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For Centuries They Ve Lived In Secret Among Northern England S Green And Misted Hills Creatures Of Extraordinary Beauty, Power, And Sensuality, They Possess The Ability To Shape Shift From Human To Dragon And Back Again Now Their Secret And Their Survival Is Threatened By A Temptation That Will Break Every BoundaryDubbed The Smoke Thief, A Daring Jewel Thief Is Confounding The London Police His Wealthy Victims Claim The Master Burglar Can Walk Through Walls And Vanish Into Thin Air But Christoff, The Charismatic Marquess Of Langford, Knows The Truth The Thief Is No Ordinary Human But A Runner Who S Fled Darkfrith Without Permission As Alpha Leader Of The Dr Kon, It S Kit S Duty To Capture The Fugitive Before The Secrets Of The Tribe Are Revealed To Mortals But Not Even Kit Suspects That The Smoke Thief Could Be A Woman Clarissa Rue Hawthorne Knew Her Dangerous Exploits Would Attract The Attention Of The Dr Kon But She Didn T Expect Christoff Himself To Come To London, Dangling The Tribe S Most Valuable Jewel The Langford Diamond As Bait For As Long As She Could Remember, Rue Had Lived The Life Of A Halfling Half Dr Kon, Half Mortal And An Outcast In Both Worlds She D Always Loved The Handsome And Willful Kit From The Only Place It Was Safe From Afar But Now She Was No Longer The Shy, Timid Girl She D Once Been She Was The First Woman Capable Of Making The Turn In Four Generations So Why Did She Still Feel The Same Dizzying Sense Of Vulnerability Whenever He Was Near From The Moment He Saw Her, Kit Knew That The Alluring And Powerful Beauty Was Every Bit His Alpha Equal And Destined To Be His Bride And By The Harsh Laws Of The Dr Kon, Rue Knew That She Was The Property Of The Marquess But They Will Risk Banishment And Worse For A Chance At Something Greater For Now Rue Is His Prisoner, The Diamond Has Disappeared, And She S Made The Kind Of Dangerous Proposition A Man Like Kit Cannot Resist The Smoke Thief

About the Author: Shana Abe

Shana Ab was born in Texas She spent much of her childhood living in Colorado, with a brief stint in Mexico as a foreign exchange student, and, at age seventeen, lived in Japan as a model Throughout her childhood, Ab wrote, completing what she calls The Silliest Romance Novel Ever during her free time during modeling shoots Her writing focused on romance, as those were the types of books

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    Not what I expected It started out interesting It starts with Rue at age 12 Rue is an outcast in the dragon community she lives in because she s a halfing They treat her like a peasant All dragons have to live in the dragon community, no other options Any who leave, called runners, are brought back and punished Rue drowns at age 17 Ten years later.guess what, she s not dead She s the Smoke Thief

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    I wasn t sure how a historical romance with dragon shifter characters was going to play out it could have been really cheesy Fortunately, I was pleasantly surprised with this one The author blended magic, romance, and a historical setting with this cat and mouse story seamlessly I was completely drawn into the world and characters and I can t wait to read about the drakon now Clarissa Rue Hawth

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    This book was an absolute pleasure to read It was wonderful It was thrilling I thoroughly enjoyed being swept away to a magical world where the drakon dragon shifters live amongst us The Smoke Thief is set in the 1750 s so it also has the richness and textures of that time period The author creates a world where a group of people can shift into beautiful, majestic dragons I loved so many things about

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    When it comes to romance novels that deals with paranormal or along those lines of magic etc I ve pretty much given up on From my POV mostly, you can only do so much with vampires, werewolves and shape shifters before things get old quick So picking up Smoke Thief was taking a lump of salt and digging in and to be surprised on how much I loved it Shana Abe writes her story with an ebb and flow to it, tha

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    Out of all the romance novels I ve read I can t believe I bypassed this gem for as long as I have Talk about a hidden treasure, and to think I was skeptical as to whether or not it d be not only a good story but a decent romance I wasn t too keen on the paranormal aspect and the book s back blurb doesn t do it justice Often the back blurbs make the book out to be than what it is, but this one couldn t be

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    This is the kind of book I despise, despite it s pretty prose.There s a secret clan organization of weredragons Some have mixed with humans, yielding halflings, which are looked down upon Apparently, nowadays, the ability to turn into a dragon is limited to men only So they would love to find a woman who can Turn, because then she can breed.Many weredragons run away from this clan organization, because it is r

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    I wanted to love this book I really did The friend who recommended it to me couldn t stop raving about the series I ve loved every other book she s recommended to me, and I really enjoy fantasy paranormal romances But, this was just bad.My biggest problem was the hero Kit was an ass, through and through He states multiple times that he will sleep with the heroine, even if he has to rape her When they finally do h

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    I have a shelf on GoodReads entitled take flight that I use for all sort of things airplane pilots, angels, dragons Or in this case, dr kon These mythical breasts are beautifully, if fiercely, portrayed in Ms Abe s book I love the descriptions of they flights.It felt exhilarating Even with him there, it felt like liberty, like she need never touch the ground again.The sun began to set and the entire sky kin

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    I really enjoyed this book basically just chewed through it until it was done There wasn t much in the way of fleshed out secondary characters, but I didn t mind The development of Kit and Rue was so well done and rounded that I didn t miss a strong secondary cast.They were really great, complex characters Rue, desperate to fit in honestly, I have to wonder if she didn t become such a flamboyant, notorious thief as the

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    I ve wanted to try a historical romance for some time now and didn t have much luck the last time.This, was much better.Clarissa Rue Hawthorne as always been an outcast in the eyes of her tribe, being that she s a halfbreed Half mortal, half dragon, she s pushed aside, tormented or ignored It s no wonder she faked her own death when she turned at the age of 17, for that would make her the female Alpha and by there laws an

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