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Lollipop (Candy Man, #3) edit 30 4 16 I will not be reading Selfie even though I bought it from Riptide I understand that the author has pooped again and rubbish has appeared in that book which Riptide s owners have now publicly agreed is not acceptable in any way, shape or form The author has been requested to amend her original work I can only say Adios Amy, it s been a blast but all good things have definitely come to an end No Another disappointing Amy Lane read for me I m afraid, and I was definitely not impressed with the somewhat condescending attitude, not just towards Mexican people, but African Americans and Jewish people too I have Selfie on order, but I think that may be my last Amy Lane read, her fame has gone to her head A very generous 3 stars. In book 3 of Amy s Candy Man series, Lollipop, all of the characters that I loved from the two initial books are back and the new story fits seamlessly into the Candy Heaven universe In this latest installment, 28 y.o NYC native, Ezra Kellerman shows up in Sacramento with hopes that he isn t too late, but when you snooze, you lose, which Ezra immediately realizes, as Rico is now happily in love with Derek, his true soulmate Rico does still care what happens to Ezra, though, even if he has moved on, so he sets Ezra up with a place to stay and a guardian, of sorts, in Candy Heaven employee Miguel.Miguel is still finding his own footing, and feeling a teeny bit butthurt, after his small startup business failed, so the last thing that he needs or wants is the responsibility of helping someone else put their life back together Then as Ezra and Miguel begin spending nearly every day together, Miguel slowly changes his tune about the burden of spending time with the adorable, yet broken and sexy Ezra.For me, this was not only a story about healing and growing into the person you want to be, but also about family For better or for worse.Where Ezra s controlling and distant family is concerned, blood is thicker than bullshit And just as noxious and unbearable These people are real pieces of work, let me tell you.Miguel s family, however, along with Finn s and the people at Candy Heaven, than make up for Ezra s lack of biological family connections.The way that Miguel s mother and Finn s sister latch onto Ezra was amazing to watch Plus, I found Ezra and Miguel s trip to Disneyland with Miguel s young nieces and nephew really heart felt and touching.The main conflict arises when Ezra s pissed off asshole father and brother show up on Adam and Finn s doorstep while Ezra is out of town I loved seeing Ezra lean on Miguel and his chosen family to come through that experience stronger than ever without his tail between his legs, but with his head held high Ezra s character growth in the story was a thing of beauty.The slow burn in this one reaaaaaaally took a while to catch fire until around 60% into the book, but when it finally did, Lord, there were some sizzling hot scenes, several involving a lot of tongue One of the funniest aspects of the story was how pretty much everyone kept hitting on an extremely oblivious Ezra, which made Miguel bat shit crazy Who knew that all it would take to push Miguel over the edge would be one scorched waffle to force his hand and throw Ezra up against the wall and go for it Yes, waffles, pleaseAlso, the scene where Miguel controls the show and takes Ezra apart, one piece at a time, that was pretty hot as well The story wasn t overly angsty and we re left with a pretty strong HEA, but there was an unexpected part at the very end concerning Darrin s clairvoyant abilities maybe not being the only ones around that had me practically vibrating while guessing just where that plot twist might take us in the future.And we re given a huge clue at the end of the story as to who will be showing up at Candy Heaven next, much to Adam s dismay, but Darrin may have some help in the next book, which I can t wait to read.So after all that possible juiciness about the next book, of course I had to track Amy down on Facebook and tell her that she was a FUCKING TEASEIn a mostly good way Overall, I enjoyed this one than book 2 because WAFFLES, but a bit less than book 1 because FINN, so this one clocks in at around 4.25 verse is the new gay stars My ARC copy of the book was provided by the publishers in exchange for a fair, unbiased review. Ezra Kellerman Flew Across Country To See If He Had Another Chance With The Man He Let Slip Through His Fingers He Didn T Rico Has Moved On, But He Doesn T Just Leave His Ex High And Dry Instead, Rico Entrusts His Family And Friends With Ezra S Care Ezra, Confused, Hurt, And Lost, Clings To Rico S Cousin And His Boyfriend As The Lifelines They Are But Their