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Talking Turkeys (Plus) One Of The Coolest Poets For Children, Benjamin Zephaniah S Talking Turkeys Has Something To Say Talking Turkeys Is The Very First Ground Breaking Children S Poetry Collection From Street Poet Benjamin Zephaniah Playful, Clever And Provocative, This Is Performance Poetry On The Page At Its Very Best

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    Talking Turkeys Poetry by Benjamin Zephaniah Benjamin Zephaniah was born in Birmingham in 1958 At a young age he went through several schools before being permanently excluded at the age of 13 He showed great promise as a poet, reading his poetry in

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    This book is Dedicated to the earth and the children who care Zephaniah B, p5 Let s get this straight There are some poems here that don t promote correct punctuation and grammar as the words are often phrased in Jamaican Patois It s also unconventional, stran

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    The only reason I didn t give the book 5 stars is that there are a few poems I don t get Luckily there are only two or three of them so I can live with it The other poems I love I read and reread them over and over again and i still think they re brilliant So 5 stars fo

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    First published in 1994, Zephaniah s poems are as fresh and relevant as they were back then With topics ranging from veganism to protecting the planet and all life on it, this collection of poems provides a wonderful blend of performance poetry that can be enjoyed by all He provo

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    Love these poems.

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    This is a great read and will put a smile on your face You can really feel the rhythm of each poem, running through and that is what I enjoyed most about this collection of poetry Although there were some poems that I couldn t connect with, I feel that with this collection, the poems are meant to be

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    Talking Turkeys is a collection of poetry by Zephaniah who is a Jamaican children s poet The front cover of the book is highly engaging and colourful, Zephaniah is depicted with his arm around a turkey who is wearing Jamaican accessories This wacky image with engage and stimulate children to want to read the

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    I absolutely love poetry and this love was sparked when I discovered Benjamin Zephaniah and his work I actually have my own signed copy of this book as I use to always attend live performances of Zephaniah performing his work, in which I would also bring my pile of his poetry books to The poem in this book talking turk

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    A vibrant compendium of rhythmic poetry, this book is a fun read Zephaniah writes with a jovial Jamaican twang and illustrates with a creative typeface and playful images Politics, veganism and animals are prominent themes, touched upon with varying weight and humour Zephaniah s words provoke and invoke he challenges the reader

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    I first discovered Benjamin Zephaniah when I was doing work experience in a year 5 classroom His Jamaican patois makes his poetry into a sort of rap and you can really hear the rhythm.He writes about what he wants to write and you can really get a sense of his personality and culture from what he writes.Some of his poems really resonated

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