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Lancelot I had started reading the second book in this series and I had gotten maybe 100 pages in before I decided I had to read the first one to get a much deeper understanding and connection even though I was already enjoying the second book There is only one complaint at times it felt they it was a lot saying than actually doing, which worked in some places but other places felt as if you missed something but the characters and their interactions with each other are great especially women like Guinevere and Lancelot with other women Inspiring them to be better and helping when they can.Lancelot is a brilliant character because she strong, kind, and honorable Everything you want in a knight I also love that she proves every man wrong because she is equal o them in everything even if they aren t aware of who she really is I didn t think I would love gawaine as much as have but he might be my favorite His character development is wonderful and he brings a lightness to darker times The comradare of the Knights is fun to read about.This book just sucks you in within the first several pages and it doesn t let you go It has everything I want in a book. The title and subtitle provide the gist in this telling of the Arthurian story, Lancelot is a woman, a nobleman s daughter raised as a son after her mother is killed, so the romance between Lancelot and Guinevere is illicit twice, once for being adulterous on Guinevere s part and again for being between two women It s a long book but a quick and enjoyable read Most of the time I managed to suspend my skepticism about whether Lancelot could have pulled this off I must confess, though I m not a romance reader This probably explains why I was looking depth in the novel s key relationships, not just between those in the central triangle but between them and those around them Gawain and Morgan in particular threatened to steal the story whenever they appeared I look forward to seeing them again in volume 2. A Young Girl Sees A Man Rape And Murder Her Mother She Grabs A Stick And Puts Out His Eye Her Father Raises Her As A Boy So She Will Be Safe From Men S Attacks She Practices And Practices Until She Becomes A Great Fighter Lancelot She Wants To Protect Women, And She Does Lancelot Hears About King Arthur, A Just King Across The Sea, And Journeys To Earn A Place At Camelot She Vows To Serve Him, But Fears That Arthur And His Men Will Discover That She Is A Woman And Send Her Away Lancelot Is Shocked To Realize That She Is Falling In Love With The King S Wife, Guinevere Guinevere Is A Strong Woman Who Would Have Preferred To Be Queen In Her Own Right, Not Through Marriage Saxons Attack Arthur S Kingdom, And Lancelot Finds Out That Fighting A War Is Far Different From Saving Women In Single Combat The Savagery Of War Devastates Her I really wanted to love this book For the wonderful idea of a female Lancelot, the best knight in the world as a passing woman, and the doomed love between Lancelot and Guinevere as a passion between two women And I pushed through it, waiting patiently for it to click for me But it never quite did though it came close at times I enjoyed Lancelot s voice, her innocence about the ways of the world turning to confusion, sorrow and pain as she sees at every turn the treatment of women and the brutality of war in Arthur s Britain The telling of her descent into what can only be described as post traumatic stress during the long sequence of battles against the Saxons Douglas clearly intends this book to be a critique that covers a range of feminist issues from sexual abuse and domestic violence to paternalistic attitudes that limit women s opportunities and options These issues are, in fact, present in the experience of virtually every female character who is even mentioned in the book Unfortunately, the author falls into the trap of dismissing women s work, both physical and emotional, and women s concerns about relationships with men, family and children, as being something to be escaped, rather than accepted as a part of life that needs to be valued and embraced by society and all its members.Instead of a story that validates all the possible choices women can make about their lives, what we get is a story in which women like Lancelot and Guinevere are able to transcend cultural limitations because they are different, and don t like girl s things Douglas also falls into the habit of giving most of the other women in the novel traditional roles spurned lover, manipulative bitch, subservient wife, wise old crone, victim of violence or the dead woman in the fridge.There are other problems I found it overly slow and meandering, especially at the beginning The author has incorporated elements of all the Arthurian stories she can possibly fit in, all together into one text, and it often seems that they are there just to add yet another instance of male indifference or brutality to women and their concerns, as many do not add significantly to the story of Guinevere and Lancelot Even Malory, whose classic work is a compendium of tales than a unified story, was selective about his choices, and kept one thread, that of the king whose greatness carries the seeds of his downfall, at the core of his narrative Moreover, there is something overly simplistic about the way key decisions that will literally change the course of lives are made The choices that lead to Lancelot being raised as a boy in the first place, Gawaine s choice to follow Arthur, Morgan s decision to betray him, Guinevere s sudden acceptance of her lesbianism These things all happen almost without thought, like the flipping of a switch The motivations are hollow, we barely see inside the characters enough to understand how or why such drastic choices are made and justified We are told, but we do not see.As well, the style of writing is rather pedestrian At times it reads like a YA novel and one for the younger end of that audience but the themes of sexuality and violence rather run counter to