Friend Miguel Is Another StoryMiguel Rodriguez Had Great Plans And Ambition But A Hearty Dose Of Real Life Crushed Those Flat When Miguel Finds Himself Partially In Charge Of The Befuddled, Dreamy, Healing Ezra, He S Pretty Resentful At First But Ezra S Placid Nature And Sincere Wonder At The Simple Life Miguel Has Taken For Granted Begin To Soften Miguel S Hardened Shell Miguel Starts To Notice That Ezra Isn T Just Amazingly Sweet He S Achingly Beautiful As Well Suddenly Miguel Is Fending Off Every Single Man On The Planet To Give Ezra Room To Get Over Rico While Fighting A Burning Suspicion That The Best Thing To Help Ezra Get Over His Broken Heart Is Miguel Edited and expanded Feb 11 2016Leaving below my original review, that admittedly is not much of one It was just me venting my feelings And I stand by them still I ve actually noticed that only if I m pissed as hell am I marginally listened That s sad as fuck.But seeing as I didn t really review this book, this is my attempt to do so I can t promise I won t feel enraged again Because the truth is that haven t stop feeling the anger simmering under the surface.The book starts with an Author s Note that is offensive and racist.First, Amy Lane introduces the friend , that discourse weapon that every single racist in the world uses I won t expand on it, but go ahead and look up and LEARN what s so so wrong about a white person leaning on a PoC to argument and excuse whatever point they want to make The name of the friend is also worth noting since she s used it in basically every single fucking book she s written with a Latino character.Second, Amy Lane compares her childhood experience to those of working kids andlamentsthat she wasn t as self assured as the children who had to become adults so early in life, I think that point is self explanatory but in case you didn t get it she uses the reality of poor families in this case PoC to make a point about herself That s exploitative to say the least.Third, she uses a sentence and certain phrasing that s as racist as it can get I mentioned it previously and I repeat it herethe families of immigrants were among my hardest working and often best behavedSeveral things are horrifyingly wrong here One, it assumes and furthers the notion that only immigrants and it almost makes it sound as illegal immigrants have a Latino background, when in reality and history lesson here California and Arizona and Texas and New Mexico and small parts of Colorado, Wyoming, Kansas and Oklahoma was Mexican territory up until 1848 In Mexico the war and the resulting treaty to give up the territory is called Tratado de Guadalupe Victoria and Venta de La Mesilla, I have no fucking clue how it is called in the USA or if it is even taught or glossed over in the States So, Mexicans are not necessarily immigrants, THEY WERE ALREADY THERE Two, the wording ofbest behavedsounds like it would be followed by the words like dogs Treat PoC like humans lady That s all I m saying about it because it s making me see red again.Fourth, she then mentions that Miguel, her MC in this novel, comes from a hardworking immigrant family and then she goes and completely fails to portray how is it that they are immigrants in the text, but you already assume it solely by her Author s Note And again like in my previous point, she makes emphasis on the well behaved and hardworking attitude, which is just hurtful as fuck It implies that as a PoC you are only worth of her respect and humane treatment if you follow this line of correctness Which is an invitation to treat PoC who are assholes or lazy asses, or idiots, or unaccomplished not worthy of treating us like humans.Now, onto the text And onto what one reviewer referred to as some stuff the author apparently didn t get right.The Spanish Oh your fucking god, THE SPANISH.See, the thing with us Latinos is that yes most of us like and even celebrate that some of our culture along with the language is shared But it does NOT makes us the exact same In novels, one of the easiest ways to note if an author did a good job of portraying a background of a Latino character is language We do not sound the same sometimes not even in the same country We don t use the same words The basics of it may be the same but it is littered with words that come from indigenous dialects like saaaaay M xico which is not in Spanish , it s also filled with mangled and abbreviated words that each country incorporated into their language separately And with words that mean something in one context, another thing completely when you change the setting or the audience.And what s so glaringly wrong about an English speaking author not getting it is that they don t even have to make much of an effort to understand this People from the States don