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A Cold Day For Murder This novel introduces Detective Kate Shugak, a petite, scrappy Aleut woman who lives in a fictional national park in Alaska A park ranger goes missing, and so does the officer sent to find him Kate, now working as a private investigator, takes the case, and delves into complicated political issues involving the use of park land for tourist purposes.I was surprised to learn that this was not actually Stabenow s first novel, because it sure felt like one The book was much too repetitive as Kate went around interviewing people, she felt obliged to tell her story over and over again, verbatim A simple Quickly she filled X in on the situation would have sufficed Also, I was able to predict the killer reasonably ahead of Kate et al., and it was glaringly obvious I am not particularly skilled at figuring out whodunnit, so if I am able to call it , I consider that a sign of inferior plotting Sometimes I make exceptions to this rule, but in this case the rule holds quite firmly On the positive side, the book was easy to get through, and I did appreciate the originality of Stabenow s sleuth and her setting However, this entry in the series did not convince me to seek out any. 2.5 stars Most of the stars for this go to the setting, the brutal beauty of the Alaskan wilds And for Kate Shugak s half wolf pet, Mutt The author does well to set up the close knit community where everyone knows everyone else s business and feels like they have the right to get all up in it It factors well into the plot, where personal interests clash enough for two people to end up dead But the characters themselves were pretty light, with the author trying to be too quirky in their creation or failing in their depiction The whole thing made difficult by the serious lack of veracity in the conversation or relationships, sometimes bad enough to make me tense The overarching premise is interesting enough and I like the feel of Kate if not the execution In any case, I have her newest book to read so i ll know by the end whether to come back for.ARC via Netgalley I listened to the audiobook version which is narrated by the wonderful Marguerite Gavin I think that helped me to like this than if I had read it myself The characters were mostly interesting and or quirky and making the heroine an Aleut woman gave some insight into the culture of the native Alaskan People The story itself felt a little long winded and overly descriptive at times however and I found my mind wandering than once I don t really want a play by play account of how the heroine s grandmother makes cocoa and fried bread The mystery and the subsequent investigation felt a little flat and there didn t seem to be any sense of urgency I m fine with leaving the series at one and done. This is the first of Dana Stabenow s novels that I ve read, and I think the first she wrote I almost stopped about half way through but I m glad I didn t After a long period of introducing characters and the Alaska locale, with a plot going nowhere, the pace did pick up and the story became interesting Not fantastic, but interesting There is some good writing with relaxed and amusing observations, but there are also segments where the writing just tries too hard, and other segments where it seems cliche driven The solution to the crime came much too fast and without the reader having much opportunity to share in the detecting The action scenes didn t generate much tension In summary, it s an OK read, but I cannot imagine why it won an Edgar Award. I enjoyed this book very much Loved reading about Alaska and its people I like Kate Shugak a lot so I look forward to reading about her. 3.8 starsWonderful first book in a series, I am hooked Alaskan setting, tough Alaskan woman with scars, fab dog wolf sidekick, and snarky side characters all wrapped around a decent story Ding ding winner The cast in this story are offbeat, and maybe a touch crazy, which makes them even enjoyable to get to know I have a favorite snarky character Bobby, you have to meet this guy I want him to be my neighbor, we could get in trouble D If you are looking for a murder mystery series to get lost in give this one a try I hear there are 19 books already published just waiting to be picked up Hot Tamales I like not waiting for the next book Kate Shugak is an Alaskan Aleut living in an arctic national park, a former investigator for the Alaska District Attorney, and now something of a freelancer To paraphrase the nonfictional Kate who pointed me in the direction of these books, Kate Shugak is wounded and intense and competent, unimpressed with anyone s self importance, hard to drag away from her cabin and her kitchen and her half wolf half deaf companion, Mutt And she also solves crime.Oh, lovely These tiny novels evoke Alaska with broad but compelling strokes The landscape, weather, wildlife, history, and politics sometimes feel like characters themselves, a few among the surprisingly large supporting cast of fishers and trappers and racers and natives and outsiders and addicts and disabled people The mysteries are also creative A Fatal Thaw, which is ostensibly about Kate tracking the shooter of a local girl, plays with genre conventions in nifty ways that I won t spoil for you Dead in the Water takes Kate onto a crabber up in the Aleutians, and A Cold Blooded Business sends her much farther north to the slopes of the Prudhoe oil field to find the source of a massive drug problem.And I think that s what I really like here A Cold Blooded Business is