that.The story also relies upon one of my own pet peeves failure to communicate I was rather annoyed with the long keeping of secrets that prevented Guinevere and Lancelot from realising that their love was mutual Particularly when there were so many times that Guinevere could have made it clear that she had seen through Lancelot s masculine facade On the other hand, it was quite satisfying to see some of the less frequently adapted Arthurian tales brought into play, and to have so much of the story told from female perspectives, so I can t say there was no pleasure here for me It s just that there could have been so much For those who want to explore the idea of a female Lancelot, in my opinion the gold standard remains Jo Walton s duology, The King s Name and The King s Peace. Really, really enjoyed this book, though a part of me wants to reserve judgement until I read the sequel please don t end tragically I know you re supposed to, but don t Lancelot Her Story is very different from anything I ve read It s fairly meandering and doesn t always seem to be going somewhere concrete Arthurian slice of life, if you will but that s also one of its charms If you, like me, have wanted to spend time in Arthurian legends but can t get past all the tragedy, this book on its own at least is a fantastic way to do so I loved the friendship between Lancelot and Gawaine and I loved how Guinevere could be brittle and judgemental to some while being kind and loving to others mainly Lancelot Arthur is a nebulous figure, and not particularly likeable, but that was very effective in context being a good king does not necessarily require being a good person, and this book shows that Lots of character development as the characters mature, and the story is told mostly from the perspectives of Lancelot Guinevere, with occasional chapters from Gawaine and even infrequent chapters from others.All in all, a definite recommendation for people looking for something that s an immersive read than a page turner There are a lot of horrifying images that might put people off rape pillaging, etc but they re not described in explicit detail, thankfully, and the characters who matter respond to them with suitable disgust Further, I loved the little tidbits about religion and how the characters all differed in their beliefs, from believing in pre Christian gods to devout Christianity to a practical apply as needed brand of belief It made the characters feel distinct and real in my mind. I had written an initial review of this book, before I could finish it, thinking I would leave it on hiatus for months and months I actually decided to finish the book immediately so I changed my review My first warning is this I have read the first part about 52% of the novel, if kindle is correct in October 2016 and then stopped reading till May June 2017 For this reason, I don t remember much of the first part but some particular elements, which is why my review might seem vague about the first part but have details about the second part.This is the story of Lancelot, a woman raised as a man by her father after the mother s death She loves other women and, of course, she falls in love with Queen Guinevere view spoiler I will start from what I liked, because when I changed my review I actually raised the starts from two to four I enjoyed the story of Morgana, how she wants to defeat Arthur and uses Guinevere for her purposes and Guinevere knows of that, but she can t imagine Morgana as a true villain, as she is quite fond of her , I enjoyed immensely the idea of a Guinevere that is not at all loyal to Arthur and the only reason why she doesn t betray him as in, following Morgana s scheme is that se doesn t want to ruin her love for Lancelot, but most of all I enjoyed Lancelot as a character She started a bit flat, I think, but she is defined the you read and you can see and feel how hard it is for her, especially regarding her friendship with Gawain and the secret she has to keep I also liked the contrast between Guinevere and Lancelot, with a jealous Guinevere that definitely reminded me of Malory s one, ready to attack any woman around Lancelot and cold towards any person around her, but I couldn t often understand her motivations, or feel what she felt for Lancelot, as it seemed to me like she managed to find another woman who liked women and be happy with that, than really falling in love with Lancelot.In general, while the plot felt a bit disjoined, because of the quick changes in PoV, all the themes and episodes fall into places Gawain s search for his daughter who ends up being Sir Galahad , Mordred and I can t wait to read about him , Morgana s plot and Drian I hope she will be Dinadan in future books the majority of what happened falls into the right parts of the puzzle My only main problem is the relationsip between Guinevere and Lancelot, as I couldn t really feel any kind of love between them, the story tells me there is but it doesn t show me, the recurring theme of women dressed as men to be what they want to be, and the first part of the book The first part of the book is incredibly slow and nothing really happens there, as the plot really starts moving by the end of the book, when Morgana decides to make her move I was also a little confused by Arthur as a character He is immensely hated by Guinevere but Lancelot is incredibly loyal to him, and I couldn t feel anything he is flat enough that I couldn t understand why would Guinevere hate him he behaves terribly, but then they also work together, so I would expect a bit of mixed feelings from Guinevere s side and why would Lancelot be so loyal I am not even sure that they interact hide spoiler I first heard Carol Anne read part of this book at a convention, and I had to take a look The book does not disappoint The characters are fully realized, interesting spins on traditional characters of Arthurian legend The book examines serious issues such as romance, war, chivalry, and love, all of them in a fresh way without becoming anachronistic This book is a