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Pope Joan A World Wide Bestseller, Major Motion Picture And Upcoming Director S Cut TV Mini Series Exclusively For The US For A Thousand Years Her Existence Has Been Denied She Is The Legend That Will Not Die Pope Joan, The Ninth Century Woman Who Disguised Herself As A Man And Rose To Become The Only Female Ever To Sit On The Throne Of St Peter Now In This Riveting Novel, Donna Woolfolk Cross Paints A Sweeping Portrait Of An Unforgettable Heroine Who Struggles Against Restrictions Her Soul Cannot AcceptBrilliant And Talented, Young Joan Rebels Against Medieval Social Strictures Forbidding Women To Learn When Her Brother Is Brutally Killed During A Viking Attack, Joan Takes Up His Cloak And His Identity And Enters The Monastery Of Fulda As Brother John Anglicus, Joan Distinguishes Herself As A Great Scholar And Healer Eventually, She Is Drawn To Rome, Where She Becomes Enmeshed In A Dangerous Web Of Love, Passion, And Politics Triumphing Over Appalling Odds, She Finally Attains The Highest Office In Christendom Wielding A Power Greater Than Any Woman Before Or Since But Such Power Always Comes At A PriceIn This International Bestseller, Cross Brings The Dark Ages To Life In All Their Brutal Splendor And Shares The Dramatic Story Of A Woman Whose Strength Of Vision Led Her To Defy The Social Restrictions Of Her Day

About the Author: Donna Woolfolk Cross

Donna Woolfolk Cross graduated cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa, from the University of Pennsylvania in 1969 with a B.A in English She moved to London, England, after graduation, and worked as an editorial assistant for a small publishing house on Fleet Street, W.H Allen and Company Upon her return to the United States, Cross worked at Young and Rubicam, a Madison Avenue advertising firm, before goin

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    Interesting take on the legend, but has some flaws I think I m going to be another one in the minority here I found the idea of a woman disguised as a man seated on the papal throne to be an interesting legend and the author did a decent job with it I appreciated the research the author took on the period and customs of the times, which is not an easy ta

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    About the only female pope back in the 9th century The Catholic Church today treats Pope Joan as legend created by the Protestants, but with over 500 documents to prove she did exist, it is but another bureaucratic cover up.A woman from Frankish lands with Saxon and English heritage in the 9th century going out there and doing it for herself It is a thinking per

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    NO SPOILERS In conclusion, having completed this novel, having struggled through to the end, I can say I did not like it I didn t like it from the start to the end When I voice this opinion, I am obviously in the minority I do appreciate that the author concluded with an informative author s note, which supports her belief that Pope Joan did exist, between the acknowled

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    Before I started reading this book I gave a brief summary to some of my friends who saw that I had just bought it and were wondering about it That got us into a heated discussion about how completely outrageous it is for a woman to dress up as a man How it s pretty much impossible to get away with it seeing as you ll always end up in some sort of situation where you have to rev

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    Maybe I should NOT try to claim that I have actually and indeed finished reading Donna Woolfolk Cross Pope Joan, as I have now tried to peruse this here novel a total of four times and not been able or even in any way all that willing to proceed past page 100 or so always giving up in both despair and often even anger However, and my sincere apologies to those of you who have actually

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    Whenever you see a legend, you can be sure, if you go to the very bottom of things, that you will find history. Vallet de VirivilleJoan Anglicus is a frustrated young girl The brightest and most scholarly of all her siblings, she is often denied the chance to learn because of her sex The Dark Ages were a time when womens brains were thought to be smaller than a man s and only needed fo

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    Pope Joan is a figure I was aware of but knew next to nothing about, her existence is surrounded by mystery and so she seems the ideal figure to write a historical fiction novel about Author Donna Woolfolk Cross writes an interesting tale about what could have been a young girl s life in that time.Daughter of a canon who values women little and definitely finds them unworthy of an education her Joan h

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    This was a novelisation of the life of the probably real female pope, Pope Joan So few records remain that historians cannot agree on whether she actually existed, and the facts of her life are few, so the author had lots of scope for invention Her use, than once, of amazing coincidences to get Joan out of trouble bothered me, but I couldn t fault the historical side of the novel She obviously did a lot of r

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    I was so torn while reading this book It was decent writing, the characters were strong but there were a few problems for me Everyone was a caricature with the exception of Joan What I really hated, though, was how the author took a great possibility of a story and turned it into flaming feminist rhetoric Every favorite feminist theme was there, from rape and abuse to abortion Why can t smart girls sew and cook as we

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    Stunning story about the first alleged female Pope Donna Woolfolk Cross takes a thousand year old legend and writes a compelling back story that left me with many questions Pope Joan begins her life as a precocious English child with a thirst for knowledge who eventually fools everyone to become Pope Steeped in history, Cross explains how this happened with a fascinating tale of ambition and adventure A great read, she descr

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