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Slow Dancing UPDATE 15052016

Sadly, I can't put any quote or memorable moment here but I don't really think I'll need that to convince you to read this masterpiece.

How it felt reading this book

There comes a moment in any person's life when they read in Wattpad. Yes, if you haven't got to that moment already, it will surely happen in the future. Don't worry. And, if you happen to be pondering between reading on Wattpad or not, choose yes.

And choose wisely by reading Slow Dancing.

It was magical. This book was pure magic in words. It started as a slow, gentle rain until it became a full storm of mystery, emotions and of course love and hate. In fact, I'm somewhere between love and hate towards this book.

Noelle's (hepburnettes) writing is elegant, yet simple. Her characters are well built and the world is as normal as it get's. You'll find many similarities to Cinderella's story, which is what made this book so magical and enchanted. In fact, this book is a fairytale and I feel like the fairy god mother, just watching while baby Kaden and Isla feel deeply and madly in love. *sighs*

Aftermath: GO. READ. THIS. BOOK. please


Damn you Noelle... actually i forget the date i finish this book.lol.but i know that i read this book this year (before it taken down) lucky me :)) hahhaa
first, i just got curious with the review from this book..n after that,i just can't stop to read it..n woww, i never read that fast before, nowaday..lol
thank u noelle, i really love this book.can't wait to read your another books..n highly recommended for u guys who love romance with the mystery inside. ^^ I don’t usually write reviews for wattpad book but my favourite book on wattpad is an exception to that rule. I don’t have a start date or a finish date and I’ve read this more than twenty five times (I can literally recite dialogues at this point). This book is something I open when I feel the worst about myself and this never fails to lighten my mood, drown me in the story again and again and again.

I love how the beginning is so sweet and how Kaden found out in mere seconds after Isla pretends to be Kaden’s dead girlfriend. The way he kisses her to find out. I love the sweet moments of how she recites the movies to him and his soft laugh or my favourite time when he tries to use the gym and she stops him and presses ice to his abs. That’s hot. I almost cried when he begged for her to stay in the last meeting and when Kaden says that she couldn’t kiss him like that and say that she doesn’t love him.

The grief that follows is heart wrenching my absolute favourite part starts after this. It’s when Isla sees Kaden in the elevator and she canfinallysee himhis eyes, his lips and everythingbut she can’t say anything. She has to stand there and pretend that she’s standing next to a stranger when in reality, she just wants to kiss the daylights out of him. Moreover, the stranger has no freaking clue about the inner turmoil of the girl standing beside her (who he has been looking). It’s so genius. I adored it. Then, when Kaden slaps that lawsuit and Isla just says “sue me” and the myriad of emotions that go through thinOH MY GOD. and then the kiss in the balcony. I love everything about this book. I can recite it.

I loved how each character was given their individual persona and flaws. For example, Kaden was the most eligible bachelor in the country and yet on his birthday, he didn’t want to face anyone. When Kaden was sick, he didn’t have anyone to take care of him although he had all the money in the world. This shows so much about Kaden and probably how lonely he became due to the amount of people who truly cared for him and the people he could actually trust. Kaden is my favourite. His taunts, his cold hearted ness that sometimes slips when Isla is too close, his compliments, the way he teases IslaI adore everything about him. He’s just amazing. Isla too had her flaws and her quirks. She might be hiding it but Isla loved Kaden and she never tried denying it to herself. And due to circumstances, she had to lie a lot but at least didn’t lie to herself. And she surely had a lot of guilt after she lied. That in itself shows that she has goodness in her that Kaden sees and loves.

One of my favourite things is how both of them love each other so fiercely that loves becomes anger. For example, when Isla asks him to eat or she would shred the papers. Or when Kaden must know her address and then when she asks him about him, he says that’s he doesn’t want to loose her again. I love it.

The book is written beautifully. Its written in a way that makes your heart race and stomach churn. It makes you feel every single emotion that the characters are feeling and draws you into its world so swiftly that you forget the rest. Noelle has done an amazing job on it.

I would recommend it to everyone and anyone. I have recited this story to my best friends on phone when they couldn’t read it. This story is lovely. I’m glad I read it. The moment I found this book, I screamed with tears because I definitely fell inlove but I can't read it immediately because I don't have the time then and when I already have the time, the author deleted/unpublished it. I was so sad, so devastated. But after a few weeks she uploaded it again on Wattpad! I was so happy, I squealed then ran into my room and read it but after a few minutes of reading, I found out that some chapters are deleted. Again, I was left broken but I went on. It's better to have some than none at all.