t speak the exact same English as people from Canada, New Zealand, Australia, England, Scotland, Ireland, India, Trinidad and Tobago, Bahamas, etc You also can t say that aside from the language the countries and the people are the same.So then WHY do both authors and readers insist on persistently portray Latinos as an al encompassing thing A thing that stopped being a person and turned into a caricature, a fucking stereotype, the moment you couldn t be bothered to even try and discern to which of the several of Latino countries your MC belongs to And how he speaks, and how he grew up, with what traditions, with what kind of food, with what music, with which legends and myths The answer is because you are a fucking racist Period.Even though I m focusing on the ethnicity erasure of the Latino character in this review it is worthy of note that the Jewish character gets almost the same treatment His religion is treated with disrespect, his possible ascendants and the meaning they could have completely glossed over or simply overlooked, which makes it very easy for an author to say that they wrote a Jewish character, without ever actually writing a true Jewish character The nuances, small or big, of growing up Jewish practicing or not and with a Jewish name are never depicted But she writes sooooo diverse people Let s applaud her sarcasm Jewish people are still being persecuted And their history is still being censored and modified to the convenience of white supremacy and christian gusto And their experiences are still being used to titillate nazi romances anyone.On the same vein, thepapithing Jesus, Mary, Joseph and the camel Leaving aside the atrocious editing from DSP that allowed the word to be repeated ten fucking thousand times, the how and the when it was used basically goes to show that the author doesn t get it Like I said, context context context I d once said also in a review of one of Amy Lane s books that the use of papi by non Spanish speaking people in general is one that I personally abhor because it involves some heavy cultural gymnastics If you use it to refer to your father, then you never use to refer to a boyfriend hook up Unless you are being a disrespectful asshole You also don t say it to people left and right indiscriminately, especially not in your job Which brings two admittedly personal things to the front of the issue I ve never, not once, in my 26 years of life, heard an adult man call his father papi daddy Pa, yes Pap , yes But I guess, it could happen And if I turn the thing around and think about anyone I barely know calling me mami , the only, ONLY, understanding of it is that it is a catcall No other way around it So if you are going to use it as an endearment, which it does happen sometimes, it s something that develops over time or that may be acceptable during sex But in my job SEXUAL HARRASMENT The other thing that makes it obvious that Amy Lane has no fucking clue at all of any of it is that she used papi for boys but then mami for the mother Dude, EW Just EEEWWW She s also done this in previous books Which really, NO Seriously, NO Anyway, it s complicated Even for me It all boils down to a very heavy combination of context and history So when someone that couldn t be ignorant if she tried uses it it s just a big NO.Still on the same note, a video here of the remarkable Daniel Jos Older explaining why Spanish shouldn t be italicized in text.During the course of the story, which admittedly had it s good parts, there were two instances that showed racism at it s most privileged and that bothered me the most.I understand completely that people like fluffy Amy Lane, because I like it too I get that people being compassionate and kind to one another is a thing that attracts us I get why people like it I mostly like it too.But not at the expense of a Mexican man And I ve let it go one time too many to allow it once Amy Lane has about 7 books that have simultaneously made me go all gooey and all enraged.I m not about to re read it so I don t remember exactly when this scene came about, but there s one instance in the book when Ezra asks Miguel something about brown people and Miguel gives him this asinine and superficial explanation and Ezra says something like oh, I ve never thought about it that way, I don t see colour like that, I always assumed people were brown and from down the block And I don t know which made me feel worse, the absolute privilege one must enjoy to be able to make a statement like that and that goes for both the character and the author capable of writing it , or the condescending and reductive and self derogatory response Miguel gives, something along the lines of oh yeah, no biggie, as long as you don t kill us with fire we are fine with your