must read for people who think they ve seen everything that can be done with Arthurian legend I look forward to reading the sequel. Arthurian twistDouglas writes of Arthurian Times with great engaging prose that paints the picture of ancient Britain The love story of Lancelot and Guineviere has the twist of Lancelot as a woman warrior, enchanting me If you like jousting and courtly intrigue, this books for you. This is another book written in my favorite category woman disguised and living as man I never associated Camelot, the Arthurian age with lesbianismtill this book The ending is left hanging, so for those who dislike cliff hangers, might want to wait for the series to be completed before you start reading. There are few things frustrating than a book that seems to be tailor made to push all your buttons that ends up simply not working for you Arthurian re telling check set in a historically informed post Roman Britain check with cross dressing female Lancelot check in a lesbian romance with Guinevere check Yep, should have been perfect So believe me when I say that I went into this book expecting to love it.Unfortunately, the premise is the only thing that the story solidly delivered At first I thought I might have gone into the book with the wrong reading protocol At first glance, the prose style gives the impression of being a YA novel and one on the younger end of the YA range , though the blurb and marketing materials give no indication in that direction Short direct sentences, sparse description, lots of telling and relatively little showing Check out the preview to get a taste of what I mean But other than the writing style, the book definitely doesn t say YA to me, in particular in the continual emphasis on a violent and misogynistic depiction of Dark Age society, and repeated although rarely graphic references to sexual violence One may debate the historic accuracy of the depiction, and I realize that YA doesn t shy away from sexual topics, but this aspect definitely didn t feel YA to me The other aspect that doesn t fit the YA paradigm is the book s slow and monotonous pace While the characters are continually doing things, there is little in the way of an overall plot arc Events plod from one battle to the next assignation to another rescue of a damsel in distress And then, after a great number of pages, they stop There is, evidently, a sequel, because this volume ends before we get to the Arthur Lancelot crisis, the Modred betrayal, and the other end of story plot elements.While the story does an admirable job of cramming many of the medieval Arthurian tales into a single text we get Gawain and the Green Knight, the abduction of Guinevere by Melwas, the begetting of Mordred, and many many it fails to make sense of them as a unified narrative This may be due to too close a loyalty to the original texts which were never intended to serve as a coherent narrative , although plotting and the identity of the primary characters is the only aspect in which this loyalty shows Lancelot Her Story follows the modern neo pagan version of the Arthurian mythos, in which conflict plays out not only between Britons and Saxons but between the fading remnants of an ancient goddess worshiping society and the dominance of a sex negative patriarchal Christianity In execution, it copies the playbook of The Mists of Avalon and its successors rather than working from a historic Dark Age context Douglas s Lancelot balances her way between the two cultures in parallel with the way she balances between two genders raised a Christian and raised a boy, but in many ways comfortable with the accepting goddess culture and with her female identity Note that while Lancelot spends most of the book passing as a man to the majority of the other characters, she is not presented as a transgender character and uniformly identifies internally with female pronouns, although she regularly contemplates topics of gender identity Although one might think that a story centering around a cross dressing lesbian Lancelot would examine gender roles from a critical and enlightened perspective, there is an annoying tendency for all the identified as sympathetic female characters to have a case of I m not like those other girls While Lancelot s cross gender upbringing might have been due to trauma, we re given previous signs that she s not like other girls in her tomboyish preference for running wild in the woods and her longing for spirited horses, along with her disdain for sewing and other feminine pursuits Guinevere, too, is signaled as sympathetic by her rejection of traditionally feminine activities and her interest in reading and in riding horses And much later in the book when Guinevere takes on a prot g who also becomes something of a substitute daughter to Lancelot, we know she s going to be an important character because she doesn t sew or spin well, her behavior is unruly, and she enjoys swordplay and learning to read.Rather than critiquing gender roles, the story accepts the premise that traditional femininity is uninteresting, not admirable, and ill suited to a protagonist Most of the other women in the book are either downtrodden wives, manipulative seductresses, or dead in childbirth or from sexual assault.There were a few other issues that grated on me, but for the most part they hit personal idiosyncrasies rather than being writing flaws In the end, the book s worst flaw was that it never grabbed hold of me and sucked me in I fought my way, step by monotonous step, to the end of the book.

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Carol Anne Douglas is a writer of fantasy novels and plays She passionately loves the Arthurian legends and the works of Shakespeare, and is using them as the basis of her own fiction Her book Lancelot Her Story will be published this fall, and its sequel will be published in 2016 She worked on a feminist news journal for many years and published many essays She has taught women s studies clas

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