about a native Alaskan s view of the oil drilling and, as most of the books are to some degree or other, also about the plague of substance abuse which is still raging through the state s communities, native and otherwise And it s quite a funny book I kid you not There s a gritty sort of charm here, and a surprising sense of whimsy There s also a stark but compassionate portrait of a native community looking uncertainly into the future and drinking itself to sleep every night, of its confused and angry children, of cruelty and evil Somehow, making these things co exist works, and works well.Stabenow does stumble, as we all do, most notably with an over reliance on dated cultural references as character descriptors, and an occasional misjudgment of a detail that left me snorting rather than touched or impressed your heroine really should not tack her letter of resignation to her boss s door with the bloody knife which had been used to cut her own throat I mean, really But these are great, compact, rich stories, and I m simply delighted to have them sent my way. 1.Plot Kate Shugak left the DA s office over a year ago after a bust went bad She d gone to the home of a child abuser and come out with her throat slashed, leaving the man s body gutted on the floor behind her She d resigned from the D.A s stable of investigators by pinning her letter to the door with the knife she d used to take out the bad man For fourteen month s she stays away from town, living in the rugged Alaska wilderness She makes do by leading tours every now and then and picking up other odd jobs Her once beautiful singing voice cut down to a raspy growl and a jagged white scar across her neck from ear to ear where the bad man had cut her before she turned the tables on him A member of the Aleut tribe, Kate was raised on tribal lands and knows the area, it s residents and the dangers better than anybody So when a congressman s son winds up missing in the state park and a DA s investigator goes missing two weeks later, who do you think the FBI is going to come calling on It doesn t help matters that most of her contacts and family are poaching moose and caribou and some are in jail themselves The locals, especially her people prefer not to speak to anyone they don t know Since Kate is one of them, maybe they ll talk to her Maybe they ll shoot at her Maybe they ll do both At least she s got her half wolf, half husky dog to back her up, Mutt, because otherwise if she sees her ex partner Jack, she ll probably shoot him 2.Characters Kate Shugak tough as nails, beautiful, native American Indian with a touch of Russian heritage and than a few scars, but only one you can see There really isn t another character on the same tier as Kate All others, though important, are supporting cast The most interesting ones are her grandmother, Jack her ex partner and Able, her second cousin and adopted father I should also mention that the tribe themselves works as a character in a collective way Stanbow does a wonderful job of describing the plight of the once proud Aleuts in the modern world While struggling between traditional old world values and modern needs the tribe is infused with character all their own and all the eccentricities of those who inhabit the great white north 3.Action As an Action tale, this book let me down Kate Shugak is a wonderful action heroine in the making but Stanbow and her publishers keep her out of any real action The girl who, after having her own throat slit by a wicked abusive man, fights her way through gutting him with the knife he used to cut her is kept out of a combat situation Why In the story, Kate s only shot at once, falls down a mine shaft once and rides a snow mobile to town She slaps Jack a couple of times and kicks him once but that s the closest she gets to real danger and it s over as fast as it comes on Here s a girl who runs lives alone on a mountain, leads rafting tours and works as a guide to hunting parties, hunts and traps her own food in the wild and they don t see fit to let her have any action Come on man It s than all that Kate also comes across as rugged and tough She tenses up ready to fight as if she s used to it She doesn t back down from larger threatening men and that low raspy voice, though it had a tragic origin, is sexy as hell, even if it s only written Action was a let down here Kate could have handled so much 4.Did it feel authentic Perhaps the best part of the entire story was how authentic the Indians and the rough people who live in the North Country came across I had the feeling that Stanbow wanted everyone to see what poverty, alcohol and addiction had done to the Aleut people and likely the other residents of the park Even the Alaskan fall and early winter seemed authentic and cold These weren t Sarah Palin people though likely they would have supported her if they were , they had all the quirks and uniqueness needed to be both endearing and troubling 5.Overall verdict Overall, this is a 3.5 star read It s plot and the murder mystery were not particularly complicated but there were a few twists and turns right up to the last minute and the clues and investigation came across as honestly done The strength of this story came from the characters including the Aleuts and those who lived with them Kate Shugak is a wonderfully designed and written heroine I might have given it a 4 or higher if she s been allowed to deal with heavier action and intense situations As it is this is a better than average 3 star read The writing is smooth and polished, the characters well thought