ignorance which again says a lot about the author who wrote it And then the conversation basically ends with Miguel and us, the readers, especially those just as ignorant as Ezra thinking poor, poor Ezra That s right Ezra.On that note, I did a quick search and brown is used to describe Miguel s mother, Miguel s siblings, Miguel s eyes, Miguel s hair and Miguel s friends than 35 times Don t get me wrong, I like brown being used It is a colour and at least Amy Lane skipped the use of food as descriptions of PoC, but really You couldn t say it some other way Or most importantly, couldn t you have showed a wide variety of people Because there s some of use quite pale Some others with green and blue eyes Some others with blond, black, auburn hair also, some with non wavy hair But no For Amy Lane we are all and I swear to you this was an actual phrase used in the novella Mexican brown.Let that sink inMexican brown .The other scene in the book that made me want to puke was this instance were Miguel and Ezra are discussing clothes and Ezra confides in Miguel that when Rico was working for his father he bought him a suit and helped him choose clothes so he could bare yourselves for the onslaught look less Mexican Ezra all timid and shit comes out looking like this grandiose hero So fucking benevolent He was helping Rico you guys sarcasm again And Miguel goes all aww, shucks papi, you are suck a good person.I wanted to retch in Amy Lane s face after that.Leaving aside the inner workings of my stomach while reading that pile of crap, I wanted and needed to make sure that I got to say my piece about it Basically that it is humongous bullshit.To understand why that is, you d need about a decade of having to compromise and switch between cultures and languages.Let s just say that if a Mexican man got himself a job in a super corporate business he got there already knowing how to play it down low Just fucking trust me on this He didn t need anyone s help before and he certainly doesn t need it when he already is an employee He didn t get to where he is by not knowing these things No one knows better how to deal with a racist in daily life than the people being the punching bags of those racists on a daily basis No one Especially not a white person that doesn t even see colour.I could go on and on about this almost infinitely but I m up to than 2000 words and it s 1 am, so I am going to leave it there just like this All of that whole Ezra the saviour shot couldn t be wrong Or disrespectful Or racist.And all of this 4 paged review, without even getting started on the only black person in the book being described as a jungle cat and dark dark dark that s right, in the same fucking sentence People, let s just not go there If you don t know what s so wrong about describing a black person as an animal, go fuck yourself sideways with a cactus.It all comes down to when certain things stereotypes are repeated relentlessly and inconsiderately by white people, they tend to become the norm Toxic and appropriative narratives are treated as the maxima of representation and it propagates Amy Lane in one of her recent blog posts is all flailing and shit for the very positive wide reception of Lollipop And that s hurtful and damaging.So, finally, fuck you Amy Lane.ORIGINAL JANUARY 2016I was gonna bother.I was really gonna bother with a review I underlined a lot I looked up links and everything.And then, during the course of the past week, this happened and while that conversation and the several that spun out of it were great like the one right here the truth of the matter is that most of the responses were be nice , and people spreading the message were told sometimes directly, sometimes not that since they weren t personally liked, their ideas were to be taken not at face value, but with a grain of salt.And the reviews for this book started coming in and yeah, just no I m done.Go read Julio s review And like it, or don t like I don t give much of a shit today.Ok, lie I give a lot of shits I m just not up to it.And both the things I liked and didn t about this book, I ve said recently here and here It isn t that people like or don t like the book It s that people talk over marginalized groups being depicted I always say whether I like a book or not problematic as it may be , but I never dare say this is the reality for insert group I don t belong to here It was fucking naive of me to expect the same of others I can t not mention this sentence from the Author s Notethe families of immigrants were among my hardest working and often best behaved.BEST BEHAVED.If by any chance anyone reads this review and doesn t understand what s glaringly wrong and racist with that statement I d go and check my privilege in the mirror. Yeah You know