Five starsFull disclosure I bought a copy of this book myself The best F F pirate themed book I have read I really loved it Just full of fun and adventure I like how West wove in some historical people in with her characters Can t wait to read the second book .5REVIEW I actually do really like the book despite my star rating this book is packed with action and adventure and brotherhood and family and sex and women empowerment and pirates In all every corner of the book you ll see a pirate I guess in a way it is somewhat a historical fiction too I quite like the main character, Quinn Callaghan This inner turmoil with what she wants and what the society wants from her is the trope that I really enjoy from a character, that and her charming personality added up to her Mulan esque cross dressing I kept holding my breath at some scenes where I think her secret might be found out and her double life just makes the plot interesting, plus a lesbian bad ass pirate is pretty epic Don t ever let em see yer fear Be fierce Always fearless From the start of the book you re greeted with a bang and throughout the book you ll be hopping from different ships and docks and islands and countries and seas, it really is an adventure The book talks about plenty of issues, sexism and female opression is a main thing you ll see throughout the book Somewhere in the middle of the book racism is touched upon too, I quite love the different characters that was introduced throughout the book but I do feel like the brother thing wasn t necessary, I felt like his character was forgotten halfway through the book I sort of have a love hate relationship with the writing style, one moment I quite enjoy it and another moment I didn t The pacing was okay, it wasn t very fast but it wasn t very slow either, just right enough for the perfect world building The issue I have with this book is that I feel as if the author is trying to compact so much into one book, I mean I thoroughly enjoy the ride but there are moments where it just felt flat to me It s not my favorite pirate story but it is a great book nonetheless. I was contacted by the publicist of the author and offered a free ebook in exchange for a review I read the synopsis and of course said yes As always, an honest review I don t usually read pirate adventure stories, but when I read that The Pirate s Booty featured a female pirate queen I was very intrigued Initially there was a bit of an adjustment regarding the language It s written in a 16th century pirate dialect, so I didn t read it as quickly as modern American English But as time went on, I became quite used to the writing style It definitely adds to the atmosphere of the story The Pirate s Booty isn t what I think of when I imagine a typical pirate adventure novel, but it s so much better Female pirate queens, lesbians, women disguised as men, and of course the action packed adventure aboard the high seas I found myself captivated by the adventures and heartfelt stories I loved the focus on woman power Women proving that they are just as capable as men The underlying themes of women s freedom, literally and figuratively, provides interesting parallels to current day women s issues Occasionally there were parts of the story that didn t captivate me as much as others However, there was so much going on, that it wasn t long before another storyline came along to grab my focus The Pirate s Booty is the first in a series of books featuring badass lesbian pirates A wonderful unique story of heart, bravery and determination. When Quinn Gallagher S Childhood Friend Is Abducted From A Dock In Ireland, She Ll Do Whatever It Takes To Come To The Rescue Even If That Means Dressing As A Man And Joining The Crew Of One Of The Most Notorious Pirate Captains The World Has Ever Seen Quinn Soon Finds There Is Much To Enjoy Living As A Man, In Particular The Company Of Other Women When She Finds Herself Falling Hard For Lady Fiona, A Woman Far Above Her Own Station, She Is Torn Between Revealing Her True Identity And Continuing The Fa Ade Of Being A Male Pirate Love Is Never Easy, Especially In The Sixteenth Century And Especially Under False Pretenses Can Quinn Live With One Foot In Two Different Worlds, Or Must She Consign Herself To Either The Lusty Life Of A Pirate Or The Loveless Life Of A Noble Woman Come Sail The High Seas In This Exciting And Erotic Adventure With The Fierce Pirate Gallagher As Your Guide You Re In For A Wild Ride And May Even Score Some Booty Along The Way DNF 19%I was promised swashbuckling and crossdressing shenanigans, and there certainly was that Like, a lot Almost nonstop really As soon as any hint of a plot started to take shape, swashbuckling came along to nip it in the bud Quinn was fun, even if I couldn t figure out how she could possibly keep her true identity a secret whilst on a pirate ship Even if you assume pirates don t bathe that often, at some point, someone s got to notice something, right If all you re looking for is swashbuckling and shenanigans, this is the book for you I just needed something. I received this book in exchange for an honest review.And I am going to be honest, mostly because I don t know how to be otherwise when it comes to books, but also because if I can help other readers in their journeys, I m going to do it and do it well.Let me start off by pointing out that all books every single one you read are, in their own way, a mini miracle The time, dedication, work and passion that go into creating a novel should always be acknowledged when reviewing a book This author poured their heart into a book and then gave you that book Keep that in mind That being said, I have to admit that my expectations going into The Pirate s Booty were on the low side And to be honest, I think it was the title because The Pirate s Booty sounds a little like a pirate erotica novel and that generally isn t my jam I m happy to say my expectations were, for the most part exceeded on every level Don t get me wrong, there was plenty of sexy times throughout, but it wasn t the focus of the novel In my humble opinion, there is nothing boring then a novel with sex as the main focus of the story.On the whole, this book is about finding yourself, finding where you fit in the world, finding your home The main character, Quinn, in searching for one of her oldest friends, explores this important question of where she fits in the world For me, this was the most compelling part of the book Everyone has a place where they fit, a place that is perfect for them and i really enjoyed watching Quinn search for that fulfillment.I will also say that the historical aspects of the book also appeared well thought out and well researched I will admit I am a sucker for historical fiction done well and I applaud the author s hard work in this area.I am not saying that this book was perfect No book is perfect I did find the pacing to be slow in places, mostly because I felt like there were some unnecessary scenes that could have been combined or trimmed down, especially in the beginning third of the book I did also have occasional trouble following the flow of the author s ideas because she did sometimes seem to suddenly jump from one idea to the next But, like I said, no book is perfect and these issues are not deal breakers by any means.In conclusion, I found The Pirate s Booty to be a fun, light hearted slightly cheesy , sometimes serious and thought provoking romp It s not a book I would have selected for myself, but I did like it and I m thankful I was asked to give it a read Give this one a chance it might just surprise you

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