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Nonprofit Brilliance Nonprofit Brilliance Explains How To Guide Nonprofits Of All Sizes Toward A Desired Future Inspiration, Aspiration, And Wishful Thinking Are Not Enough To Guarantee A Sustainable Future High Functioning, Mission Achieving Nonprofit Status Can Only Be Reached Through A Culture That Thrives On Knowing Itself, Its Capabilities, And Understanding What Needs To Be Done In The Future Before Tomorrow Arrives Nonprofit Brilliance Shows Leaders How To Engage Employees In Strategic Thinking, Planning, Managing, And Creating The Future You Have Always Envisioned It Presents A Framework For Creating Diverse Teams To Promote Culture And Product Improvement, Behaviors That Encourage Strategic Thinking, The Importance Of Aligning All Work With Vision For The Future, And How To Engage All Stakeholders With Mission Delivery Benefits To Reading Nonprofit Brilliance You Will Learn How To Make Data Based Decisions Engage All Employees With Organizational Problem Solving Develop And Use Templates And Charts To Collect And Analyze Data Create A Meaningful And Realistic Mission Statement That Leads To A Deep Commitment To The Mission Identify And Monitor Your Organization S Vital Signs Embed Change Into The Very Fabric Of Your Culture With The Reassurance That Change Does Not Need To Be Painful Create A Dynamic And Engaged Board Use A Budget To Design The Future Appeal To New Donors Visualize And Move Toward The Nonprofit Of Your Dreams

About the Author: Mark Mullen

After spending 35 years as a leader in the public sector, Mark has turned his attention toward examining and writing on America s cultural and social issues.His opinionated, muckraking style of writing exposes the underbelly of business and political practices While he explores mainly American economics, business, education, and politics, Mark s focus is on the difficulties of getting by in America, especially for the middle class Sociological patterns underlying business, cultural, and political behaviors are analyzed through a critical, sarcastic, and sometimes humorous lens.America, We Have the Country We Want, is a set of centrist observations and reflections intended to entertain and enlighten with commentary on some of today s most talked about social issues business, education, society, religion guns, and the media Mark shares why he believes Americans are comfortable with the familiar, even when the familiar is bad for us Mark s newest book, America We Need a Raise examines America s disappearing middle class and offers a set of remedies to offset poor political and business decision making Middle class income continues to shrink while the prices of commodities and services grow Higher paying middle class skilled jobs have been replaced with low paying retail and service work It doesn t have to be this way Mark s proposed solutions could vastly improve the lives of hundreds of millions of Americans and their descendants while at the same time strengthen America s economy.

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