I wasn't disappointed in this book. It's the kind of book that will keep you interested until the end. I spent the while night reading this book, every letter, I didn't get to sleep at all. I couldn't put it down, it's just so awesome for me.
If you're a sucker for sad love stories with happily ever after, I recommend you to read this.

Still hoping, waiting that the Author post the second book. I loveeed the first part that was on wattpad and now I’m hanged and can’t get over it and I’m broke so if you have this can you pls pls pls pls help me out I’m literally dying to know how’s it’s gonna end I’m willing to give my left arm for this thanks 😭😭😭😭 I love books that make me cry. This one definitely did. I instantly fell in love with the entire story on Wattpad, and even paid to read more on Radish. I've reread the story around 3 times, crying over the love story over and over. The author definitely lets you get a feel of the true feelings of Isla Moore, and finds a way to get you wanting to read more. I really want to read the second book but it isn't available on wattpad. Even though it is really cheesy it was really good. Amazing. OH MY GOD THE AUTHOR STOPPED UPDATING THIS BOOK FOR SO LONG BUT SHE STARTED WRITING AGAIN YESS How To Slow Dance Social DancingYouTube You Ll Learn Everything From How To Slow Dance, To How To Dance As A Couple, To The Spins, Dips, And Turns That Will Sweep Your Partner Right Off Their Feet This Slow Dance Lesson Shows You Just Slow Dancing Le Film Cinefil Slow Dancing Un Chroniqueur Est Fascine Par La Population De New York Il S Interesse A Un Jeune Drogue De Douze Ans, A Un Danseuse Etoile Dont Les Jambe Slow Dancing Traduction En Franais Exemples AnglaisIt S Slow Dancing With Jazz Time Il Est L Heure De Danser Un Slow Avec Jazz I Mean, I Did Everything Short Of Telling Him That Bob And I Were Slow Dancing In The Cafeteria J Ai Tout Fait Pour Lui Insinuer Que Bob Slow Dancing YouTube Slow Dancing Sublime Harmonics This Is Music For RELAXING, VolSavastino Music Art Released OnArtist Sublime Harmonics Composer J Barfalk Auto Generated By YouTubeJoji Slow Dancing In The Dark Lyrics Traduction I Don T Wanna Slow Dance I Don T Wanna Slow Dance In The Dark, Dark When You Gotta Run Just Hear My Voice In You My Voice In You Shutting Me Out You Shutting Me Out Doing So Great So Great, Paroles Et Traduction Joji SLOW DANCING IN THE DARKWhen I M Around Slow Dancing In The Dark Quand Je Suis L Danser Lentement Dans Le Noir Don T Follow Me, You Ll End Up In My Arms Ne Me Suis Pas, Tu Finiras Dans Mes Bras You Done Made Up Your Mind Tu As Fait Ton Choix I Don T Need Nosigns Je N Ai Plus Besoin De Signes Can You Peux Tu Can You Romantic Skygaze Slow Dancing Par Sacrificial CandymanPour Le Mod Slow Dancing, Vous Trouverez La Premire Interaction Dans Le Menu Amour En Cliquant Sur Un Sim Ensuite En Cliquant Sur Le Sim Cibl Pendant Le Slow Un Nouveau Menu Apparatra Slow Qui Vous Permettra D Utiliser Deux Nouvelles Interactions Voir L Image Ci Dessous Joji SLOW DANCING IN THE DARK Lyrics Genius SLOW DANCING IN THE DARK Lyrics I Don T Want A Friend Just Onenight I Want My Life In Two My Life In Two Please Onenight Waiting To Get There Waiting For You Waiting For I loved this book! It just makes me so happy that I have a Wattpad account in which I can read free books! First of all, I completely fell in love with the way Kaden Bretton and Isla Moore were portrayed. The book is so wellwritten! Second, I love how Noelle N. clearly contrasts the happy moments, the sad moments, and all of the desperation. I mean, I was crying through most of it! It was so sad and heartbreaking. Lastly, I really wish that the second book, "Free Falling," will also be posted on Wattpad soon. Please, please, please! (I can only read the first three chapters on Radish :( .)

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