Uh, lollipop kisses he s got em Miguel Darrin nodded soberly They don t just taste like cherry, he said, completely serious They taste like the whole rainbowYou know what this is This is angst in disguise Heartbreak served with candy and lollipops and bubble gum You re so sneaky, Amy Lane Even your fluff makes me want to cry But it hurts soooo good So, yes, my heart broke a little while reading this book.For Ezra Who came back to Rico, but Rico was taken Who tore his old life apart with his bare hands literally Who may have money in the bank, but is happier to crash on Adam and Finn s couch, with Jake, the cat, on his chest, and work a job at Candy Heaven for a big rainbow Lollipop as a reward.And for Miguel Because he failed to see how magnificent he is Because he thought he was invisible, nobody s person and the least favorite puppy Until Ezra.Because Ezra remembered his name.It takes a while for Ezra and Miguel to come together Because they became friends first, and then fall in love with each other, and then had sex And we get to watch all this happening, step by step I loved that So yes, there is a lot of slow burn, but this isn t all there is It is Ezra finding a family, friends and a home It is a road trip to Disneyland and finding out how awsome it is to wear shorts and T shirts.But when they came together.BOOM Fireworks and magic And so much sweetness And let me tell you, Miguel gets all possessive and jealous and MINE, MINE, MINE like nobody s businessOnly me, he Miguel muttered All these men trying to get you to flirt, to smile, to take off your clothes only me, you understandOh hell yes.we understand.I literally forgot to breath during the sex scenes Every one of them means something and is an integral part of the narrationThis time Ezra kept his eyes open the entire time, locked on Miguel s, until they both had to close them, trapping the moment for all time, this heartbeat of being inside each other, their bodies as locked as their heartsThis was my favorite book in the series and I highly recommend it And don t go thinking that it s all over, because it s not Candy Heaven will be back, and I have to admit that never in a million years would I have guessed who the MC will beAlso posted on Gay Book Reviews Lollipop is the third book in the Candy Man Series and starts off directly where book two ends Ezra finally freed from his father has come to win back Rico only Rico has moved on Rico has entrusted the gang to take care of Ezra Just as in the previous books, Amy Lane has delivered another lovely, feel good story that will steal your heart.My highlights Rico Hot damn I loved everything about him His strength, loyalty, and gentleness I ve got another Book Boyfriend to add to my list Ezra Despite his past hurts like a phoenix he rises from the ashes He brought out my maternal instincts, and I wanted to protect him along with the rest of the gang Relationship development I love a great friends to lovers tale, and Amy did an outstanding job in this aspect of the story The gang This series is a perfect example of why I love series It s such a joy to catch up with past characters and to see where they re at in their life and relationships Steam Um HOLY SMOKES This is a low angst, feel good story The pace of the story was smooth and effortless I was emotionally satisfied with where she left the boys As far as negatives I got nothing. Quick Note As far as this being book 3 in a series can you read this out of order My answer would be no For maximum enjoyment, they should be read in order Plus, they re awesome you may as well I know Ms Lane is known as the Queen of Angst, but she could easily also be known as the Queen of Feel Good She has delivered a beautiful story of perseverance, friendships, family, and love 5 Stars ARC kindly provided by Dreamspinner Press to Gay Book Reviews for an honest review I am so torn about this book mostly because I really like this author s books but this time, it was really hard to push through the book.I m going to say that I m the whitest, mayo on white bread person ever My family has no cultural identity other than our Minnesota roots and I was personally offended for blacks, Mexicans and Jews while reading this book I felt sorry for Ezra and Miguel because they were caught in a very horrible, racist sitcom written by a woman who probably is a very nice person but needs to really stop and think about what she s writing If there is a DSP person reading this, please have a sit down with Ms Lane and talk to her about how she s portraying other races Her characters went beyond parody, past the point of Mickey Rooney playing a Japanese man in Tiffany s It wasn t funny It wasn t cute It wasn t even touching in the places it should have been touching And that made me so