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Watch the Lady Penelope Devereux Is A Legendary Beauty In The Court Of Elizabeth, But It S Not Just Her Looks Which Mark Her Apart With Her Canny Instinct For Being In The Right Place At The Right Time And Her Skilled Political Manipulation, She Has Become A Formidable Adversary To Anyone Who Stands In Her Path And Now, Penelope Must Secure The Future Of The Devereux Dynasty At Whatever Cost Even Treason For The Queen Is Just One Pawn In A Deadly Game I enjoyed reading this book it was really interesting Recommended. The famed beauty Penelope Devereux, reported to be the muse of poet Robert Sidney, was born in 1563 She s the great grand daughter of Mary Boleyn by Henry VIII and her mother is Lettice Knollys who vexed Elizabeth I by marrying her favourite Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester after Penelope s father dies Her beloved brother is Robert, second Earl of Essex and she will support him in all his political endeavours, even the final one view spoiler which will result in his execution for treason hide spoiler Once again Elizabeth Fremantle fails to impress.Penelope Devereux, the sister to Robert, led a very exciting life during the Renaissance reign of Elizabeth I and I ve tried to read every book I could find about her.With such riches from which to mine when writing this book, Fremantle s characters never come alive and the book is never exciting.For new readers just discovering this subject I imagine it would be a very exciting read. For many of us history buffs, the story of the Earl of Essex is well known, but not so much the story of his older sister , Penelope The author of this book expressed her desire to adhere to historical fact whenever possible, but she often had to resort to conjecture because so much is not known Having said that, I finished this book having developed great respect for the courage for this great lady of the Elizabethan age She had guts for sure She lived life by her rules I also realized I have one of the author s redirects on my shelf here at home to read, The Lady Penelope The Lost Tale of Love and Politics in the Court of Elizabeth I by Sally Varlow I m excited to read a bio about her to get a historically accurate account of her life.

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