out and well designed and Kate is fantastic Warnings always warnings right 1 There is a lot of violence alluded too in the book Stanbow doesn t expose the reader to gore, or gratuitus over the top violence The level of violence as it is presented is well within the tolerance of a young adult to manage without difficulty.2 There is some sexual situations in the book Not too many of them and they don t last too long but the push the envelope on decency appropriate for young adults and certainly should not be considered appropriate for children Not to mention Kate and some of the other women in the book behave like single women in their mid to late 20s and early 30s did in the 1970s and 1980s and make no secret about their open attitude towards sex and make no apologies It s not a free for all or an orgy or even remotely deviant in nature and we don t get the play by play They just don t hide it.3 The Indian s are painted in a very realistic light Poverty, alcoholism and addiction, and a number of other modern problems are painted in a clear picture that is likely accurate I found it refreshing, interesting and troubling A few who read this might find it distressing or distracting Again, I see this as one of the story s strengths not a liability, but that s me Recommended for I d recommend this for young adults to geriatric, but, despite appearances, this is not an action story It s a murder mystery and a who done it I hope Stanbow and her publishers allow the Kate Shugak stories include action and intense scenes in later books Bottom line I liked the style and setting I liked Stanbow s prose and polished writing style and I loved the characters though Kate was by far the most developed character in the story It s a good read that, as good as it was, could have been better You ll be pleased with it, enjoy it and probably, like me want to read Kate Shugak stories in the future, but, also like me, you ll probably see that it could have been better. I admit I like free shit I also admit I m not entirely rational in my thought process For example, I happily hand over my Bouchercon and Left Coast Crime Conference fees and feel like I ve won the lottery when I receive a bag filled with books Seriously, this ends up being one of the major highlights of these conferences So in my continued pursuit of this high, minus the conference fees, I have decided to scour for the best free short stories and books available With that being said, let s get to the review.The beginning of A COLD DAY FOR MURDER reminded me of a tall sequoia, as I stood on the uppermost branches, staring out at a picturesque world, before I slipped and then smacked every branch on the way down Even though I ve never been to Alaska, I feel like I could paint a picture of its vast wilderness and attractive scenery and include a few interesting characters to boot, if I should so desire Several of the chapters began with multiple pages of description, the text coming to life right before my eyes, springing forth like a cactus in the desert.It wasn t until I was about 36% through this tale on my Kindle this transfers to roughly 71 pages into the print edition before the mystery really took hold and took off Had it not been for some lovely description and Kate s straightforward, no holds barred mentality, I might have given up on this novel earlier As it stands, though, I was rather glad I pushed through Even though Kate isn t the most likeable character, I really enjoyed her toughness and even found her abrasiveness rather amusing most of the time She s a character with some rough edges that I m sure will get smoothed out in one of her later adventures.As for the other characters, none are as fleshed out as Kate Shugak, but all showed signs of life and enough enthusiasm for further tales The mystery proved interesting and engaging, but at times it felt like it took a backseat to the characters and the scenery In the end, though, this was an enjoyable read from the first page to the last, it all fit together perfectly, and I look forward to catching up on of Kate s exploits.Cross posted at Robert s Reads Eighteen Months Ago, Aleut Kate Shugak Quit Her Job Investigating Sex Crimes For The Anchorage DA S Office And Retreated To Her Father S Homestead In A National Park In The Interior Of Alaska But The World Has A Way Of Beating A Path To Her Door, However Remote In The Middle Of One Of The Bitterest Decembers In Recent Memory Ex Boss And Ex Lover Jack Morgan Shows Up With An FBI Agent In Tow A Park Ranger With Powerful Relatives Is Missing, And Now The Investigator Jack Sent In To Look For Him Is Missing, TooReluctantly, Kate, Along With Mutt, Her Half Wolf, Half Husky Sidekick, Leaves Her Wilderness Refuge To Follow A Frozen Trail Through The Park, Twenty Thousand Square Miles Of Mountain And Tundra Sparsely Populated With Hunters, Fishermen, Trappers, Mushers, Pilots And Homesteaders Her Formidable Grandmother And Native Chief, Ekaterina Shugak, Is For Reasons Of Her Own Against Kate S Investigation Her Cousin, Martin, May Be Kate S Prime Suspect And The Local Trooper, Jim Chopin, Is Interested In Kate Than In Her Investigation In The End, The Sanctuary She Sought After Five And A Half Years In The Urban Jungles May Prove Lethal Than Anything She Left Behind In The City Streets Of Anchorage

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Dana Stabenow was born in Anchorage and raised on 75 foot fish tender in the Gulf of Alaska She knew there was a warmer, drier job out there somewhere.

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