sad I want to like every Amy Lane book I do But they re getting really bad and rushed without a lot of thought about how the characters are written or even a plot PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE what was with all the poo Why was it even there Is no one even reading these things when they go through editing It was like listening to my 12 year old son and his friends Not what I want in my romance. Anyone that has spent much time reading my reviews knows that I can t get enough of Amy Lane Amy Lane Lite, Amy Lane Super Angsty, just sign me up I read Lollipop right after a very heavy, emotionally draining read and it, as I knew it would, recharged me and left me centered again.Miguel and Ezra seemed an unlikely pair, at first Ezra was a fish out of water, or, appropriately, a cat that just escaped its kennel for the first time Watching them play cat and mouse was rather fun.Miguel has a bit of a bruised ego His first try at running a business of his own failed and his crush Adam fell for someone else Finn and he just feels like he s gone backwards in life Having Rico, essentially, dump Ezra on him to babysit just isn t what he wanted Until it was For the first time, someone really sees Miguel and pays attention to him And Ezra, man I just felt bad for him He finally breaks away from his father, flies clear across the country, only to find that his beloved has moved on Crushing So, Ezra has a choice to make he can go crawling back to his overbearing father, or he can start a new life in California and maybe become someone he wants to be instead of who his father wants him to be It isn t like he ever had his father s approval anyway And he s already gone through the trouble of breaking free So, he might as well see about the rest Lollipop was a delightful, slow burn Miguel and Ezra become friends before they become lovers and it was beautiful I also liked the little twist at the end, which I m not going to say what it was But I loved it And I cannot WAIT for the next book Dayum I really want it, oh now would be just perfect 4 Stars That was like reinventing sex for me I didn t know it came like that Yeah that was like a whole other flavor, Miguel agreed Like lollipops, Ezra said Like if you just taste them, they re supposed to just taste like cherry But if you believe they re than that, they really taste like rainbows Ezra came to Sacramento to find Rico Instead, he found Miguel Miguel who shows him the ropes, hugs him when he cries, and takes him home to meet his mom Miguel, who cares and nurtures and is always around Miguel is Ezra s person, just like Ezra is his Jake the cat wants Ezra too, but that s mostly just for petting At 28, Ezra doesn t even know who he is He just knows he doesn t belong in New York and has to get away from his homophobic, racist, controlling father In California, beastly summer heat notwithstanding, he finds a HOME Yeah, he sleeps on Finn and Adam s couch and works at a candy shop for minimum wage, but he s FREE The burn here is slow, but I didn t mind This book is as much about finding your place in the world as it is about discovering real love, that one in a million guy who is there for you, the guy who takes you to Disneyland along with his little nieces and nephew And you actually have FUN Miguel is like the ying to Ezra s yang When Miguel gets possessive and growly, it s all systems go Once the passion explodes, it boils over Miguel and Ezra are frantic and shameless They trust each other and NEED each other and connect on so many levels.There s lot of licking And touching And it s HOT, that s all, really fucking hot.My favorite moments Miguel s mom telling Ezra about the witch hazel pads in the bathroom because reasons Ezra finally standing up to his douche of a father I don t think Ezra owed him a damn thing I would have kept the money Lunch with Rico and Derek, which really wasn t as awkward as it could have been Miguel losing his mind laughing about the white boy needing sunscreen although Ezra is not, like, exclusively white he s like inclusively pale.Also, Waffle Guy I loved oblivious Ezra Miguel should thank Waffle Guy he finally gave Miguel the nudge he needed to claim Ezra and Ezra s ass as his own Lollipop is one of Amy Lane s trademark feel good books, my favorite kind The language is down to earth and laugh out loud funny I love this series because it s about REAL people, some white, some brown, who work hard and love harder Even when there s not enough money, there s uncoordinated baseball and Finn s amazing family and Finn telling Ezra that he s an important puppy We get a teaser for the next book Adam s not happy about Darrin s latest dream But I am Because Candy Man is ever so sweet

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