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Conveniently Yours (After the Vows, #1) Jessie is truly a remarkable woman The way she struggles since her husband died is sad Corbin is a wonderful person The way he tries to make sure that Jessie and her kids are okay is truly amazing The characters in this book are all very special people The shelter people are all blessed by them You will feel God working throughout this whole book. Love May Win Yet In This Delightful Christian, Romantic Comedy That Follows Two Widowed Neighbors Who Agree To Join Their Antic Filled Families For The Sake Of Convenience Jessie Vaughn Has Fallen In Love With Her Husband But Refuses His Advances Until She S Loved In Return Corbin, Although Than Willing To Share His Bed, Fears To Share His Heart As Christians Will They Choose To Trust God, Or Let Pride War Against Their Marriage Join This Uproarious Household As They Struggle Through Riotous Pranks By Their Children, Nuances Of Their Cat Crazed British Neighbor, A Waitress Who Presumably Escaped A Happiness Cult And Many Moments Sure To Keep You Laughing I have read almost of Regina Tittle books and enjoy everyone of them This one is as great as the others Reminds me a little of the mail order books in todays time Two people come together in a time of need and finds love The Love was always there though and you can see it in the way Connor takes care of her Jessie is great, stubborn, and independent and gets into all sorts of messes I highly recommend this book to all. Goodthe woman who was raising her children after the death of her husband was having trouble making ends meet.the Lord brought happeyness I very much enjoyed this book There is a strong Christian faith element that is woven in well The marriage of convenience story line is a favorite of mine and I like how this author portrayed it The characters were very likable and believable. Convenient for who I couldn t put it down Once again, Regina your doing good I had a Great grandmother who got married for convenience at least once Just marry a man Seriously God sure has his reasons, and He doesn t ask for our opinion, or anyone else 4 1 2As a widow, Jessie Thompson has been struggling to make ends meet To help her out, her neighbor, Corbin Vaughn, pays her to take care of his children Corbin lost his wife to cancer several years ago Jessie and Corbin have a certain chemistry that s both wonderful and frustrating After several unexpected expenses, Jessie reaches a point where she has to sell her house That would mean moving to an apartment and losing the income from watching Corbin s kids Corbin suggests that marriage would solve all their problems After much prayer and consideration, she agrees to marry him Their marriage does solve several problems but it also opens up a whole set of new ones.Conveniently Yours is an entertaining story that keeps you fully engaged from beginning to end I loved the banter between Jessie and Corbin but I also loved their chemistry lots of sizzle The children will find their way into your heart with their cute personalities as well as their antics One thing that touched my heart was the way Jessie interacted with the folks at the homeless shelter I really admired her I appreciated how Jessie and Corbin both put their faith into action by the things they did for those around them Something we should all be doing Conveniently Yours is lively tale and one I would highly recommend I can t wait for the next book Here s a favorite quote from the beginning of the book Jessie stood in the entrance of the master bedroom The amphibians returned, playing leapfrog in her middle She stared at Corbin s bed You don t expect us to share that, do you Corbin rested his forearm against the other side of the doorframe His mouth rose in a curious smile as he looked from the bed to her Uh, yeah That s what husbands and wives usually do But you haven t even held my hand Her voice came across stronger than normal Corbin turned and leaned his back against the frame, narrowing the space between them You want me to hold your hand Fully indignant, Jessie squared her jaw and faced him If you expect to hold anything else, that would be a good place to start This complimentary copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review For information about this book or other books by Regina Tittel, I encourage you to visit her website at www.reginatittel.com.

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